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Methodist Church--Missions

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 7 Collections and/or Records:

Harry Caldwell Collection

Identifier: TAMIS-MIC 2020.002
Dates: 1933-1949

Harry Caldwell Collection

Identifier: TAMIS-MIC 2020.002

Reel 2, Circa 1935

Identifier: TAMIS F 2020.002.002
Scope and Contents A throng of Chinese citizens of all ages walks down a semi-rural road, many of them carrying banners, baskets, or sedan chairs. Some beat drums and lead horses. Crowds gather around the outskirts of a city with buildings, temples, and ornamental gates visible. A seven-tiered tower stands in the background. Chinese citizens proceed down a road carrying all the same paraphernalia as onlookers line the road; many of them hold sugarcane stalks. A woman stoops in a small shrine built into a hillside...
Dates: Circa 1935

Reel 9, Circa 1935-1936

Identifier: TAMIS F 2020.002.009
Scope and Contents A Southeast Asian man pushes a young white girl on a tricycle. She pedals the tricycle, then plays with two other little girls on a backyard lawn. A monkey hangs on a wooden post. All three girls sit on the overturned wooden post. The monkey scampers across the yard.
Dates: Circa 1935-1936

Reel 11, Circa 1946

Identifier: TAMIS F 2020.002.011
Scope and Contents Intertitle: SOUNDEX MOTION PICTURES PRESENTSIntertitle: METHODIST MISSIONS IN CHINAIntertitle: FILMED BY DR. CALDWELL NARRATOR DR. CALDWELL SOUND RECORDING BY M.A. WHITAKER(In a medium shot, Harry Caldwell and an unidentified middle-aged white man (“Interviewer”), both dressed in dark suits, stand in a room with a 16mm film projector between them.) Interviewer: Caldwell, how long were you in China as a missionary?HC:...
Dates: Circa 1946


Identifier: TAMIS F 2020.002.012
Scope and Contents Words in [brackets] are added by TAMIS staff to aid reading of transcipt.Words in {braces} are unclear in the original audio and are best guesses by TAMIS staff.Sentences ending in an em-dash with asterisk (--.*) are cut off by a splice or some other discontinuity in the original film * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (Medium shot of Harry Caldwell and a white man identified as Dr. Anderson, both...
Dates: Circa 1948

Reel 14, Circa 1949

Identifier: TAMIS F 2020.002.014
Scope and Contents Soundtrack element for METHODIST MISSIONS IN CHINA (TAMIS F 2020.002.012)
Dates: Circa 1949