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Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

A Brief Account of the Execution of the Six Militia Men

Identifier: Q Ephemera 2019.001
Scope and Contents “An anti-Jackson campaign broadside, issued in the violent and libelous proceedings of the 1828 Presidential race. This broadside is decorated with woodcuts of six coffins, to illustrate the six Tennessee militia men who were executed for mutiny during the New Orleans campaign. The text gives a pitiful account of their death including sympathy provoking quotes from the moments before the execution. The “six militia men” story appeared in many forms, dogging Jackson throughout his political...
Dates: 1828

Andrew Jackson Letters, 1788-1814 (photocopies).

Identifier: MM.1981.223
Scope and Contents August 12, 1788, letter from Andrew Jackson to Col. (Waighstill, Waightstile) Avery. ALS 1 p. + attached newspaper clipping. Re: challenge to duel. Gift of Mrs. Louise McNeely, April 23, 1950.(photostat) [1803] letter from Andrew Jackson to John Sevier. Re: challenge to duel. ALS 1 p, FACSIMILE. January 2, 1807, letter from Andrew Jackson to Thomas Stewart. (typed copy) 1 p. re: Orders from Secretary of War + 1920 handwritten note by Jno. W. Gaines; 1918 article by John W. Gaines on Andrew...
Dates: 1788-1814

Charles McClung letter to Andrew Jackson. January 7, 1809.

Identifier: MM.1997.028
Scope and Contents

Letter from Chas (Charles) McClung, Knox County, to Major General Andrew Jackson, near Nashville, West Tennessee. ALS 3 pp. (2 pcs.) Encapsulated (by David Lloyd Swift, Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 6, 1986). Re: holding court in Rhea County, meeting there with Jackson and others; question about land entries for Donelson/Donaldson.

Dates: 1809

Hunt, Edward E. Typescript articles on Railroads and Roads, Great Smoky Mountains, Andrew Jackson and Indian Removal.

Identifier: MM.2019.029
Scope and Contents

“Andrew Jackson and the Indians,” “Railroads and Roads in the Great Smokies,” “Indian Gap Hotel,” “Lem Ownby and the Hammel Orchards,” “Early Transportation in East Tennessee”

Dates: undated

James Shields Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0251
Scope and Contents James Shields (Grainger County, Tenn., 1827-1856). The Shields Papers contain correspondence to and from James Shields, Postmaster at Marshall's Ferry in Grainger County, Tennessee. The records represent primarily financial documents related to The Mineral Association from its establishment in 1845 and business documents related to its functioning for several years. The Mineral Association members were John Easterly, Solomon Cox, William R. Cox, John Walker, James Shields of Grainger County;...
Dates: 1827-1856

Letter from John Blair, Washington City, to George Gammon, Sullivan County, Tenn. April 30, 1830.

Identifier: MM.1997.027
Scope and Contents

Letter from John Blair, Washington City, to George Gammon, Sullivan County, Tenn. April 30, 1830. ALS 5 pp. (2 pcs.). Re: state of things in East Tennessee; friends of General [Andrew] Jackson; internal improvements by the government; road bill; John Williams; government opening the Cumberland River; etc. Outer page folded to make envelope: no stamp; words “Free. J. Blair.”

Dates: 1830

Miniature portraits by Eleanor Wiley.

Identifier: Artifact 2011.003
Scope and Contents Five miniatures painted by Eleanor Wiley. Previously cataloged as Artifacts --.5. Artifact 2011.003.001 Miniature of William Blount. On celluloid. Badly damaged. Scanned and a restored image available on CD, Oct. 2011 by Tony Long. Restored digital image printed and placed in original frame as Artifact 2011.003.001 copy. Artifact 2011.003.002 Miniature of John Crozier. On celluloid. Badly damaged. Scanned and a restored image available on CD, Oct. 2011 by Tony Long. Restored digital image...
Dates: 1920 - 1935

Moses Easterly letters, 1814-1815.

Identifier: MM.2015.002
Scope and Contents Three letters written by Moses Easterly written while traveling with Andrew Jackson’s troops during the War of 1812. Written to his wife Charlotte Fudge Easterly at home on the border of Cocke and Greene Counties, Tenn. 3 pcs. 1. Moses Easterly, Rhea County, Washington, December 7, 1814. To Charlotte Easterly, Cock[e] County, E. Tennessee. ALS 3 pp. (1 pc.). Re: Family health; five thousand pounds of stinking beef at Kingston, thrown into Clinch River; waiting for orders to move; under...
Dates: 1814-1815

“Poke Shooting in Tennessee.” Political cartoon re: James K. Polk by E. W. C. N.Y., 1844.

Identifier: Ephemera 1844.001
Scope and Contents

“Poke Shooting in Tennessee.” Political cartoon by E.W.C. Published by A. Donelly. Re: Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, Webster, Dallas, Tyler, and Freylinghuysen. Color. 1 pc. (fragile: edges are damaged).

Dates: 1844

Robert C. Boyce, Jr., letter. September 17, 1959.

Identifier: MM.2000.006
Scope and Contents

Letter from Robert C. Boyce, Jr., Attorney-at-law, Nashville, Tenn., to Mr. Jennings B. King, Knoxville, Tenn. LS (typed). 1 p. Re: gavel made of wood from a Nashville building where Andrew Jackson once practiced law. McClung Collection does not have gavel.

Dates: 1959

Robert Houston Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0236
Scope and Contents Papers of Robert Houston of Knox County, Tenn,. Ca. 1793-1878. Includes: 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796 appointments of Robert Houston as Knox County Sheriff, signed by William Blount; pardon for Thomas Nelson, 17--; 1803 John Sevier and Robert Houston account; Stokely Donelson land sale certificate signed by F.A. Ramsey, 1800; Receipt from Andrew Jackson, 1803; note from William Blount, 1793; re: subscription to Knoxville Library, 1795; re: cessions of lands from the Indians, 1819; survey of Indian...
Dates: 1793-1834

Thomas Pinkney letter, 1814 (Transcription).

Identifier: MM.1981.225
Scope and Contents August 8, 1814, transcription of the following: April 23, 1814, letter from General Thomas Pinkney, Camp, confluence of the Coose and Talapoosa, to Col. Benjamin Hawkins, agent for Indian Affairs. Re: damage done by warring Creeks and U.S. terms for a treaty. + April 23, 1814, response from Benjamin Hawkins, Fort Toulouse, to [Thomas Pinkney] re: reaction to treaty terms. Transcription by Robert Butler, Adjutant General, U. S. Army, Fort Jackson, August 8, 1814 + signed note by Major General...
Dates: 1814

William H. Crawford letters, 1816.

Identifier: MM.1981.131 a&b
Scope and Contents MM.1981.131 a contains the seven original letters. January 27, May 20, May 24, June 4, June 19 and July 5, 1816, letters from William H. Crawford, Department of War, Washington, D. C., to Major General Andrew Jackson, Nashville, Tenn. ALS 6 letters. April 16, 1816 letter from Wm. H. Crawford, Dept. of War, to General William Cocke, Agent of the Chickasaw Nation. ALS 1 p. MM.1981.131 b contains two sets of transcriptions of the letters. Re: removal of intruders on Indian lands; boundary...
Dates: 1816

Willie Blount letter to the Editors of the Globe. May 1, 1835.

Identifier: MM.1999.015
Scope and Contents

Letter from Willie Blount, Clarksville, Tenn., to the Editors of the Globe, Washington City. May 1, 1835. ALS 3 pp. + unsigned, endorsed note on cover. Re: errors in April 15 editorial about Tennessee Convention, nomination of Judge White for President, and President Jackson.

Dates: 1835

Willie Blount Papers, 1801-1815.

Identifier: MSC 0132
Scope and Contents Thirty-one documents from the Willie Blount Papers. No date, 1801-1815. Willie Blount (1768-1835) was Governor of Tennessee from 1809-1815. Correspondents include: Andrew Jackson, John Hutchins, Henry Dearborn, R. J. Meigs, Glass (Cherokee Chief), John Sevier, Archibald Roane, Major Lovely, James [Frimble], Robert Hoyle, [Josiah] Meigs, Willie Blount, Judge Locke of Rutledge, James White. Blount’s correspondence covers 1809-1815, and is primarily with R. J. Meigs, Agent of the Highwassee...
Dates: 1801-1815