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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 141 Collections and/or Records:

Dinwiddie and Saylor memorial (re: arrest of Harvey Logan, 1915).

Identifier: MM.1976.006
Scope and Contents Memorial to officers Robert T. Saylor and William Dinwiddie re: arrest of outlaw Harvey Logan, 1915. Postcard picturing William Dinwiddie. Ca. 1914 newspaper clipping re: death of Dinwiddie.
Dates: 1915

Don Dudenbostel Collection (photographs)

Identifier: PC 0029
Scope and Contents Over 200 b&w photographs taken by Don Dudenbostel. Most are 11"x14” or 8"x10” b&w photographs. Selected images were used in East Tennessee Historical Society feature exhibit “Vanishing Appalachia,” March 1-June 20, 2010 (and later for a traveling exhibit). Don Dudenbostel’s photographs made in East Tennessee and Southern Appalachia include portraits as well as images dealing with roadside culture, moonshining, cock fighting, the Ku Klux Klan, serpent handling as a religious practice....
Dates: 2009

Dyer Civil War CDV album (Calvin M. Dyer’s album)

Identifier: PC 0070
Scope and Contents Twenty-three Civil War CVDs of men from the First Tennessee Cavalry. In an album that belonged to Lt. Col. Calvin M. Dyer--his picture was removed before the album was sold. Binding damaged. One album with clasp fastener. Index to Portraits: 1. Capt. Elbert J. Cannon 2. Lt. Col. Calvin M. Dyer (photograph removed from album) 3. Lt. John Roberts 4. Lt. John N. Hariss [Harris?] 5. Capt. Jacob K. Lones 6. Lt. James H. Smith 7. Sargt Martin L. Peters 8. Sargt James B. Clapp 9. Corpl Nathan A. York...
Dates: 1862-1866

E .S. Hergesheimer letter to Mrs. C. J. McClung. September 26, 1929.

Identifier: MM.2000.049
Scope and Contents September 26, 1929, letter from [important Nashville woman artist] E[lla] S[ophonisba] Hergesheimer, Reading, Penn., to Mrs. [C. J.] McClung. ALS 2 pp. (1 pc.). Re: details and price of painting a portrait of Matthew McClung from a miniature.
Dates: 1929

East Tennessee Farmers Association, 36th annual convention. Knoxville, Tenn. May 18-20, 1909. (photographs)

Identifier: SPC 2019.073
Scope and Contents East Tennessee Farmers Association, 36th annual convention. Knoxville, Tenn. May 18-20, 1909. Oversize photograph.
Dates: 1909

Elden Hawk Collection (gift in memory of Jo Hawk Lowe)

Identifier: MSC 0932
Scope and Contents --Eight photographs of Elden Hawk and Maggie Hawk. **includes earliest known interior image of any space in the Lamar House (Auditorium Cafe circa 1911) --Discharge papers from military service (Elden Hawk) --Examination Preliminary to Muster-out of U.S. Service or Discharge (Robert H Hampton) --Letter to Elden Hawk from Joe P --Declaration for Pension for Children Under Sixteen Years of Age for Elden and Maggie Hawk’s children after both parents died --Detailed list of items provided...
Dates: 1890s-1910s

Eleanor Buffat launching SS “Knoxville City”

Identifier: SPC 1995.023
Scope and Contents Five PHOTOCOPIES of photographs of: Eleanor Buffat launching SS “Knoxville City”, 1921; groups at the event; picture of the ship.
Dates: 1921

Fain Family Papers and Documents (Gift of Kathleen Franklin Todd)

Identifier: MSC 0942
Scope and Contents Fain Family material inherited by Kathleen (Kathy) Franklin Todd. Includes newspapers, record books for the Franklin Bible Class of New Providence Presbyterian Church in Maryville, Tenn., deeds and other legal documents, portraits of Eliza Ruth Moore Fain and George Alexander Fain, the scrapbook of Ollie Lee Fain Franklin (souvenir cards, birthday cards, illustrations, and Confederate States of American $20 bill pasted into back; plus unsigned watercolor), and 1904 pocket business diary of...
Dates: 1860s-1910s

Five cartes-de-visites (CDVs)

Identifier: SPC 1996.007
Scope and Contents Five cartes-de-visites (CDVs), circa 1880s. All taken by T.M. Schleier, Knoxville, Tenn. Margie Hayes as a child (daughter of Margaret Lewis and Judge Henry Hayes, Arkansas) 2 pcs.; Isabella McKenzie (Margie’s nurse when her mother died) 1 pc.; Mr. Thomas Lewis (Margie’s uncle) 1 pc.; Lizzie Lewis (Margie’s aunt) 1 pc.
Dates: ca. 1880s

Framed photograph of Amelia Gillespie Fain, 1794-1864; Framed photograph of John Fain, 1778-1852

Identifier: PC 0010
Scope and Contents Framed photograph of Amelia Gillespie Fain, 1794-1864; Framed photograph of John Fain, 1778-1852 (gift of Mary N. Fain)
Dates: nineteenth century

Framed photograph of Mrs. G. W. Ross, 1827-1915; Funeral ribbon of G.W. Ross, 1891

Identifier: PC 0011
Scope and Contents Framed photograph of Mrs. G. W. Ross (1827-1915) and funeral ribbon of G. W. Ros (1891) (photographs, artifacts)
Dates: 1891

Frank L. Youse portrait

Identifier: SPC 2020.029
Scope and Contents Frank L. Youse portrait

Front: Black-and-white portrait of Frank L. Youse at Camp Poland. Man seated in chair in front of tent.

Back: Handwritten inscription “Compliments of Frank L. Youse to Katherine Kern Aug. 6, 1898. Knoxville Tenn. “Camp Life”
Dates: 1898

Full-length portrait of unidentified standing man, holding a hat and umbrella

Identifier: SPC 2017.003
Scope and Contents Full-length portrait of unidentified standing man, holding a hat and umbrella (ca.. 1890). “East Tenn. Photo Car, M. F. Timmerman, Manager.” 1 pc. Sepia About 4 x 5.5” on 4.25 x 6.5” mat.
Dates: ca. 1890

Gem sized tintype of Silas Whaley

Identifier: SPC 2014.018
Scope and Contents Gem sized tintype of Silas Whaley, Sevier County, Tenn. 1885-1901. 3/4” x 1” In small cut matte with pencil label. Seller identifies Silas as the son of John B. and Olive Theodocia (Bradley) Whaley. 1 tintype in matte.
Dates: 1880s

Hamilton Family Portraits

Identifier: SPC 2014.012
Scope and Contents SPC 2014-012-001 Olivia Maxwell Hamilton Smith, 1851-1911. Tintype. SPC 2014-012-002 Margaret Elizabeth Maxwell Hamilton. (sepia print on cardboard backing).
Dates: undated

Helen Turner at Rugby, Tenn.

Identifier: SPC 1995.010
Scope and Contents Helen Turner at Rugby, Tenn. Ca. late 1940s-1950s. B&W snapshot
Dates: ca. 1940s-1950s

Herbert Hitch Collection (Photographs)

Identifier: SPC 2000.001
Scope and Contents Tintype and 5x7” copy photograph of Christopher Columbus Hitch (8-23-1847 to 2-8-1900); Lula Mackie (Brakebill & McCoy photographers); Herbert Taylor Hitch, Sr. (4-13-1889 to Aug. 4,1974) at desk; color snapshot of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Taylor Hitch, Sr. (Mata Newton Hitch), ca. 1960; Margaret Angeline Taylor Dooley with her family on her 80th birthday. May 11, 1901. Knoxville. 2 copies (5x7 and 8x10) (+ 1967 copy negative) ID sheet; 80th birthday celebration of Margaret Angeline Taylor...
Dates: 1880-1970

Holbrook Normal College class officers

Identifier: QSPC 2019.004
Scope and Contents Holbrook Normal College class officers, 1900. Eight individual portraits, single mat with identifications listed below each photo.
Dates: 1900

Hood Family photograph album

Identifier: PC 0025
Scope and Contents Photograph album (worn red velvet with decorative element on cover with the word ‘Portraits', fastener broken, some torn pages). 19 photographs. Inscription on flyleaf “For Margie From Papa and Mama Christmas 1893". A second inscription: ”For May From Auntie June 28, 1923”. Some pages have handwritten labels but no photographs. The identified photographs: ‘Hoods in Knoxville. May 17, 1902. Brakebill & McCoy; Uncle Will Hood’s little grandson (MD); “Mrs. Parsley his wife who is dead”;...
Dates: 1893-1923

Huckaby Family Photo

Identifier: QSPC 2019.003
Scope and Contents 1917 family portrait of Floyd Huckaby (1891-1970), Dosha Mae Belle Wilson Huckaby (1896-1917), and Iva Maebell Huckaby (1914-1986). Crayon art, color-tinted photograph. Letter from donor outlining the family history included in folder. Floyd Huckaby worked for L&N Railroad and lived at 2309 Highland Avenue in Fort Sanders. All three are interred at Woodlawn Cemetery.
Dates: 1917

Hugh Lawson McClung Portrait

Identifier: SPC 2013.004
Scope and Contents SPC 2013.005 Hugh Lawson McClung. Killed during the Civil War (15 February 1862). Taken by Knaffl & Bro., Knoxville, Tenn. Image are 4x5.75” mounted on card.
Dates: 1860s

James Robinson Ogden Photograph Album. Civil War CDVs. Gift of Miss Lucy Ogden. (Photographs)

Identifier: PAS 0153
Scope and Contents Photograph album of James Robinson Ogden, who came to Knoxville with the 2nd Ohio Cavalry during the Civil War, Leather 5x6” album containing mostly Civil War era CDVs (cartes-de-visite). 22 photographs. Subjects include: John Keyes, view of Knoxville(?), [General Ambrose] Burnside, General George Stoneman, James R. Mitchell, H.C. Squire(?), W. Chamberlain, Henry Chester, E.C. Ruggles.
Dates: 1860s

Jane Gray Buchanan Photograph Collection. Travels. Gift of Jane Gray Buchanan

Identifier: PC 0090a
Scope and Contents Black-and-white photographs by Jane Gray Buchanan taken during travels throughout the world. Includes four articles about the artist and her husband, Joel Buchanan.

Locations include Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, Florida, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Massachusetts, Morocco, Portugal, Russia, Tennessee, and Utah.
Dates: 1990s-2000s

Jean Fulton (portrait, sepia photograph) + family records.

Identifier: Artifact 2016.005
Scope and Contents Jean Fulton (portrait, sepia photograph) + family records; 1 photograph portrait (mounted on board) (Knaffl & Brakebill, Knoxville).
Dates: 1936

John Goodson King Collection

Identifier: PC 0052
Scope and Contents 1 - Photograph of Phipps King [1899-1902] (boy with blond hair and big collar 1 - Photograph of Samuel Lee King Jr. [1895-1959] (boy with curly hair) 1 - Photograph of John Goodson King [1903-1973] (boy with cane, later husband of Nell Jansen King) 1 - Photograph of Annie Phipps King, aged 18 [1874, Rotherwood-1966] 2 - Photographs of Annie Phipps King, seated portraits 1 - King family crest 1 - Phipps family crest 1 - McKinney family crest 1 - Campbell-Rhea family crest 1 - Lanier crest 1 -...
Dates: 1874-1930

John Z. C. Thomas at Hartsville Hearings

Identifier: SPC 1995.031
Scope and Contents John Z.C. Thomas at Hartsville Hearings, Courthouse, Nashville, Tenn. On 2nd day of limited appearance. Late October 1975. Photograph from The Tennessean. B&W 8x10” + 120 copy neg.
Dates: 1975

Kentucky portraits

Identifier: SPC 1995.014
Scope and Contents Jena Glenn Waller, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Ed Pearce (in uniform), Indianapolis, IN; R. deMoody (?). Lexington, Ky., October 1890; 3 young men “Three of a Kind” Alling (?), Milray, Graham. June 13, 1894; young woman, ? Copeland, Louisville, Ky.; Lizzie Williamson and Dudley (woman and child), Lexington, Ky.; Morris Willis and Elizabeth Willis (children), Lexington, Ky.; Libbie Wilson (young woman in hood and cape with cross), Lexington, Ky.; Ben LaBree, Louisville, Ky., October 12, 1896; young man,...
Dates: 1890-1904

Knox County Attorneys General

Identifier: QSPC 2002.004
Scope and Contents Knox County Attorneys General (removed from frames which were in poor condition and discarded, all mounted on heavy board, some by Branson Studio): 3 with no ID, C. M. Alexander, Ebenezer Alexander, William E. Anderson, Jno. M. Fleming, G. McHenderson, Robert B. Reynolds (?), D. K. Young. In 10 folders.
Dates: undated

Knoxville High School graduating class 1922

Identifier: Q Ephemera 2018.001
Scope and Contents Graduating Class K.H.S. 1922 (Knoxville High School). Printed composite with IDs. Compliments of The Journal and Tribune.
Dates: 1922

Knoxville Police Chiefs / Chief Law Enforcement Officers. Photographs and notes. Gift of Travis Parker, Jr.

Identifier: MM.2003.014
Scope and Contents 10 photographs of Knoxville Police Chiefs / Chief Law Enforcement Officers. Includes: Edward M. Haynes, Joe Kimsey (2) , Huskisson, Chief Harry Huskisson, French Harris, others have no ID. (some are trimmed to odd sizes). Also, Sept. 13, 1977 program of the Kiwanis Club of Northside Knoxville, Memorial Dedication honoring Chief Law Enforcement Officers of City of Knoxville, 1802-1977 (2 copies); typed list of Chief Law Enforcement Officers (3 pp.); handwritten notes.
Dates: 1802-1977