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Music and musicians

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 17 Collections and/or Records:

Alan Atkin Collection.

Identifier: PAS 0101
Scope and Contents

Knoxville airports scrapbooks (1954-59; 1959-63; 1964-68; 1969-74); photographs of airport, Amra Grotto; U. T. football (scrapbook), masonic apron in frame; baseball and political ephemera (father Arthur Atkin) U. T. Football scrapbooks (1934-1974); sheet music (printed and handwritten scores), trumpet mute shaped like small hat, photographs

Dates: 1954-1974

Cross Country, ca. 1978-1979, 2023-04-20, 2023-04-20

Identifier: TAMIS A12 2023.001.003
Scope and Contents Cross Country by The Trio (Bonnie Holsinger, Sharon Youngs, Peggy Stewart)Stereo BM-1020Recorded at: Big Mama Recording Studios in Knoxville, TennesseeMastering: Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, TennesseeSide One 1. Today2. Rocky Top3. Oh Susannah4. Just Thinking of You5. I Saw the Light6. Will the Circle Be Unbroken7. Let Me Call You Sweetheart8. The...
Dates: ca. 1978-1979; Record Keeping: 2023-04-20; Digitized: 2023-04-20

East Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association Middle Area Junior Band Clinic Concert, 1973

Identifier: TAMIS A12 2023.001.005
Scope and Contents East Tennessee School Band & Orchestra Association1973 Middle Area Junior Band and Clinic ConcertCondcutorsO'Dell Willis - Red BandJohn Abel - Blue BandSide 1Red Band: O'Dell Willis, Conductor A Little Bach SuiteThe Water is WideHoliday in NaplesHoot 'N' HollerSounds of SousaSide 2Blue Band - John Abel,...
Dates: 1973

Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus ephemera

Identifier: Ephemera 2019.090
Scope and Contents

1. Promotional material for the Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus 2018-2019 Season. 2. Program and ticket for the 2022 Knoxville Gay Men's Chorus December 17th program "Rebel Without a Claus"

Dates: 2018 - 2022

Knoxville Rocks, ca. 1980s, 2023-03-06

Identifier: TAMIS V 2022.001.006
Scope and Contents Runtime 41:1700:00 – 06:45 Footage of Benny Smith performing a song with guitar. Footage switches between a straight shot of guitarist on a stool against a blue curtain and a shot from behind guitarist, looking into a monitor of the same shot. 06:45 Static between clips06:46-32:30 Talk show segment for the band SAGE, a popular Knoxville-based rock band that opened for Steppenwolf, Bad Company, and Bon Jovi. Band members include Doug Shock (vocals), Rob Martin (Bass...
Dates: ca. 1980s; Record Keeping: 2023-03-06

Knoxville Rocks: Benny Smith , bulk: ca. 1980s, 2023-03-06

Identifier: TAMIS V 2022.001.009
Scope and Contents James R. Stokely Institute for Liberal Arts Education presents a faculty seminar: Appalachia in Perspective (yellow font blue background)Runtime 12:2900:00-00:15 Color bars. 00:16-00:35 Black screen with sound, occasional video error (image dropout). Fades in briefly to a shot of a man with a guitar (00:27-00:28). 00:36-00:58 Benny Smith sitting on a chair playing the guitar. He is sitting in front of a light blue curtain. ...
Dates: Majority of material found within ca. 1980s; Record Keeping: 2023-03-06

Knoxville Rocks: Rage Us, February 22, 1992, 2023-03-03

Identifier: TAMIS V 2022.001.007
Scope and Contents KNOXVILLE ROCKS: RAGE US (Hand-held) - The Knoxville Scene (A - TENN. LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE B - GUEST - BILL WILLIAMS)01:02:38 Runtime. All Knox-Rage-Us footage is hand-held. Only the left channel has audio. Chroma Artists Association "Knox Rage Us,” February 22, 1992 at the Bijou Theater in Knoxville. Knox Rage Us was a multidisciplinary art show featuring painters, dancers, sculptors, musicians, photographers, performance artists, poets, and graphic...
Dates: February 22, 1992; Record Keeping: 2023-03-03

Knoxville Rocks: Show 8 Tenn Jam, bulk: ca. 1980s, 2023-03-03

Identifier: TAMIS V 2022.001.008
Scope and Contents KNOXVILLE ROCKS: WITH DJ BENNY SMITH (Show 8) - Tennessee JamRuntime 50:1000:00-00:05 Black screen and color bars with guitar audible. 00:07-00:20 Fade into hand-held footage of a rock concert at the Rumorz club in Knoxville, Tennessee. 00:21-00:52 Video error (static) and black screen with static as music continues. Sound cut offs as the band name was announced. 00:53-08:49 Black screen, fade into hand-held footage of a rock...
Dates: Majority of material found within ca. 1980s; Record Keeping: 2023-03-03

Porches of the Poor, 1974, 2023-04-05, 2023-04-05

Identifier: TAMIS A12 2023.001.002
Scope and Contents Traditional RecordsCosby, TNJean Schilling; Dulcimer, Autoharp, VocalLee Schilling; Recorder, Harominca, VocalRoger Bellow; Guitar, MandolinHal McGaha; Guitar Side 1: 1. Good Friday 2. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane 3. Wagoner's Lad 4. Porches of the Poor 5. Rainfall Night 6. Uncle Joe 7. Red Wing 8. Bickering Twosome 9. Blockader Mama 10. Four Nights Drunk Side 2: 1. The Sow and the...
Dates: 1974; Record Keeping: 2023-04-05; Digitized: 2023-04-05

Regional Recorded Sound Collection

Identifier: TAMIS-RAC 2023.001
Content Description

Collection of regional 45 rpm records acquired by TAMIS that are not associated with a larger collection.

Dates: Record Keeping: 2023-03-06

River of Jordan; Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray, October 23, 1915, 2023-04-20

Identifier: TAMIS A10 2023.001.001
Scope and Contents

Columbia Record

Columbia Graphophone Company

Grand Prizes Paris 1900, St. Louis 1904, Milan 1906

Side A:

River of Jordan

Folk Song

Sung by Fisk University Male Quartette

A 1932


Side B:
Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray

Folk Song

Sung by Fisk University Male Quartette

A 1932


Engraved in disc: 46146; 45148

Dates: October 23, 1915; Record Keeping: 2023-04-20

St. Clair Cobb Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony program

Identifier: Ephemera 2019.109
Scope and Contents

Program from the October 2, 2013 St. Clair Cobb (1895-1974) Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony at Vine Middle School. Mr. Cobb was “The Father of Band Music” for African-American public schools in Knoxville.

Dates: 2013

The Nancy Brennan Show: Hector Qirko , May 18, 1980, 2023-03-06

Identifier: TAMIS V 2022.001.016
Scope and Contents Runtime 30:5400:00-00:53 Text over color bars: “Channel 20 Nancy St. Brennan Community Show Center Knoxville, Tennessee May 18. Hector Qirko.” Text is difficult to read as it overlaps. Black image from 00:54-00:57. The year is 1980 according to the interview. 00:58-01:20 Close-up of hand strumming guitar. Text crawl from bottom of screen: “Organic Crystal Productions presents The Nancy Brennan Show. Today’s guest Hector Qirko.”01:21-01:44 Close-up of Nancy...
Dates: May 18, 1980; Record Keeping: 2023-03-06

The Nancy Brennan Show: Lois Short; Potpourri with Penny Zibula, November 1980, 2023-03-06

Identifier: TAMIS V 2022.001.019
Scope and Contents Runtime 01:02:29Right channel of audio occasionally drops throughout video. 00:00:00-00:00:53 Text over color bars: 80-11. The Nancy Brennan Show. Guest: Lola Short. Three seconds of black.00:00:58-00:01:56 Footage of Lola Smith playing her banjo and singing. Text crawl from the bottom of the screen from 1:02-01:11: “Organic Crystal Production Presents: The Nancy Brennan Show with Guest: Lola Short.”00:01:57- 00:14:17 Smith’s performance ends...
Dates: November 1980; Record Keeping: 2023-03-06

The Nancy Brennan Show: Roger Smith, July 1980, 2023-03-06

Identifier: TAMIS V 2022.001.018
Scope and Contents Runtime 32:37Video error on bottom of screen (track lines) persistent until 02:04, after which point it is still present but less pronounced. 00:00-00:47 Text over color bars: “6-80. The Nancy Brennan Show. Guest: Roger Smith.” Four seconds of black. 00:48-04:43 Close-up footage of Roger Smith playing guitar and the harmonica, first focusing on his hands until moving the shot up to his face. The camera occasionally zooms out. Text crawl from bottom of...
Dates: July 1980; Record Keeping: 2023-03-06

The Nancy Brennan Show: Steve Horton, April 1980, 2023-03-06

Identifier: TAMIS V 2022.001.020
Scope and Contents Runtime 31:5600:00-00:23 Text over color bars: “04-80. The Nancy Brennan Show. Guest Steve Horton.” Three seconds of black.00:24-01:24 Several shots of Nancy Brennan while audio of her singing is playing in the background, such as: Brennan waving to camera and walking with her guitar towards the car, Brennan driving the guitar, and Brennan singing. Text crawl from bottom of screen from 00:46-01:12 “Organic Crystal Productions Presents: The Nancy Brennan Show. Today’s...
Dates: April 1980; Record Keeping: 2023-03-06

The Nancy Brennan Show: Steve Scarbrough , August 1980, 2023-03-06

Identifier: TAMIS V 2022.001.017
Scope and Contents 1. John R. Mills 2. Bill Waters 3. Rev. John C. Davis JrRuntime 32:25.00:00-00:44 Text over color bars: “8-80. The Nancy Brennan Show. Guest, Steve Scarbrough.” Two seconds of black. 00:45-04:48 Footage of Steve Scarbrough playing his acoustic guitar and singing, standing at a microphone onstage at The Record Company in the Holiday Inn. Text crawl from the bottom of screen: “Organic Crystal Productions Presents The Nancy Brennan Show. Today’s Guest:...
Dates: August 1980; Record Keeping: 2023-03-06