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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 142 Collections and/or Records:

Adolph Ochs, owner of the New York Times

Identifier: SPC 2017.002
Scope and Contents Adolph Ochs, owner of the New York Times. Shown with silver printer’s stick to mark his 13th anniversary as publisher. 1 pc. with typed caption attached. 6 x 7.75” sepia
Dates: ca. 1909

African American photograph album

Identifier: PC 0102
Scope and Contents Small photograph album with the name W.G. McNeil (April 11, 1928) on the inside cover. Includes b&w (sepia) snapshots of unidentified African-Americans, ca. 1918-1928. Lake Michigan is noted on one photograph. Candid and posed snapshots , some with first names (Marie, Willie, etc.). Loose pictures from inside the album are housed in two envelopes, one with 11 small photographs, the other with 6 larger snapshots. Two handwritten notes mention the Grahl and Wilcox surnames with family...
Dates: 1918 - 1928

African American Woman and Shannondale School Group

Identifier: SPC 1995.025
Scope and Contents Full length portrait of (African-American ?) woman, with sticker at bottom: “A Merry Xmas To The Family From Sue.” Found in old gift book in 1991, no additional ID.; Shannondale School group, grade 2, 1967-1968. 5x7” color in holder. Belonged to Linda, age 7.
Dates: 1960s

Agee portraits

Identifier: SPC 2017.005
Scope and Contents Three 8 x 10” copy photographs and 3 copy negs. (made March 1989). SPC 2017.005.001 James (Rufus) Agee and Margaret King (Mrs. George J. McAfee), ca. 1912. SPC 2017.005.002 James (Rufus) Agee, center; Josephine Stone (Mrs. Fred Breeding) with dog; Margaret King (Mrs. George J. McAfee). SPC 2017.005.003 James (Rufus) Agree, front center; Margaret King (Mrs. George J. McAfee) in back row with dark hat.
Dates: ca. 1912

Albert A. Fagala

Identifier: SPC 2015.011
Scope and Contents SPC 2015.011.001 Albert A. Fagala. Ca. 1870s. Tintype in matte. 1 pc.
Dates: ca. 1870s

Alberta Ahler Photographs

Identifier: SPC 1995.018
Scope and Contents Unidentified young child in chair, outdoors; unidentified house (probably Knoxville), exterior (note on back: part missing, Main Street, first home in town, Grandma Webb died in 1910).
Dates: undated

Alma Childress Cox Balsam

Identifier: SPC 2004.007
Scope and Contents 1. Alma Childress Cox Balsam in formal gown with Hawaiian guitar. People’s Studio. Jan. 23, 1953. 3.5 x 5” B&W. (postcard backing; tape damage on back). 2. Alma Childress Cox Balsam and husband Casper Balsam. 3x4” B&W. + newspaper clippings: “Famous Grand Ole Opry...” (no date); Home Folks by Vic Weals, May 2, 1954, re” Lucy (‘Ma’) Childress and banjo; small death notice of Lucy Childers (sic.), Gibsonton [Fla.] (no date); “ ‘Steel guitar queen’ makes Hawaiian music” re: Alma (Balsam),...
Dates: 1950s

Annie Brownlow Patrick portrait

Identifier: SPC 2018.006
Scope and Contents Annie Brownlow Patrick, ca. 1888-1893, Taken by A.E. Rinehart Studio, Londoner Block, Denver, CO. She was the daughter of W.G. Brownlow.
Dates: ca. 1888-1893

Barkley Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0412
Scope and Contents Barkley Collection, gift of William Barkley. (William Barkley is the nephew of another donor, Alice Jean Barkley.) Boxes 1-3 + 2 framed items rec’d. Jan 2009: Box 3 contains 3 framed diplomas: Jacob Barkley, Washington College, 1796; Abraham H. Barkley, Washington College, 1796; Elizabeth Barkley, White Pine High School, 1932. Also, 7 folders of items removed from frames. Both 1796 diplomas have “Print Registered Knoxville” at bottom of diplomas. Gift includes 2 framed items: Portrait...
Dates: 1796-1940

Big John Tate photograph

Identifier: SPC 2019.108
Scope and Contents Promotional portrait of Big John Tate by Champion Promotions Inc. Autographed.
Dates: unknown

Blount Mansion Photographs

Identifier: SPC 1997.001
Scope and Contents Blount Mansion (2 ext.; main hall; drawing room); portrait of Governor William Blount; monument in memory of Mary Boyce Temple (DAR); St. John’s Episcopal Church (int.).
Dates: undated

Body of Miss Jennie Greer

Identifier: QSPC 1999.002
Scope and Contents Body of Miss Jennie Greer (daughter of P.A. and Sallie Greer) lying in casket. Ca. 1920. B&W 10 x 7.5” print on 14 x12” matte.
Dates: circa 1920

Branson Sisters Studio portraits

Identifier: SPC 2020.006
Scope and Contents Three portraits with “Branson” signature underneath. One color portrait of seated woman; one black-and-white portrait of two children, seated; one black-and-white portrait of child, standing. All unidentified.
Dates: unknown

Carl Sublett portraits

Identifier: Artifact 2017.005
Scope and Contents Carl Sublett (1919-2008) Graphite Self-portrait (1964) Graphite Portrait of Walter Hollis (Holly) Stevens (1927-1980) (1964).
Dates: 1964

Caroline Buckner Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0339
Scope and Contents Includes correspondence, photographs, deeds (Sam E. Young’s papers), printed material, calling cards, dentist’s records; 1 folder with house plans. Diploma from Vanderbilt University for Henry Thomas Boyd, Doctor of Dental Surgery, April 27, 1900. Diploma is attached to a heavy paper advertisement for a backing. 1 pc. Class photograph, Vanderbilt University Dental Department, 1900. H. T. Boyd and all members are identified (along with their home states). Photograph is on mat board. [Class...
Dates: 1900-1962

Carte de visite of William G. Brownlow

Identifier: SPC 2002.006
Scope and Contents CDV of William G. Brownlow. Taken from waist up, hand in pocket, light colored vest with watch chain, looking slightly to side.
Dates: 1860s

Cartes-de-visite of Union Officers

Identifier: SPC 2014.013
Scope and Contents Eleven cartes-de-visite of Civil War Union officers. SPC 2014-013-001 Orlando M. Poe (signed). SPC 2014-013-002 M. ([Marsena] R. Patrick. SPC 2014-013-003 John G. Parke. SPC 2014-013-004 Wm. P. Sanders. SPC 2014-013-005 Rufus Saxton. SPC 2014-013-006 Robert C. Schenck. SPC 2014-013-007 Wm. Rosencrans. SPC 2014-013-008 [Lovell] Rousseau. SPC 2014-013-009 D. G. Farragut.(signed). SPC 2014-013-010 David G. Farragut. SPC 2014-013-011 Charles W. Sanford.
Dates: 1861-1865

Cas Walker and J. S. Cooper fight

Identifier: SPC 1998.001
Scope and Contents Cas Walker and J.S. Cooper fight, 1956. Photographs by Tom Greene (one of these pictures appeared in Life Magazine, March 19, 1956). 4 photographs + one copy negative.
Dates: 1956

Cas Walker Photographs

Identifier: SPC 2015.003
Scope and Contents Two 8 x 10” B&W photographs taken by Wm. Amick, Photography-Visual Sales, Tampa, Fla.. SPC 2015.003.001 Cas Walker (3rd from left) under awning with four other people. ‘Cas Walker’s Stables’ on trunk. [1954]. SPC 2015.003.002 Back of bus ‘Horses. Cas Walker’s Stables. Pass cautiously--driver asleep.’ 1954 on license plate.
Dates: 1950s

CDV of Father Abram Ryan

Identifier: SPC 2015.005
Scope and Contents CDV of Father Abram Ryan in 1862 while in Knoxville.
Dates: 1862

CDV of Seymour A. Mynders

Identifier: SPC 2015.007
Scope and Contents CDV of Seymour A. Mynders (born 1861) in military uniform. On back: The Lindsey Art Gallery No. 108 Gay Street Knoxville, Tenn. Handwritten on back: Seymour A. Mynders Captain Company “C” President Phiol-mathesian Society University of Tennessee. + photocopy of typescript biography of Mynders.
Dates: 1860s

CDV portraits of Mrs. O. P. Temple and Miss Mary Boyce Temple

Identifier: SPC 1999.002
Scope and Contents CDV portraits of Mrs. O.P. Temple and Miss Mary Boyce Temple, both 1870.
Dates: 1870

Chattanooga Daily Times Confederate Reunion Supplement, October 25, 1921.

Identifier: Q Ephemera 2012.002
Scope and Contents Chattanooga Daily Times Confederate Reunion Supplement, October 25, 1921. Jefferson Davis on the cover. Page with Father Abram Ryan and his poem The Conquered Banner. 16 pp. Very brittle and in pieces. (ephemera)
Dates: 1921

Civil War photographs (tintypes) of Tenn. soldiers, possibly Martin or Rimmer families from Jefferson County, Tenn.

Identifier: Artifact 2011.002
Scope and Contents Pair of Union Civil War tintypes (tinted) housed in a octagonal gutta percha case. Subjects are brothers from Jefferson County, Tenn from the Martin or Rimmer family. Case measures 3" H x 2 1/2" W. Condition: Overall very good condition.
Dates: 1861 - 1865

Colonel Henry Ashby

Identifier: SPC 2003.011
Scope and Contents Col. Henry Ashby. Two 35 mm B&W negatives of Col. Henry Ashby taken of the original photograph.
Dates: 1860s

Composite photograph of Tennessee Senate, 45th General Assembly

Identifier: QSPC 2000.002
Scope and Contents Composite photograph of Tennessee Senate, 45th General Assembly. 1887-1888. Includes portraits of Governor R.L. Taylor, Speaker Z.W. Ewing, and Senators J.W. Brown, J.M. Carden, L.T. Cobbs, B. Cecil, J.J. Coile, W.W. Fairbanks, C.B. French, A.P. Green, E. Jarvis, V.J. Kennedy, H.M. Ledbetter, J. Leech, J.W. Lewis, T.C. Long, A. Jones, W.J. Lyle, H.J. Lynn, L.E. Polk, G. Maney, J.H. McDowell, J.D. Montedonico, J. Norment, B.W. Padgett, W.A. Quarles, W. Sanford, J.M. Simerly, J.W. Sparks, R.E....
Dates: 1887-1888

Congressman John J. Duncan (Portrait photograph)

Identifier: SPC 2016.012
Scope and Contents Congressman John J . Duncan (Portrait photograph) signed to Daniel Edward Johnson (Photographer Anton)
Dates: 1970-1980

Copy photograph of young boy standing on sidewalk

Identifier: SPC 1997.011
Scope and Contents Copy photograph of young boy standing on sidewalk, Knoxville (Asylum / Western Avenue?, Clinch Avenue?). Shows streetcar and horse and buggy in background. From the William J. McCoy, Jr., family album.
Dates: ca. 1900

Copy photographs from Knaffl glass plate negatives

Identifier: SPC 1996.017 a & b
Scope and Contents SPC 1996.017a - Copy photographs from Knaffl glass plate negatives. 3 pcs. in 2 envelopes. B&W 8 x 10”. One sheet contains 4 circular photographic images (no ID); SPC 1996.017b - two portraits of unidentified women
Dates: undated

Day Family Portraits (Hancock County)

Identifier: SPC 2003.005
Scope and Contents Four pictures of Hancock County, Tenn, family members. 1. Alice Cantwell Day. Daughter of William Barnett Cantwell and Elizabeth Mills Cantwell. Dec. 10, 1835-Sept, 21, 1930. Descendant of “Old John” Cantwell, early Hancock County resident. Shows her in wheelchair. 2. Jesse C. Day, son of Elbert T. Day and Jane Cantwell Day. Dec. 30, 1868-Jan. 1937. Taken by Knaffl & Bro., Knoxville. Descendant of John Day, Sr. 3. John Day, son of Elbert T. Day and Jane Cantwell Day. June 13, 1879-March 1,...
Dates: 1930s