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African Americans

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 86 Collections and/or Records:

George Fairfax Lee bond to Richard Sebue. August 2, 1787.

Identifier: MM.1999.029
Scope and Contents

Re: bond of George Fairfax Lee, Westmoreland County, to Richard Sebue. Involved delivery of a Negro man called Tim. August 2, 1787. ADS 1 pc.

Dates: 1787

Gilbert Brown Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0588
Scope and Contents

Gilbert Brown (1907-1975) native of Knox County, Tenn., was married twice. There are World War II letters from Brown to second wife Sula Mae Brown and his family during military service during the war. There are also wartime letters from other members of his extended family

Dates: 1943-1958

Gleaner Printing Company

Identifier: SPC 2014.016
Scope and Contents

Gleaner Printing Co., Vine Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn. Operated by Noah W. Smiley. Interior view with four people. 8x10” Sepia. 1 pc.

Dates: ca. 1900s

Happy Home Church of God (Knoxville, Tenn.).

Identifier: MSC 0381
Scope and Contents Happy Home Church of God material is from the African American Church, which was located on Henson Road, off Middlebrook Pike near Tennessee Avenue and the L & N Railroad (the church as a group is no longer in existence). Material is housed in 1 box that contains 2 books of financial records + legal papers (including court exhibits) concerning the chancery court case filed by the Trustees of the church against the former pastor, John Bair, ca. 1948. Books and papers were sent to the...
Dates: 1942-1949

Harriman Photographs

Identifier: SPC 2019.104
Scope and Contents SPC 2019.104.001 Front: Black-and-white photo of Trenton Street in Harriman, Tenn. Key City Hotel (118-122 Trenton Street, corner Carter) on corner. Back: Stamped with “Views of Harriman: Geo. W. Morgan, View __________” written on line after “View” in pen “Trenton St.”SPC 2019.104.002 Front: Black-and-white photo of African-American man sitting on porch eating watermelon. Back: Written in ink “Tom Wheeler in Front of ‘Peachtree Cottage’ - Harriman, Tenn.” ...
Dates: unknown

Howard-Smith Collection (Papers of the Smith (Howard-Smith), Gaines, McKinney and allied families of Hawkins County, Tenn. 1800-1923.) (Gift of Mrs. F.A. Augsbury, Jr.).

Identifier: MSC 0712
Scope and Contents The Howard - Smith Collection includes manuscript letters and documents dating from 1800 to 1923 which were collected by Lida and Elise Howard-Smith. Included are letters of the Charles J. McKinney family (Hawkins County, Tenn.); James Gaines (Sullivan County, Tenn.) and Edmund P. Gaines (a military officer whose correspondence covers the War of 1812 and later conflicts); James T. Gaines (Hawkins County, Tenn.) and his correspondence with Governor Joseph McMinn; Eleanor Spurrier Rand;...
Dates: 1800-1923

Independent Order of Good Samaritans and Daughters of Samaria material. Gladys Stover, Bright Light Lodge #10, Elizabethton, Tenn.

Identifier: MM.2000.013
Scope and Contents Materials re: the Union Lodges of the Independent Order of Good Samaritans and Daughters of Samaria material. Includes: one page of a printed typed Christmas service program, no date. 1 pc. ; typed program, no date. 1 pc.; typed printed program, no date. 1 pc.; handwritten note re: dues of Sis. Emma Gorman and Sis. Bessie Taylor, AN fragment. 1 pc.; printed booklet (no title) re ‘opening’ and other ceremonies for [Independent Order of Good Samaritans]. Printed by Fitzsimmons Printing Co.,...
Dates: 1910 - 1957

Inquisition re: death of Patsy. Knox County, Tenn. May 20, 1836.

Identifier: MM.1997.079
Scope and Contents

Inquisition taken at William Lawyers in Knox County, Tenn., on August 26, 1836, before Justice of the Peace Martin L. Mynatt, re: body of Patsy, a woman of color, belonging to Martha Cobb, heir of William Cobb, deceased. “...Died by the visitation of God in a natural way...” ADS 1 pc. ( 7 signatures).

Dates: 1836

Isaac, slave petition for freedom, 1858.

Identifier: MM.1995.03
Scope and Contents

Decree. Isaac, a man of color who sues by his next friend Jacob Lamon vs. William Sliger and others. November 12, 1858. (Jonesboro, Tenn.). AD 3 pp. (1 pc.). Notes says document was probably written by T. A. R. Nelson, last paragraph by J.F. Deaderick. Re: freedom granted to Sliger’s slave Isaac, under work obligation to J. F. Deaderick until money is raised for Isaac to go to Africa.

Dates: 1858

J. Leonard Garland Collection--Washington Co., Tenn., ca. 1797-1894.

Identifier: MSC 0065
Scope and Contents Manuscript items, most from Washington County, Tenn. No date, 1797-1894. Most signed by County Court Clerk James Sevier. Included are: John Brown vs. John Allen, 1797; Amos Loney (Looney?) vs. Lewis Jordan, 1798; Sarah Glass vs. Thomas Stuart (Stewart), 1803-1804; Wm. Humphries vs. Elihu Embree, 1806; Administrator of Andrew Greer, deceased, vs. Boroman(?), 1808; envelopes addressed to Mrs. Sue Ramsey Alexander (N. C.) and others from Dr. J. G. M. Ramsey, ca. 1880s. 51 pcs; 1864 letter...
Dates: 1797-1894

James Ault and Cynthia Ault correspondence, 1862, 1865.

Identifier: MM.nd.003
Scope and Contents

August 22, 1862 letter from James Ault, Camp Armstrong, Miss., to his cousin Cynthia Ault, Knoxville, Tenn. ALS 2 pp. + Env. Mentions his company, family, etc. September 25, 1865 letter from “Aunt,” Charleston, to Cynthia [Ault]. ALS 2 pp. Mentions Lincolnites and Negroes, family news, etc.

Dates: 1862, 1865

James McBee statement. November 4, 1862.

Identifier: MM.1999.045
Scope and Contents

Statement of James McBee of Grainger County, Tenn., re: management of his farm with 20 Negroes on it. Statement taken by P .R. Grills, acting Justice of the Peace for Knox County. ADS 1 pc. with note on back re: McBee not liable for conscription, signed by Sam W. Mosely.

Dates: 1862

James S. Meek letter to Lemuel McBee, May 29, 1835.

Identifier: MM.2018.004
Scope and Contents

Letter from James S. Meek, Caldwell County, Ky, (postmarked Princeton, Ky.), to Lemuel McBee, Newmarket (New Market), Jefferson County, Tenn. May 29, 1835. ALS 4 pp. (1 pc.). Family news, growing and selling tobacco, U. S. Bank and bank charter, Judge White is the peoples’ candidate, caucus of nine members of Congress and David Crockett, the great coonkiller of the west, politics, let me know the price of Negroes there, wish to buy one or two negroes,

Dates: 1835

James Weir Journal and the Banjo research

Identifier: MM.2020.012
Scope and Contents

Research project undertaken to verify the accuracy of the quote about negro banjo players in frontier Knoxville in the 1790s in the book The Outlaw Years: The History of the Land Pirates of the Natchez Trace by Robert M. Coates (New York: The Literary Guild of America, 1930).

Dates: 2019

John and Rhoda Campbell Williams Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0170
Scope and Contents

Letters of John and Rhoda Campbell Williams (Knoxville) to son Rufus Morgan Williams at Edgehill School, Princeton, N.J., 1864-1865, 1867 + one letter from Thomas L. Williams to brother, n.d. [1864]. 14 letters + one envelope. Received from donor June 23, 1987: copy photograph by Knaffl & Bro. of Rhoda Campbell Morgan Williams + photocopy of picture of Col. Joseph Williams.

Dates: 1864-1867

John Blair Papers, Monroe County, Tenn. + ca. 1820s-1830s papers of Charles McClung (Photocopies).

Identifier: MM.1976.007
Scope and Contents

Slave receipts to John Blair, Monroe County, Tenn. + ca. 1820s-1830s land grants, deeds, etc. of Charles McClung. (Photocopies)

Dates: 1827-1852

John Carter declaration, 1686.

Identifier: MM.1981.090
Scope and Contents

April 6, 1686, declaration of John Carter, Sr., to the County Court in Cambridge. Re: responsibility of owner for maintenance of a Negro child claimed to have been fathered by one of his Negroes. AD 2 pp.

Dates: 1686

John Huff records.

Identifier: MM.2006.010 a&b&c
Scope and Contents

MM-2006-010 a: John Huff’s Tax Book for 1848-1850 . MM-2006-010 b: Loose papers from John Huff’s tax book, 1848-50. No date, 1848-1851. 15 pcs. MM-2006-010 c: John Huff’s Memorandum Book, 1856-1876. Cato P.O., Cock (sic.) [Cocke] County, East Tenn. Includes costs and sales of Negroes by Wm. H. Kidd & Co. L. D. Franklin account., Expense Accounts listing names and articles, Lt. Alexander Houston account, N. Brown, Charles Stokely, etc.

Dates: 1848-1876

Joseph Brown letter to Col. James Meigs. January 3, 1815. (Photocopy)

Identifier: MM.1979.019
Scope and Contents

January 3, 1815 letter from Joseph Brown, Columbia, to Col. James Meigs, Agent for the Indians. ALS 3 pp. Photocopy. Mentions Indian capture and killing of Joseph Brown’s family + reclamation of Negro slaves by Joseph Brown.

Dates: 1815

Joseph Coit receipt, sale of slaves, Norwich, Conn., 1743.

Identifier: MM.1981.120
Scope and Contents

October 29, 1743, receipt / bill of sale from Joseph Coit, New London, Conn., to Elijah Hide, Norwich, Conn. Sells Negro woman and child, Sylvia and Cloea. 1 pc. (Photostat)

Dates: 1743

Kinsloe daguerreotypes (Thought to be J.B.G. Kinsloe and others)

Identifier: PC 0042
Scope and Contents

Kinsloe Daguerreotypes in cases. 4 items. Thought to be J.B.G. (James Bannister Gibson) Kinsloe and others. Two of {J.B.G. Kinsloe?}, one unidentified woman (badly damaged) , and one unidentified young African American woman (in back of case, printed: ‘Holmes, Booth & Haydens' Daguerreotype, Photographic and Ambrotype Goods’. No location or date.) J.B.G. Kinsloe was editor of a Knoxville newspaper during the Civil War, in business with W.G. Brownlow.

Dates: 1850-1860

Knoxville College glass plate negative

Identifier: SPC 2019.086
Scope and Contents

Photo of McKee Hall and Elnathan Hall on Knoxville College campus

Dates: ca. 1896-1909

Knoxville College Glee Club

Identifier: SPC 2019.087
Scope and Contents

Black & white group portrait of Knoxville College Glee Club (4 men, 4 women). Back printed with names of members. Photographer’s mark on front, silver embossed, McCrary & Branson.

Dates: ca. 1893-1895

“Knoxville Now” An Opportunity To Build A Better Knoxville By Helping Others Help Themselves. By Avon W. Rollins, TVA. April 2, 1973.

Identifier: MM.2003.012
Scope and Contents

“Knoxville Now” An Opportunity To Build A Better Knoxville By Helping Others Help Themselves. By Avon W. Rollins, Social Science Analyst, Division of Navigation Development and Regional Studies, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Knoxville, Tenn. April 2, 1973. Audio Transcript of Slide Presentation. Typescript. 15 pp.

Dates: 1973

Letter from H. M. Green, Physician, Knoxville to Gov. Ben W. Hooper, August 13, 1912.

Identifier: MM.2017.026
Scope and Contents

Letter from H. M. Green, Physician, Knoxville to Gov. Ben W. Hooper, August 13, 1912. Letter from Green, physician to Bessie Hamilton, concerning her murder by her husband Dennis Hamilton, currently a prisoner in the state penitentiary. Henry Morgan Green (1877-1939) was one of the leading African American physicians of Knoxville. It was largely through his efforts that the colored unit of Knoxville General Hospital was built. He was a leading authority on pellagra.

Dates: 1912

Lewis Buckner historical marker dedication. Sevier County, Tenn. June 17, 1999. (ephemera)

Identifier: Ephemera 1999.001
Scope and Contents

Program from the state historical marker for Lewis C. Buckner + sheet of information. Sevier County, Tenn. June 17, 1999. 2 pcs.

Dates: 1999

Lillisan & Mills Morticians, Knoxville, Funeral Book 1961-1968.

Identifier: MSC 0307
Scope and Contents

Lillisan & Mills Morticians, Knoxville, Tenn, Funeral Book 1961-1968. 1 vol. + loose statements from the 1960s (and one from 1942) + August 31, 1957 letter from trustee Sam Thomas. African American funeral home.

Dates: 1961-1968

Marshall manuscripts. Anti-slavery ‘Ballet[ballad] for Saml. Marshall,’ 1799; letter from N. B. McNabb, 1854. (Gift of Bill Elliott and Mrs. Niota Elliott Eggers)

Identifier: MM.2000.012
Scope and Contents Anti-slavery poem with note at end ‘Ballet [ballad] for Saml. Marshall, 26 May 1799.’ AD 2 pp. (1 pc.). November 29, 1854 letter from N. B. McNabb to Rev. John Nicholson and Rev. S. B. West. ALS 1 p. + on back: November 30, 1854 letter from N. B. McNab (sic.) to Bro. Legerwood (Ledgerwood). ALS 1 p. Re: religion in East Tennessee, Madisonville, prayer, revivals. April 28, 1856(?) note to Marshall from A. Crozier. ANS 1 pc. Re: cotton seed. Remainder of paper includes the name Josiah Chapman...
Dates: 1799, 1854-1856

Mayers’ Industrial High School

Identifier: SPC 2015.013
Scope and Contents SPC 2015.013.001 Mayers’ Industrial High School 606 Payne St., Knoxville, Tenn. Normal, Industrial, Domestic Science and Sewing. School Begins Sept. 1st. Closes June 1st. Postcard showing buildings. Unused. 1 pc. Elma(?) Rodgers written on back. SPC 2015.013.002 Photograph of Mayers’ Industrial High School 606 Payne St., Knoxville, Tenn. (same as used on postcard. Sepia, 5.5x4.75” on board, damaged. 1 pc. SPC 2015.013.0023 Group of nine African American women in aprons and white hats....
Dates: 1902-1905