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Photograph albums

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 33 Collections and/or Records:

African American photograph album

Identifier: PC 0102
Scope and Contents Small photograph album with the name W.G. McNeil (April 11, 1928) on the inside cover. Includes b&w (sepia) snapshots of unidentified African-Americans, ca. 1918-1928. Lake Michigan is noted on one photograph. Candid and posed snapshots , some with first names (Marie, Willie, etc.). Loose pictures from inside the album are housed in two envelopes, one with 11 small photographs, the other with 6 larger snapshots. Two handwritten notes mention the Grahl and Wilcox surnames with family...
Dates: 1918 - 1928

Album of pictures taken by A. C. Killefer

Identifier: QSPC 2012.001
Scope and Contents Photograph album of pictures taken by A.C. Killefer of subjects in the Cumberland Plateau area of Tennessee. Ca. 1890s 41 sepia prints glued in homemade album. Prints about 4.5 x 8.25”.
Dates: circa 1890s

Barbara Alexander Turner photo album

Identifier: SPC 2019.097
Scope and Contents Photo album of Barbara Alexander Turner during her time as a student at Powell Valley High School (Claiborne County, Tenn.) ca. 1926-1929. Ms. Turner was born in Claiborne County in 1912 and died in Savannah, Ga. in 2000. Very few of the photographs are identified. Only IDs are Herman Wells and Barbara.
Dates: 1926-1929

Barkley Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0412
Scope and Contents Barkley Collection, gift of William Barkley. (William Barkley is the nephew of another donor, Alice Jean Barkley.) Boxes 1-3 + 2 framed items rec’d. Jan 2009: Box 3 contains 3 framed diplomas: Jacob Barkley, Washington College, 1796; Abraham H. Barkley, Washington College, 1796; Elizabeth Barkley, White Pine High School, 1932. Also, 7 folders of items removed from frames. Both 1796 diplomas have “Print Registered Knoxville” at bottom of diplomas. Gift includes 2 framed items: Portrait...
Dates: 1796-1940

Boyd and Barton Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0453
Scope and Contents Photographs and papers related to the Boyd and Barton families of East Tennessee. Box 1 includes handwritten Mason genealogy, possibly by Sue Boyd, tracing family from 1773-1891; Sue Boyd autograph album collecting signatures and notes from 1860-1863, including a note from “Cousin Belle Boyd”; Sue Boyd Barton letter to H.L. McClung dated July 1, 1924, including a mention of a gift of a black locust mallet cut from part of the foundation of Blount House; Boyd family photos, including some from...
Dates: 1860-1924

C. A. Ogden Photograph Album (Gift of Louise Wyman)

Identifier: PAS 0008
Scope and Contents C.A. Ogden photograph album. Includes pictures of: Albertine Bolli Lyons; Arthur Lyons; Ethel Lyons; Alice Ogden Wooley; James Ogden (1809-1894) and wife Catherine Robinson Ogden (1813-1870); William Ogden, Elise Porta Bolli (2); Adele Bolli Ogden; Samuel R. Ogden; John Thomas “Tom” Ogden; James Henry Ogden; Alice Sterchi?; Albert Chavannes family; Catherine R. Ogden; Alfred T. Ogden; Alfred Ogden and wife Katherine Trecartin Ogden; Alfred & Elise ‘Lizzie’ Buffat; Emmanual and Mary...
Dates: 1870 - 1890; 1938 - 1970

Callahan Photograph Album

Identifier: PAS 0043
Scope and Contents Callahan Photograph Album. Includes 148 undated photographs made for the Callahan Construction Company, George W. Callahan, president and manager. Some photographs of the LaFollette & Jellico Railroad.
Dates: 1900 - 1925

Captain William M. Clark, Jr. Collection. Gift of Betty Ann Schmid.

Identifier: PAS 0060
Scope and Contents Captain William M. Clark, Jr. World War II photograph scrapbook, pilot’s flight log, The Gig Sheet 44A. Gift of Betty Ann Schmid.
Dates: 1944 - 1963

Cunningham Family photograph album

Identifier: PC 0053
Scope and Contents Cunningham Family Photograph Album. The photographs are larger images on printed boards with Knoxville photographers’s names and addresses. No names of the subjects of the photographs are included except the name “Eliga Cunningham” stamped in purple ink on several photographs. The Cunningham family was a Knox County family from the vicinity of modern-day Cunningham Road.
Dates: 1880-1890

Embree Iron Company Photograph Album

Identifier: PAS 0039
Scope and Contents Embree Iron Company Photograph Album, 1910s.
Dates: 1910s

French-Swiss Collection (Gift of Walter and Anna Durham).

Identifier: MSC 0924
Scope and Contents Collection of religious and educational books in French brought to Knoxville by the Buffat and Tauxe families. This collection also includes two maps of Europe and Switzerland and a photograph album. The photographs seem to have been made in Vevey, Switzerland.
Dates: 1830-1890

Greenwood Cemetery Photograph Album.

Identifier: PAS 0006
Scope and Contents 61 photographs and 3 -page ID key. Ca. 1928 and one 1930 photograph. Thompson Photographs made the photographs and the album.
Dates: 1925-1935

Greenwood Cemetery photograph album #1, ca. 1904-1925.

Identifier: PAS 0007
Scope and Contents Greenwood Cemetery photograph album #1, ca. 1904-1925.
Dates: 1904-1925

Isaac Barry Family Photograph Album

Identifier: SPC 2014.002
Scope and Contents Isaac Barry Family Photograph Album. (1860s). Leather--bound album with paper sleeves for photographs. (a few identified, Civil War tax stamps, photographer of Knoxville photographs: Thomas Smiley, Gay St.) (4.5 x 3 inches) Inscribed inside front cover: ” Isaac E. Barry Jr. Dec. 26 ‘68” [1868]. 15 photographs and tintypes. 3 floral prints. Woman at back of album believed to be Mary E. Barry (SPC 2014.002.002) and man with beard nearest her photograph at back is Isaac E. Barry, Sr (SPC...
Dates: 1860s

Jim Thompson Photograph Albums (2).

Identifier: PAS 0041
Scope and Contents Jim Thompson Photograph Albums (2); includes copies of old 19th century photographs. Some of the photographs have excellent identification.
Dates: 1910s-1930s

Jim Thompson Photograph Albums: World War I; Great Smoky Mountains. (photographs)

Identifier: PAS 0001
Scope and Contents Jim Thompson Co., Thompson Photograph Albums. World War I, Great Smoky Mountains.
Dates: 1916-1935

Knox Area Women’s Golf Association Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0228
Scope and Contents Knox Area Women’s Golf Association scrapbooks and photograph albums
Dates: 1955-1986

Lynn Family photographs

Identifier: PC 0063
Scope and Contents 45 carte de visites of Lynn family and others, some Knoxville photographers (T.M. Schleier, McCrary & Branson; also Bushong, Charleston, Tenn..). Seller’s listing with collection. Small photograph album (cover missing). 80+ pages. Dr. Wm. N. Lynn. Knoxville, Tenn., photo album from his father, Strother James Lynn, containing many early East Tenn. homes and locations. This album was acquired from the descendents/ heirs of the Dr. William and Edith Lynn estate. The photos are mostly of early...
Dates: 1850-1915

Max Bell Webb Photograph Album.

Identifier: PAS 0169
Scope and Contents Max Bell Webb (Malone, New York) was employed as a draftsman by Alcoa and lived in Tenn. 1910-1917. He married Ruth Wilmarth in 1912. The couple lived in Tenn. The album includes meticulously labeled photographs of Alcoa workers and mountain scenes. The photographs are black-and-white of various sizes from 1.5 x 2.5 inches to 6.5 x 4.5 inches. The album probably documents life in Calderwood, the first base camp established by Alcoa in 1910 north of Maryville in Blount County. The community was...
Dates: 1910 - 1917

Park Album (Photograph album, + funeral card for James Park, 1894).

Identifier: PAS 0126
Scope and Contents The Park Album contains thirty-two unidentified photographs (some with photographer information) and one funeral card for James Park (Died Dec. 18, 1894). He was further identified as James B. Park, born 1821 or 1822 in Greene County, Tenn., to parents Andrew and Eleanor Brown Park. In 1850 he married Margaret Armitage in Greene County, and they had five children, Mary, Martha, John, Charles M. and Emily Park. It is believed that some of the unidentified photographs in the album are of this...
Dates: 1894

Photograph album, Fox family, Greeneville, Tenn.

Identifier: SPC 1997.020
Scope and Contents Photograph album, Fox family, Greeneville, Tenn. Some by J. Bushong, photographer, Athens, Tenn. Album in poor condition, front cover missing: contains 4 unidentified portraits. Also: 5 unidentified cartes-de-visites; 2 unidentified tintypes; 2 identified tintypes (Thomas A. McCarty, born 1861, and M.B. McCarty, born 1866).
Dates: undated

Photograph Album of Albert and Mary Chesney.

Identifier: PAS 0110
Scope and Contents Photograph Album of Albert and Mary Chesney. Albert Chesney operated Chesney & Yates, Dry Goods and Notions, 1115 N. Central, Knoxville. W. A. and Mary S. Chesney lived at 2827 E. Magnolia Ave, Knoxville. Mrs. Chesney won a Hudson automobile in a contest promoted by the Knoxville Journal & Tribune by turning in the most new subscriptions--950.
Dates: 1918-1930

Photograph Album of the Wedding of Ellen McClung to Thomas Berry at Belcaro, Fountain City, Tenn.

Identifier: PAS 0002
Scope and Contents Photograph Album of the Wedding of Ellen McClung to Thomas Berry at Belcaro, Fountain City, Tenn. in 1928.
Dates: 1928

Photograph album of work by Jimmy Myers, ca. 1938-1940 (Gift of Martha M. Parker).

Identifier: PAS 0054
Scope and Contents “Photos by Jimmy Myers.” One photograph album (10x13”) with B&W prints mounted on pages. Subjects include Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1940, dedication of Great Smoky Mountains National Park), University of Tenn. football, Knoxville and regional street scenes, Gay Street Christmas lights, and visiting celebrities, 1938-1940. Jimmy Myers was a photographer for the Knoxville Journal, then fought in World War II, and returned to work for the Tenn. Valley Authority (TVA).
Dates: 1938-1940

Photograph album with Gay Street Bridge. Donated by The Walden’s Ridge Historical Association.

Identifier: PAS 0055
Scope and Contents Photograph album with Gay Street Bridge, ca. 1898. Donated by The Walden’s Ridge Historical Association. (The last four photographs include [Gay Street Bridge], ca. 1898; other photographs are unidentified). 1 album with 16 photographs. From an unidentified estate, Signal Mountain, Tenn.
Dates: circa 1898

Portrait photo book (possibly of Tauxe family)

Identifier: SPC 2019.085
Scope and Contents The book contains 24 portraits and one scene of a farming village. Many of the portraits have the photographer’s mark “J. Jeanneret -- Montreux” At least one marked “Photographie F. de Jongh -- Entre deux villes Vevey” The photo cards were not removed from the album to determine if others are marked with different photographer marks. Some pages labeled “Emma Tauxe” , “Uncle Henry” , “Louis or Charles” There is no indication of when the pages were marked or by whom. The village scene is labeled...
Dates: 1830-1890

Pressman’s Home Photo Album

Identifier: PAS 0182
Scope and Contents Collection of black and white photographs of Walter Patrick Gang and his wife, Marian, at the Pressman’s Home outside Rogersville, Tennessee and other locations around the area. Photos are in an old album and are not labeled.
Dates: 1945

Scrapbook, Palace Theatre, Crossville, Tennessee. McFall/McDonald Photograph Album.

Identifier: PAS 0113
Scope and Contents Scrapbook, Palace Theatre, Crossville, Tenn.; McFall/McDonald Photograph Album of Frances McFall, later Mrs. William McDonald.
Dates: 2002

Southern Railroad Photograph Album.

Identifier: PAS 0004
Scope and Contents Photograph album containing pictures of the Southern Railroad trains, tracks, employees, etc., in Ky., Ga., Ala., Tenn., and N.C., 1930s-1940s. Donor’s father was “E” Bennett, who worked for Southern Railroad.
Dates: 1930-1950

Van Deventer Collection

Identifier: MSC 0809
Scope and Contents This collection documents the Van Deventer, Rhea, Campbell, Cowan, Lynn, and Russell families. The major donors were Martha Rhea Van Deventer and her children: Robert, Laetitia, and Isabella. The collection includes many small artifacts, textiles, manuscripts, photographs, and artwork. Robert Van Deventer’s art is an important part of the collection. 1877 photographs of Island Home in boxes 52-53. A finding aid is available.
Dates: 1820s-1970s