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Washington County (Tenn.)

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Found in 26 Collections and/or Records:

Archibald Glascock of Fauquier County, Va., and Washington County, Tenn.

Identifier: MM.2005.004
Scope and Contents Archibald Glascock of Fauquier County, Va., and Washington County, Tenn. By Kenyon Stevenson, Hudson, Ohio TS 14 pp.
Dates: 1785-1947

Barkley Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0412
Scope and Contents Barkley Collection, gift of William Barkley. (William Barkley is the nephew of another donor, Alice Jean Barkley.) Boxes 1-3 + 2 framed items rec’d. Jan 2009: Box 3 contains 3 framed diplomas: Jacob Barkley, Washington College, 1796; Abraham H. Barkley, Washington College, 1796; Elizabeth Barkley, White Pine High School, 1932. Also, 7 folders of items removed from frames. Both 1796 diplomas have “Print Registered Knoxville” at bottom of diplomas. Gift includes 2 framed items: Portrait...
Dates: 1796-1940

Church of the Brethren

Identifier: Ephemera 2020.060
Scope and Contents 1) Church of the Brethren, 1890, "Minutes, The Brethren’s Annual District Meeting, held at Pleasant View Church, Washington County, Tenn. Oct 31 & Nov. 1, 1890. Lists all delegates and their homes. Queries include, no candy wagons to solicit outside their meeting, foot washing self-government, wearing of gold and other dress code issues, codes for women of the church, regular business. Mentions Rev. Henry Sheets from Flat Rock, names churches and their contributions to debt of Choto Falls,...
Dates: 1890; 1972

George, Russell, and William Bean documents. [PHOTOCOPIES]

Identifier: MM.2015.007
Scope and Contents COPIES Three original manuscript documents from Washington County, North Carolina (now Tennessee) March 29, 1784. Bond for the appearance of George and William Bean at the next court of Washington County, N. C., in dispute with John Fuller over a bay horse. Signed by both Beans and witnessed by Edmd. Bean. August 15, 1788. Warrant to the sheriff of Washington County for the arrest of Russell Bean. Signed by F. A. Ramsey. (Francis A. Ramsey, Clerk) February 12, 1802. Warrant to the sheriff of...
Dates: 1784-1802

Guy Ellis Sabin diary, 1877-1880.

Identifier: MM.1987.022
Scope and Contents Photocopy of a typed transcript of the diary of Guy Ellis Sabin, March 20, 1877- December 13, 1880. Mentions wife Nannie (a Sevier descendant); move to Jonesborough, Washington County, Tenn.; buying land; timber speculation, etc.
Dates: 1877-1880

J. Leonard Garland Collection--Washington Co., Tenn., ca. 1797-1894.

Identifier: MSC 0065
Scope and Contents Manuscript items, most from Washington County, Tenn. No date, 1797-1894. Most signed by County Court Clerk James Sevier. Included are: John Brown vs. John Allen, 1797; Amos Loney (Looney?) vs. Lewis Jordan, 1798; Sarah Glass vs. Thomas Stuart (Stewart), 1803-1804; Wm. Humphries vs. Elihu Embree, 1806; Administrator of Andrew Greer, deceased, vs. Boroman(?), 1808; envelopes addressed to Mrs. Sue Ramsey Alexander (N. C.) and others from Dr. J. G. M. Ramsey, ca. 1880s. 51 pcs; 1864 letter...
Dates: 1797-1894

Jacob Hartsell Papers, including the Memora, War of 1812.

Identifier: MSC 0600
Scope and Contents Jacob Hartsell Papers, including the Memora, War of 1812. Jacob Hartsell (1786-1843) of Washington County, Tenn. Served as tax assessor, squire of the county court, and captain of Washington County militia. Formed a company of “volunteers” in Washington County, Tenn. in October, 1813. Jacob kept a handwritten journal of his experiences in wartime October 12, 1813 -- November 28, 1813. He titled his small journal the “J. Hartsell Memora.” Transcribed and published in the East Tennessee...
Dates: 1813

Jacob Peck’s Notes.

Identifier: MSC 0266
Scope and Contents One bound volume of notes, maps, essays, and articles by Judge Jacob Peck (1779-1869, of Jefferson County, Tenn.). Ca. 1830s-1860s. Subjects include: geology; strata; earthquakes in the United States; mines (precious metals); extracts from Troost’s survey; Peck’s land grants (some with Birdseye); two letters (G. Troost, Nashville, 1840 and A.H.M. ___, Washington College, 185_); the Cumberland Mountains; Blount, Cocke, Davidson, Greene, Jefferson, Sevier, and Washington Counties, (Tenn.) A...
Dates: 1830-1860

John Adams - warrant for Russell Bean, 1802 [PHOTOSTATIC COPY].

Identifier: MM.1981.017
Scope and Contents COPIES February 12, 1802 warrant for the arrest of Russell Bean. (for cutting off the ears of an infant). Issued by John Adams, Washington, County, Tenn. ADS 1 p.
Dates: 1802

John Bean - Henry DeVault deed, 1797.

Identifier: MM.2011.010
Scope and Contents Deed between John Bean, Washington County, Tenn., and Henry DeVault (Henry DeWalt), York County, Pa., for 137 (637?) acres of land in Washington County, Tenn. (plantation where John Bean now lives). Signed by John Bean (hole near signature). September 30, 1797. ADS 1 pc. Signed on back by Jas. Sevier, Clerk, November Session 1798.
Dates: 1797

John Smith, Sr,. deed to John Smith, Jr., for 300 acres in Washington County, Tenn. January 29, 1800

Identifier: QMM.2003.004
Scope and Contents January 29, 1800 deed between John Smith, Sr., planter, of Washington County, Tenn., and John Smith, Jr. For 300 acres of land in Washington County, Tenn. $500.00. ADS 1 pc. (small holes in document, top is cut in wave pattern).
Dates: 1800

John Smith, Sr., deed to John Smith, Jr., for land in Washington County, Tenn. February 13, 1802.

Identifier: QMM.2003.005
Scope and Contents February 13, 1802 deed between John Smith, Sr., Washington County, Tenn., and John Smith, Jr. For 100 acres in Washington County, Tenn. and a grant or title of No. 398. $1,000.00. ADS 2 pp. (1 pc.) May Session 1802 note by Jas. Sevier, Clerk. (Top is cut in wave pattern).
Dates: 1803

John Smith vs. Russell Bean and Baxter Bean. 1814. Washington County, Tenn. [PHOTOCOPIES]

Identifier: MM.1997.133
Scope and Contents John Smith vs. Russell Bean and Baxter Bean, Washington County, Tenn. 1814 (may be 1817). ADS 4 pp. (1 pc.) Re: dispute over two rifles as payment.
Dates: 1814

Legal notice Fi Fa Thomas G. Watkins vs. John Sevier. Washington County, Tenn. February 1804.

Identifier: MM.2009.008
Scope and Contents Fi Fa (fieri facias ). Thomas G. Watkins, Washington County, Tenn., vs. John Sevier, Knox County, Tenn. February 1804. Signed by Jas. Sevier, Clerk. DS 1 pc.
Dates: 1804

Neill S. Brown, J. P. Commissions, Washington County, Tenn., 1848.

Identifier: MM.1981.059
Scope and Contents March 14, 1848 Justice of the Peace commissions to Jonah(?) Lilburn, George W. Nelson, B. F. Swingle, and John White, all of Washington Co., Tenn. Signed by Governor Neill S. Brown. pfa 4 pcs.
Dates: 1848

Paul Fink Collection--Washington County, Tenn., ca. 1781-1931. [PHOTOCOPIES].

Identifier: MSC 0062
Scope and Contents The Paul Fink Collection contains primarily Washington Co., Tenn., manuscripts and legal records, ca. 1781-1931. Papers are arranged in two sections: chronologically, 1871-1931 (13 boxes); or by “Separate Files” for legal cases too large to be interfiled by date. There are also some subject files and account books. Many folders have detailed contents lists (handwritten) at the front of the folder. The detailed card index (4 boxes) should be consulted. (Photocopies) Paul M. Fink (1892-1980) was...
Dates: 1781-1931

Paul Mathes Fink Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0123
Scope and Contents Includes papers, records, photographs and memorabilia of Paul Mathes Fink (1892-1980) of Jonesboro, Tenn. Subjects include: Jonesboro, Washington County, Tenn; Tennessee Historical Commission, 1969-1975; Appalachian Consortium; Great Smoky Mountains; Appalachian Trail; Arnold Guyot; photographs and slides, most of Great Smoky Mountains; George Masa; Benton McKaye; Horace Kephart. 1909 Jonesboro High School diploma and 1920 Kerbela Temple certificate in FL-09-09. Paul M. Fink (1892-1980) was a...
Dates: 1909-1976

Penelope Johnson Allen Collection (historic manuscripts).

Identifier: MSC 0028
Scope and Contents Penelope Johnson Allen (1886-1985) was a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee. She graduated from Chattanooga High School in 1904 and attended Mrs. Starrett’s School in Chicago and Western College at Oxford, Ohio. After college, she was a newspaper reporter in Chattanooga and active in the suffrage movement in Tennessee. Penelope Johnson Allen was active in a number of clubs and lineage societies and was avid genealogist and historian. Mrs. Allen served as one of the state supervisors for the...
Dates: 1794-1877

Robert N. McAdams (1847-1921) account/manuscript book, photograph, photograph album.

Identifier: MSC 0861
Scope and Contents Robert N. McAdams (1847-1921) account/Mss book of Locust Mount (Washington County, Tenn.) and Rheatown (Greene County Tenn.) accounts, medical cures. store accounts, court dockets (1850-1913) (early entries by Thomas McAdams, father of R. N. McAdams?) photograph (8 x 10 inches on board) (Grandpa McAdams [R. N. McAdams?] and Alex (Alexander Moody) (c. 1900) Photograph album of Mary Margaret Good McAdams (1854-1946), wife of Robert N. McAdams ca 1890 (many of the photographs have a slip of paper...
Dates: 1850-1913

Russell and Baxter Bean documents, Washington County, Tenn. 1788(?)-1829). [PHOTOCOPIES]

Identifier: MM.1998.017
Scope and Contents Fourteen documents relating to Russell Bean or Baxter Bean, Washington County, Tenn. 1788(?)-1829. Most re: law suits involving: William Cobb; Jean or Jane Bean, Rosamund Bean, Lydia Bean; Jemima Scroggins; John Hammer; John Bean; James Penny; James Stinson; Robert Allen; Spencer E. Gibson; John Smith; William Murry; John Ruble; Elizabeth and John Hundley; Reuben Rogers. Several documents from Washington County, N. C., or Territory of the United States South of Ohio. (photocopies)
Dates: 1788-1829

Smyth / Smith (North Carolina land grant no. 398 to John Smyth / John Smith for 100 acres of land in Washington County [Tenn.]. October 13, 1783

Identifier: QMM.2003.003
Scope and Contents North Carolina land grant no. 398 to John Smyth / John Smith for 100 acres of land in Washington County [Tenn]. October 13, 1783. Authorized by Alexander Martin, Governor, Captain-General, and Commander in Chief. D 1 pc. Hole near bottom (for seal?).
Dates: 1783

Tennessee bicentennial posters (Washington County’s Heritage in Patchwork poster, 1996; Tenn. stamp poster, 1996; Tennessee Treasures poster)

Identifier: Ephemera 1996.001
Scope and Contents One poster picturing Washington County (Tenn.) quilt done for Tennessee bicentennial, 1996. Entitled “Washington County’s Heritage in Patchwork.” Color. 1 pc. 17 x 22”. + description sheet. Martha Marshall, quilt artist; Mildred Kozsuch, consultant. One color poster of the Tennessee stamp issued for the state’s bicentennial, 1996. 1 pc. 23 x 36”. One color poster “Tennessee Treasures” re: bicentennial traveling exhibit. (1994?1996?). 16 x 22”.
Dates: 1996

Theresa Campbell Tyler Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0423
Scope and Contents Papers and documents from the Campbell family of Washington County, Tenn. and Greene County, Tenn.; also the Swiss families Truan and Buffat of Knox County.
Dates: 1820-1950

Thomas Johnakin (Jarnagin) deed for land in Washington County, Tenn. October 4, 1782.

Identifier: MM.1997.046
Scope and Contents Deed for land in Washington County (Tenn.) to Thomas Johnakin (Jarnagin?). Dated October 4, 1782. Issued by State of North Carolina, signed by Alexander Martain (sic.). 1830 copy. ADS 1 pc. Encased in gauze like fabric.
Dates: 1782

Washington County, Tenn., tax lists, 1787-1790. Collected by Paul M. Fink. [PHOTOCOPIES]

Identifier: MSC 0124
Scope and Contents Early Washington County, Tenn, tax lists, 1787-1790. See itemized listing with the collection. An article on some of these lists appears in East Tennessee Historical Society Publications, No. 35, 1963, pp. 107-114. (Photocopies) Paul M. Fink (1892-1980) was a native of Jonesborough, Tennessee and lifelong student of the history and culture of Washington County, Tennessee. He had the longtime honor of serving as the Washington County Historian and took to it with enthusiasm and gusto. One of his...
Dates: 1787-1790

William Murphy land grant, Washington County, Tenn., 1782, and Greene County, Tenn. deeds. Gift of Geraldine H. Murphy.

Identifier: Ephemera 2019.017
Scope and Contents William Murphy land grant, Washington County, Tenn. 1782 (with seal of North Carolina) + Greene County, Tenn., deeds, 19th & 20th century + land grants from Greene and Hawkins Counties, Tenn.
Dates: 1782, 19th & 20th century