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Architectural drawings and plans

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 43 Collections and/or Records:

American Zinc, Lead and Smelting Company Collection. (Mascot, Tenn.).

Identifier: MSC 0026
Scope and Contents Materials on zinc mining and processing operations of the American Zinc Company of Tennessee at Mascot, Tennessee. Also includes information on the American Zinc, Lead, and Smelting Company, the American Limestone Company, and the Graselli Mine. Collection includes annual reports, 1916-1934 (some gaps); drilling reports, 1910-1911; History of Mascot; mining studies and reports; leases-options-deeds, 1910-1940; wage schedules, 1920-1937; labor contracts and strike, 1934-1935; agreements with...
Dates: 1910-1970

Architectural and design plans, the Gateway Pavilion at Volunteer Landing (Knoxville Regional Visitors’ Center)

Identifier: APD 0027
Scope and Contents Architectural and design plans, the Gateway Pavilion at Volunteer Landing. (Knoxville Regional Visitors’ Center) “The site of the Holston Treaty, Volunteer Landing was destined to become a waterfront destination that residents and visitors of Knoxville could enjoy daily. In 1988, a Waterfront Task Force was established to study and develop recommendations for the protection, enhancement, and development of the seven-mile stretch of waterfront space along the Tennessee River. One of the Task...
Dates: 1995 - 2007

Architectural Plans for the Knoxville Custom House and Post Office (Photocopies from the National Archives) (sheet 10 only)

Identifier: APD 0014
Scope and Contents

Architectural Plans for the Knoxville Custom House and Post Office. (Photocopies from the National Archives) (Sheet 10, Elevation of the Prince Street (west) side of the Custom House

Dates: 1874

Architectural plans for the residence of Mr. N. E. Logan (copies) (Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Samples)

Identifier: APD 0002
Scope and Contents

Architectural plans for the residence of Mr. N. E. Logan, Lyons View, 1929. Frank O. Barber, architect. 5 sheets ( ground floor, first floor, second floor, garden front & north front elevations, east end and west end elevations). Photocopies.

Dates: 1929

Barber and McMurry Architectural Records (through 1959)

Identifier: APD 0030
Scope and Contents

Architectural drawings of Barber & McMurry Architects, Knoxville, through 1959. The plans and some renderings are available. Specifications were not provided. Plans are arranged in these groups: General 208; Churches 121; Residences 376; Schools 133; Total 838

Dates: 1915 - 1959

Baumann & Baumann Architectural Plans

Identifier: APD 0007
Scope and Contents Albert B. Baumann (1861-1942), architect, son of William and Catherine (Schneider) Baumann, was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. William Baumann (1813-1875) came to America with his parents about 1835 and in 1837 married Catherine Schneider, whose family had emigrated from Germany around the same time. The young couple went to Savannah, Georgia, where William Baumann was a ship designer and builder. Then they returned to East Tennessee; one son, Joseph F., was born in 1844 in Tellico Plains...
Dates: 1890s-1950s

Broadway Market elevation drawings, Knoxville, Tenn.

Identifier: APD 0004
Scope and Contents

1. Broadway Market, City of Knoxville, Tenn. Scale 3/16” to 1’ Fron[t] elevation. 60 x 18.”Bond copy made from a deteriorating blueprint, which was destroyed after copying. 2. Broadway Market, City of Knoxville, Tenn. Scale 3/16” to 1’ Front elevation. 37 x 6.” 3. Bearden Place. Broadway Market. End elevation. Xerox on bond. 30 x 12.” (Plans for buildings that may not have been built)

Dates: undated

Brookside Mills Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0039
Scope and Contents Records of Brookside Mills, Knoxville, Tenn. Includes 8 boxes of records manuscripts, union contracts (1941-1948), labor schedules, payroll records (1887-1896, 1924-1945), fabric and dye samples, financial statements (1941-1945), machinery and equipment, jobs in progress, working papers. + 14 boxes of employee files + 14 boxes of employee records (1895-1920) + oversize photograph of Brookside Mills officers + architectural drawings and plans (1898-1920) + microfilm of payroll records...
Dates: 1895-1954

Brookside Mills -- plans, specifications, and photographs

Identifier: APD 0011
Scope and Contents

2 sets of architectural plans (Office Building and Settlement House), 5 sets of specifications, 4 Brookside Mills cotton labels, and photographs of Brookside Mills structures (2 interior, 3 exterior, 1 postcard). Plans by L. C. Waters, Knoxville architect.

Dates: 1900 - 1912

Caswell Park Grandstand [Smithson Stadium] plans by Manley & Young (Photocopies)

Identifier: APD 0008
Scope and Contents

Caswell Park Grandstand [Smithson Stadium] plans by Manley & Young. (photocopies) made from microfilm by City of Knoxville, Department of Engineering via William E. Cole. 5 sheets (very faint).

Dates: 1950

Dulin House project

Identifier: Q Ephemera 2020.004
Scope and Contents

“Dulin Gallery of Art: The Former Residence of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Dulin 3100 Kingston Pike Knoxville Tennessee” ARCH 201 Summer Project by Ward Seymour.

4 charcoal drawings (14” x 16.5”) 3 interior, 1 exterior

8 pen-and-ink drawings (22.5” x 28.5”) site plan, 1st floor plan, 2nd floor plan, front elevation, rear elevation, 3 pages of details

Dates: unknown

East Main Avenue Methodist Church, Knoxville, Tenn.

Identifier: APD 0015
Scope and Contents

East Main Avenue Methodist Church, Knoxville, Tenn. Architectural plans and drawings. W. A. Rutherford, 1945. The plans are blueprints. Some photostats very discolored and discarded.

Dates: 1945

East Tennessee History Center, Custom House as built plans 2005

Identifier: APD 0026
Scope and Contents

Custom House as built plans 2005. (final version) (East Tennessee History Center). Started 2001, completed 2004/05. Barber & McMurry, Architects. Received ca. 2014 via Malcolm Rogers.

Dates: 2005

East Tennessee Packing Company Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0258
Scope and Contents The East Tennessee Packing Company (ETPC) Collection includes company records and documents pertaining to the 87 years of company operations, plus some relevant documents from before and after the company's time frame of existence. James B. Madden in Knoxville, Tennessee founded the company in 1895. The documents, ca. 1886 - 1984, include account books, deeds, corporate minutes, audit reports, and other related materials. The collection also includes photographs of personnel, property,...
Dates: 1886-1984

Ed Green Architectural Plans

Identifier: APD 0041
Scope and Contents

Ed Green architectural plans. Plans selected by the donor as among his best and favorite projects from work on residences and churches. Formerly principal Ed Green & Associates

Dates: 1972 - 2002

George F. Barber architectural drawings of Duncan house (copies)

Identifier: APD 0029
Scope and Contents

George F. Barber architectural drawings of Duncan house. Blueline copies.

Dates: undated

George F. Barber architectural plans for the Dr. Julius J. Boeheim residence, Du Quoin, Ill., currently owned by Jane Minton

Identifier: APD 0020
Scope and Contents

George F. Barber plans and elevations for the Dr. Julius J. Boeheim residence, Du Quoin, Ill.,, currently owned by Jane Minton

Dates: undated (ca. 1905)

George F. Barber architectural plans for the John A. Parsons residence, Leipsic, Ohio

Identifier: APD 0021
Scope and Contents

George F. Barber architectural plans for the John A. Parsons residence, Leipsic, Ohio, now owned by Becky Shawber.

Drawings: 1) Front Elevation 2) Right Side Elevation 3) Left Side Elevation 4) Rear Elevation 5) First Floor Plan 6) Second Floor Plan 7) Roof Plan 8) Foundation Plan 9) Main Staircase Views 10) Kitchen Cupboard and Door Views

Dates: undated (ca. 1905)

George F. Barber Collection

Identifier: MSC 0353
Scope and Contents George F. Barber Collection Inventory, available. Scope: Personal and business papers, correspondence, photographs, patent documents, and writings of George F. Barber and his architectural firms. Collection contains original drawings, sketches, studies, scrapbooks, artifacts, house plans, original illustrated catalogues published by George F. Barber and Co., Barber & Kluttz, and Barber & Boardman, original letterhead and related papers, and information about Barber Houses,...
Dates: 1874 - 1913

George F. Barber plans for the William Peters residence and one drawing for the Peters & Bradley Mill. Gift of Chester Kilgore.

Identifier: APD 0033
Scope and Contents 1. One blueline plan of Peters & Bradley Mill Company, Storage Bin addition. 20.75 x 23” dated 3/14/11 2. Six blueprint sheets for the Mr. Will Peters [residence] (now 1319 Grainger Avenue), Knoxville, Tenn. By George F. Barber & Co., Architects. (removed from wooden dowel): front elevation, left side elevation (Both 19.75 x 14”); first floor plan, second floor plan, roof plan, foundation plan (all 20 x 15.5”). 3. On architect’s tracing paper, house detail. 2...
Dates: 1880s; 1911

George Franklin Barber Collection (Gift of Michael and Carolyn Dufano)

Identifier: MSC 0438
Scope and Contents This collection contains magazines, newspaper articles, letters, postcards, order forms, and other ephemera related to George Franklin Barber home catalogs. Material in this collection is dated 1893-1906 with several undated and missing items. Boxes 1-3 contain issues of American Homes, a monthly journal “devoted to planning, building, and beautifying the home” published in Knoxville, Tenn through American Homes Publishing Co. Box 4 contains catalogs and...
Dates: 1888 - 1906; undated

Historic Rugby Plans

Identifier: APD 0045
Scope and Contents

Original drawings down by Eugene E. Burr, Architect for several buildings in Rugby Tennessee:

Folder 1: Rugby Visitors Center (1983/1984) - floor plans, sections, location map, elevations - Job Number 8314; 9 sheets --- Rugby Amphitheater (1987) - location plan, section, plan - Job Number P8717; 1 sheet --- Rugby Boundary and Topographic Survey (1983)

Folders 2 & 3: Historic Rugby Village Center (1983) - Job Number 8300; 40 sheets

Dates: 1983 - 1987

Hubert Bebb Architectural Plans from Community Tectonics

Identifier: APD 0017
Scope and Contents Hubert Bebb (1903-1984) was a native of Illinois. He received his training as an architect at Cornell University’s College of Architecture where he graduated in 1928. Working with classmate Nathaniel Owings, Bebb created designs for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. In the 1940s Bebb worked for the Chicago firm of Armstrong, Furst, and Tillotson. In 1950 Bebb moved to Gatlinburg and spent the next thirty years of his life working in East Tennessee. His design for the Clingman’s Dome viewing...
Dates: 1950 - 1980

Jake F. Butcher home (”Whirlwind”), Anderson County, Tennessee. (Gift via John P. Carter Co.)

Identifier: APD 0018
Scope and Contents

“Whirlwind” the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jake F. Butcher, Anderson County, Tennessee. Black line copies of blue prints by Community Tectonics, Inc., 1972. 4 sheets

Dates: 1972

Journal and Tribune Building Architectural Plans (”Arcade Building”)

Identifier: APD 0043
Scope and Contents

The Journal & Tribune Building was designed by R. F. Graf, local Knoxville architect. The plans were found in the building itself. This is the only known set of existing plans done by R. F. Graf.

Folder 1: Rendering plus 9 sheets of original plans Folder 2: Addition to Journal & Tribune Building, 1923 revision

Dates: 1920s

L. C. Waters Collection

Identifier: APD 0001
Scope and Contents L. C. (Lewis Chalfont) Waters (1866-1941) was a native of Jonesboro, Clayton County, Georgia. He was the son of Rev. Richard Waters and Jane Leland Fayette Turner Waters. By 1883 the family had moved to Atlanta. Lewis was listed in the 1886 Atlanta city directory as an “architect.” In 1886 Lewis was listed as a draughtsman with T. C Maddox & Son of Birmingham, Alabama, “Architects, Superintendents, & Sanitary Engineers.” By 1890 L C. Waters was back in Atlanta again listed as an...
Dates: 1901 - 1927

Lawson McGhee Library, Architectural Plans, Additions

Identifier: APD 0023
Scope and Contents

Lawson McGhee Library, Architectural Plans, Additions (1952) Bealer & Wilhoit, Journal Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn., Blue line prints

Dates: 1952

Lawson McGhee Library, Architectural Plans, Proposed Additions

Identifier: APD 0024
Scope and Contents

Lawson McGhee Library, Architectural Plans, Proposed Additions (1951) Bealer & Wilhoit, Knoxville, Tenn. architects

Dates: 1951

Lawson McGhee Library. Blue Line Plans for Lawson McGhee Library, Bruce McCarty & Associates Architects (Public Library Collection)

Identifier: APD 0010
Scope and Contents

Blue line plans for Lawson McGhee Library, Bruce McCarty & Associates Architects. (This folder is part the Public Library Collection.) Plans include: (set 1:) Details, (set 2:) Architectural, structural, mechanical/plumbing, and electrical drawings. March 18, 1969. Folder contains 2 sets of plans.

Dates: 1971

L&N Railroad Architectural Drawings Pertaining to Railroad Stations in Knoxville and East Tenn.

Identifier: APD 0019
Scope and Contents List Of L&N Railroad Architectural Drawings Pertaining To Knoxville and East Tennessee Knoxville: 1. Detail of Fence around Station. 1904 2. Detail of Carving on Face of Ticket Office Windows. 1904 3. Detail of Balcony Railing...Knoxville Passenger Station. 1904 4. Detail of Cut Stone Trim...Second Floor Windows over Dining Room. 1904 5. Detail of Ornamental Plaster Work.... 1904 6. Supports for Balcony of Ladies and Negroes Waiting Rooms. 1904 7. Plan of...Drinking Fountain.... 1904 8....
Dates: 1881 - 1917