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Sevier, John, 1745-1815

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 23 Collections and/or Records:

Andrew Jackson Letters, 1788-1814 (photocopies).

Identifier: MM.1981.223
Scope and Contents August 12, 1788, letter from Andrew Jackson to Col. (Waighstill, Waightstile) Avery. ALS 1 p. + attached newspaper clipping. Re: challenge to duel. Gift of Mrs. Louise McNeely, April 23, 1950.(photostat) [1803] letter from Andrew Jackson to John Sevier. Re: challenge to duel. ALS 1 p, FACSIMILE. January 2, 1807, letter from Andrew Jackson to Thomas Stewart. (typed copy) 1 p. re: Orders from Secretary of War + 1920 handwritten note by Jno. W. Gaines; 1918 article by John W. Gaines on Andrew...
Dates: 1788-1814

Authorization to practice law, Jefferson County, Territory South of the River Ohio. July 23, 1792 (facsimile).

Identifier: MM.1997.040
Scope and Contents

Facsimile copy of July 23, 1792, document re: court held in the newly created county of Jefferson, Territory South of the River Ohio. Lists justices of the peace (including Alexander Outlaw), clerk, sheriff, and those authorized to practice law (including Alexander Outlaw, William Cocke, and donor’s note on back indicates John Sevier’s name was cut off from the copy). AD 1 pc.

Dates: 1792

Commemorative envelopes, postcards, postal cachets, and commemorative stamps, including McGhee Tyson Airport, John Sevier and others.

Identifier: Ephemera 2015.004
Scope and Contents

McGhee Tyson Airport Official Dedication Envelopes, October 15, 1937 (4 items); 1 airmail postcard; 1938 postal cachets (30 items); envelopes with stamps 1937-1965 (162 items) Printed envelope with stamps and images for the Bicentennial of the death of John Sevier [cachets are special printed or inscribed messages on the envelopes]

Dates: 1933-1965

Copy of James King letter to John Sevier. 1793.

Identifier: MM.1997.075
Scope and Contents

Handwritten COPY of letter from James King, Knoxville, to Gen. John Sevier. September 23, 1793. 1 pc. Re: Mr. Walker will bring a canoe with supplies; axes being made to be sent. Note at bottom of copy: Original in Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, Wis. Saml. L. King.

Dates: 1793

Deed between Zachariah Cox and John Sevier, September 4, 1797

Identifier: QMM.2012.001
Scope and Contents

September 4, 1797 deed between Zachariah Cox of Montgomery County, Georgia and John Sevier of Tennessee. $2, 500.00 paid by John Sevier for 20,000 acres of land described in deed. Printed document with handwritten portions. ADS 1 pc. Signed by Zach. Cox and Mathias Maher. Curved cut on top of document, seal and ribbons at lower right. Tear at lower bottom edge. Zachariah Cox, Mathias Maher, and associates called the Tennessee Company.

Dates: 1797

Ephraim Foster letter, 1840.

Identifier: MM.1981.171
Scope and Contents

November 2, 1840, letter from Ephraim H. Foster, Nashville, Tenn., to Jos. B. Boyd, Cincinnati, Ohio. ALS 1 pc. Re: Foster did not know John Sevier personally; write to descendants for information.

Dates: 1840

Hattie May letters, 1888-1889.

Identifier: MM.1979.022
Scope and Contents

Four letters from Hattie May to “Friends.” 1888-1889. Re: Sevier reunion in Knoxville (mentions Judge Temple, trains, etc.)., news about family matters, reburial of John Sevier(?), etc. + letter and envelope from donor. Also, typed transcriptions of the letters, copied by Mrs. C. M. McClung.

Dates: 1888-1889

Invitation to the unveiling of the statue of John Sevier, Washington, D. C. April 19, 1931. (ephemera)

Identifier: Ephemera 2001.001
Scope and Contents

Invitation issued by the Governor of Tennessee, The Monument Memorial Commission, and the John Sevier Statue Commission to the unveiling of the statue of John Sevier, Washington, DC. April 19, 1931. Envelope addressed to Laura Luttrell. Printed response card included. Also, photocopies of 1931 newspaper articles re: the unveiling of the statue.

Dates: 1931

John Goad will, 1772.

Identifier: MM.1981.188
Scope and Contents

Will of John Goad, Bedford County, Va., July 7, 1772. ALS 2 pp. PHOTOSTAT. Goad was the maternal grandfather of John Sevier.

Dates: 1772

John Sevier document re: Judge Hugh L. White, November 2, 1805

Identifier: QMM.2013.001
Scope and Contents November 2, 1805 signed document by John Sevier, Governor in and over the State of Tennessee, certifies that Hugh L. White is a judge of the Superior Court and Courts of Equity in Tennessee. Knoxville. State seal in upper left. By the Governor, Wm. Macklin, Secretary. Oversize. ADS 1 pc. + printed page with picture of John Sevier portrait. Appointment of Hugh L. White, Esquire, Judge of the Superior Court, by Governor John Sevier, November 2, 1805. Signed by John Sevier and Wm. Maclin (Sec.)...
Dates: 1805

John Sevier letter to Col. Meigs, February 16, 1804.

Identifier: MM.2011.013
Scope and Contents John Sevier, Knoxville, Tenn., letter to Col. Meigs, Agent for the War Department in Tennessee. February 16, 1804. ALS 1 p. (Fragile; fragment of seal on inner paper). Re: Letter delivered by Cap. Samuel Gordon of Williamson County, who has been active in recovering stolen property from the Creek Indians. Would like to have him authorized to obtain additional stolen property from the Creek Nation; permission needed from the Executive of Tennessee. He would like to take rifles and powder with...
Dates: 1804

John Sevier letter to David Henley, January 13, 1797.

Identifier: MM.2011.012
Scope and Contents

John Sevier, Knoxville, Tenn., letter to Col. David Henley, January 13, 1797. ALS 1 p. (Fragile; fragment of seal on outer paper). Re: Isaac Johnson’s report of several horses stolen by the Indians.

Dates: 1797

John Sevier, Proclamation to the Citizens of this State. May 15, 1785 (State of Franklin).

Identifier: MM.2009.007
Scope and Contents

Proclamation... the good Citizens of this be Obedient and Comformable to the Laws thereof. Signed John Sevier, Governor and Captain General. May 15, 1785 (first year of our Independence). Probably from Washington Court House (Jonesboro, Tenn.). [Issued to the citizens of the State of Franklin]. ADS 1 pc. Torn at top and right side; tape on back. + typed transcription from seller.

Dates: 1785

John Sevier research by Mrs. W. B. Bible.

Identifier: MM.1980.018
Scope and Contents

Correspondence and research done by Mrs. W. B. Bible, Johnson City, Tenn., re: memorializing John Sevier and pointing out related historical controversies. Mostly photocopies.

Dates: undated

John Sevier to the United States, Release etc. 40,000 acres,1814 ( Quit Claim Deed.)

Identifier: QMM.2011.002
Scope and Contents December 30, 1814 document, handwritten and signed by John Sevier, transfers by quit claim his rights and title to two tracts of land of 20,000 acres each to the United States of America in exchange for certificates of stock. ADS with seal 1 pc. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of Richard Wallace. Re: transfer two deeds of 20,000 acres each of land in Tennessee from Zachariah Cox to John Sevier of Knox County, Tenn, September 2, 1797. (Land was originally granted to Zachariah Cox...
Dates: 1814

Legal notice Fi Fa Thomas G. Watkins vs. John Sevier. Washington County, Tenn. February 1804.

Identifier: MM.2009.008
Scope and Contents

Fi Fa (fieri facias ). Thomas G. Watkins, Washington County, Tenn., vs. John Sevier, Knox County, Tenn. February 1804. Signed by Jas. Sevier, Clerk. DS 1 pc.

Dates: 1804

Miniature portraits by Eleanor Wiley.

Identifier: Artifact 2011.003
Scope and Contents Five miniatures painted by Eleanor Wiley. Previously cataloged as Artifacts --.5. Artifact 2011.003.001 Miniature of William Blount. On celluloid. Badly damaged. Scanned and a restored image available on CD, Oct. 2011 by Tony Long. Restored digital image printed and placed in original frame as Artifact 2011.003.001 copy. Artifact 2011.003.002 Miniature of John Crozier. On celluloid. Badly damaged. Scanned and a restored image available on CD, Oct. 2011 by Tony Long. Restored digital image...
Dates: 1920 - 1935

Nuncupative will of David Greer, September 1795. Territory South of the River Ohio, Knox County, Tenn.

Identifier: QMM.2009.001
Scope and Contents Nuncupative will of David Greer made to John Chisholm, signed by John Chisholm. Statement and seal by James White, Justice of the Peace re: John Chisholm’s oath. September 19, 1795. Followed by certification of James White as a Justice of the Peace, made by William Blount, Governor, Territory in the United States of America South of the river Ohio. Signed and sealed September 20, 1795. Also signed by Willie Blount. Note on back by John Sevier that will was non proven in Open Court and will...
Dates: 1795

Return J. Meigs documents, 1801-1821.

Identifier: MM.2018.005
Scope and Contents Six documents written by Return J. (Jonathan) Meigs, Agent for the Cherokees. 1. June 5, 1801, Return J. Meigs, Tellico Block House, letter to Secretary of War. ALS 1 pc. Re: Charles Hicks, interpreter for the Cherokees, Cherokee visit to the Executive, expenses (copy). 2. June 5, 1801, letter from Return J. Meigs, Tellico, to Charles Hicks. ALS 1 p.(Copy). Re: visit to the Executive, expenses. 3. Sept. 27, 1808, Return J. Meigs, Garrison Highwassee, letter to Governor John Sevier re: Meigs;...
Dates: 1801-1821

Robert Houston Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0236
Scope and Contents Papers of Robert Houston of Knox County, Tenn,. Ca. 1793-1878. Includes: 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796 appointments of Robert Houston as Knox County Sheriff, signed by William Blount; pardon for Thomas Nelson, 17--; 1803 John Sevier and Robert Houston account; Stokely Donelson land sale certificate signed by F.A. Ramsey, 1800; Receipt from Andrew Jackson, 1803; note from William Blount, 1793; re: subscription to Knoxville Library, 1795; re: cessions of lands from the Indians, 1819; survey of Indian...
Dates: 1793-1834

Russell W. Hanlon , Jr., Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0268
Scope and Contents Includes scrapbook of Russell W. Hanlon, Sr. (1894-1963), on Knoxville Automobile Club, Great Smoky Mountains, tourism, ca. 1920s-mid-1930s which includes information on Great Smoky Mountain Industries. Collection also includes photographs (Hanlon and McCoy families, David C. Chapman, Elkmont, Tenn., Gatlinburg, Knoxville, work by William J. McCoy, etc.); postcards; Knoxville High School Voice, 1912 and 1913; stamps; manuscripts material, including W.G. Brownlow and Oliver Temple/ Scotia...
Dates: 1789-1817; 1849-1884; 1920-1940

State of Franklin documents, 1783-1787.

Identifier: MM.1985.010
Scope and Contents 9 documents re: State of Franklin. 1. Oct. 22, 1783, William Ashert entry for 600 acres in Green Co. ADS 1 pc.; April 15, 1785, State of Franklin document signed by Governor and Captain General John Sevier. Justice of the Peace Commission to Joseph Hardin, James Houston, et al. Greene Co. ADS 2 pc. with ribbon & seal. 1786 (1785?) FiFa. Thos. Williams vs. Edward S. _____? Greene Co., State of Franklin. ADS 1 doc. (torn, 2 pcs.); May 1786, Writ. David Copeland vs. Samuel Mc_______? Greene...
Dates: 1783-1787

Willie Blount Papers, 1801-1815.

Identifier: MSC 0132
Scope and Contents Thirty-one documents from the Willie Blount Papers. No date, 1801-1815. Willie Blount (1768-1835) was Governor of Tennessee from 1809-1815. Correspondents include: Andrew Jackson, John Hutchins, Henry Dearborn, R. J. Meigs, Glass (Cherokee Chief), John Sevier, Archibald Roane, Major Lovely, James [Frimble], Robert Hoyle, [Josiah] Meigs, Willie Blount, Judge Locke of Rutledge, James White. Blount’s correspondence covers 1809-1815, and is primarily with R. J. Meigs, Agent of the Highwassee...
Dates: 1801-1815