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“American Women Composers” by E. Katherine Crews.

Identifier: MM.1993.017
Scope and Contents “American Women Composers” by E. Katherine Crews, Spring 1958 (paper for Music 546, FSU, Tallahassee, Fla.). Carbon TS. 19 pp. Plus notes, clipping on Sarah Caldwell, 1976, and “Orff-Schulwerk Bibliography” complied by Katherine Crews, 1970. TS copy, 10 pp.
Dates: 1958-1976

American Zinc, Lead and Smelting Company Collection. (Mascot, Tenn.).

Identifier: MSC 0026
Scope and Contents Materials on zinc mining and processing operations of the American Zinc Company of Tennessee at Mascot, Tennessee. Also includes information on the American Zinc, Lead, and Smelting Company, the American Limestone Company, and the Graselli Mine. Collection includes annual reports, 1916-1934 (some gaps); drilling reports, 1910-1911; History of Mascot; mining studies and reports; leases-options-deeds, 1910-1940; wage schedules, 1920-1937; labor contracts and strike, 1934-1935; agreements with...
Dates: 1910-1970

Amis Family Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0235
Scope and Contents The Thomas Amis Papers and the Amis Family Collection. Thomas Amis was a pioneer settler of upper East Tennessee. He was a community leader who operated a tavern, a distillery, and a saw mill. His house was near the Ebbing and Flowing Spring and still stands today. Includes the Thomas Amis Account Books 1783-1797. The Amis Family Papers include a store Day Book (1801-1807), and another 1832-1844. Also other documents. A later item is the T. J. Amis Notebook 1847-1872.
Dates: 1783-1872

Amnesty Petition for Alfred Layne

Identifier: MM.2020.004
Scope and Contents Handwritten petition addressed to “His Excellency Abraham Lincoln President of the United States” dated April 7, 1865 requesting the release of Confederate prisoner Alfred Layne (Company B 20th Tennessee) and signed by John B. Layne, T. H. Roberts, John Hugh Smith (Mayor of Nashville), W. G. Brownlow (Governor of Tennessee), and others.
Dates: 1865

Amos Carter’s school report, 1850.

Identifier: MM.1979.070
Scope and Contents 1850 report of the number of children in the 18th District (county not identified) by Amos Carter. Includes a list of names followed by a number.
Dates: 1850

‘An Act to Incorporate the Knoxville Iron Works,’ 1868.

Identifier: MM.1993.023
Scope and Contents ‘An Act to Incorporate the Knoxville Iron Works,’ Signed by F. Richards, Speaker of the (Tennessee) House of Representatives, and D.W.C. Senter, Speaker of the (Tennessee) Senate. Passed February 1, 1868. ADS 4 pp. (fragile; some tape). + typed note re: donation of charter to the McClung Historical Collection from the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs. 1 p. + “Racheff History Talk to Knoxville City Officials” by Lois Van Wie, presented August 17, 1993. TS 3 pp.
Dates: 1868, 1993

An Historical Account of the Families of John and Elizabeth Upton McCammon, Jonathan and Elizabeth Cunningham Pickel and William and Eliza E. E. Pickel McCammon...1757-1937. By W. A. McCammon (genealogy)

Identifier: MM.1998.005
Scope and Contents An Historical Account of the Families of John and Elizabeth Upton McCammon, Jonathan and Elizabeth Cunningham Pickel and William and Eliza E. E. Pickel McCammon with Complete Genealogical Record of the William and Eliza E. E. Pickel McCammon Family, 1757-1937. By W. A. McCammon. Denver, Colo. 1937. Typed manuscript. 39 pp. + 15 p. index.
Dates: 1937

Anacin Manufacturing Co. “The Employees of Anacin Manufacturing Company, Knoxville, Tennessee, March 24, 1943”

Identifier: SPC 2009.009
Scope and Contents “The Employees of Anacin Manufacturing Company, Knoxville, Tennessee, March 24, 1943” (Army Navy E Flag on wall in photograph)
Dates: 1943

“Anchor Buggies: W. B. Minnis & Co., New Market, Tenn.”

Identifier: Artifact 2010.003
Scope and Contents “Anchor Buggies: W. B. Minnis & Co., New Market, Tenn.” printed advertising sign (cardboard, 7 x 36 inches) (black letters on light orange background).
Dates: 1890 - 1910

Anchorage Restaurant and Marina photograph, ca. 1950. Gift of Richard J. Carroll, Jr.

Identifier: Artifact 2019.003
Scope and Contents Aerial photograph of the Anchorage Restaurant and Marina and Cate’s Bridge, ca. 1950. Restaurant was owned by Stuart McCroskey (later sold to ______ Creech, and later it burned). Located on Knox and Blount County line. Provides view of the railroad bridge and Cate’s Bridge; Jewish Country Club was located on the hill above the restaurant. Riverlake Lodge Motel was out of photograph, to the right.
Dates: circa 1950

Anderson-Deaderick Letters. (Typed Transcriptions).

Identifier: MM.2019.009
Scope and Contents Anderson-Deaderick Letters.
Dates: undated

Andrew Blackburn McFarland Bible, 1816. (Gift of Robert J. Donaldson). (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0068
Scope and Contents Family Bible of Andrew Blackburn McFarland ( August 8, 1792-May 20, 1873) (born in Jefferson County, Tenn.). 1816 Bible sold by Collins & Co., NY. Bought in 1817 for $6.50.
Dates: 1816

Andrew David Ralston Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0022
Scope and Contents The Holy Bible Old and New Testaments (New York: American Bible Society, 1830) Inscriptions: “Andrew David Ralston was born August 3, 1803’ “Mary Francis Ralston was born September 20th 1835” No further family information
Dates: 1830

Andrew English deed, 1796.

Identifier: MM.1981.155
Scope and Contents February 9, 1796, deed from Andrew English, Green County, to John Hunt, Knox County, for land in Knox County, Tenn. Witnessed by Jas. Miller, John Childress, Robert Miller. ADS 1 pc.
Dates: 1796

Andrew Jackson, Jr., letter (1856) (abstract).

Identifier: MM.1981.226
Scope and Contents Abstract of July 4, 1856 letter from Andrew Jackson, Jr., Hermitage, to Editors, Union and American. Re: selling the Hermitage, his father’s grave.
Dates: 1856

Andrew Jackson Letters, 1788-1814 (photocopies).

Identifier: MM.1981.223
Scope and Contents August 12, 1788, letter from Andrew Jackson to Col. (Waighstill, Waightstile) Avery. ALS 1 p. + attached newspaper clipping. Re: challenge to duel. Gift of Mrs. Louise McNeely, April 23, 1950.(photostat) [1803] letter from Andrew Jackson to John Sevier. Re: challenge to duel. ALS 1 p, FACSIMILE. January 2, 1807, letter from Andrew Jackson to Thomas Stewart. (typed copy) 1 p. re: Orders from Secretary of War + 1920 handwritten note by Jno. W. Gaines; 1918 article by John W. Gaines on Andrew...
Dates: 1788-1814

Andrew Jackson McCallie Diary, 1883, and his account book,1860-1868, and Trundles Cross Roads Account Book,1867-1868, kept by Othneil Morton Whittle.

Identifier: MSC 0222
Scope and Contents 1883 diary of Andrew Jackson (A. J.) McCallie (1819-1904), Trundles Cross Roads [Sevier County, Tenn]. 1 vol. (marks and notes in ink were written by Joseph M. McCallie, son of A. J. McCallie); account book of A. J. McCallie, 1860-1868 (living in Bradley County, Tenn.) 1 vol.; Trundles Cross Roads [Sevier County, Tenn.] account book, 1867-1868. According to donor, it was kept by Othneil Morton Whittle (1831-1908). 1 vol.
Dates: 1867-1868; 1883

Andrew Johnson Bicentennial Birthday Commemorated, 2008 (postal cachet). (ephemera)

Identifier: Ephemera 2011.009
Scope and Contents Andrew Johnson Bicentennial Birthday Commemorated. Postal cachet with “From Tailor to President” and image of Andrew Johnson with Anniversary Station Greeneville, Tenn., images on the envelope. December 29, 1808, December 29, 2008. 42 cent stamp. 1 pc. Ephemera.
Dates: 2008

Andrew Johnson document, 1864.

Identifier: MM.1990.007
Scope and Contents Anderson County, Tenn., commission for eight Justices of the Peace. Signed by Governor Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State Edward East. March 6, 1864. DS 1 pc.
Dates: 1864

Andrew Johnson Hotel menu, 1941. (ephemera)

Identifier: Ephemera 2009.004
Scope and Contents Menu from the Andrew Johnson Hotel, Knoxville, Tenn. Tuesday Dinner, February 18, 1941. Printed. 1 pc. Ephemera.
Dates: 1941

Andrew Johnson Hotel menu ‘The Tavern.’ (ephemera)

Identifier: Ephemera 2003.003
Scope and Contents Menu from the Andrew Johnson Hotel, Knoxville, Tennessee. ‘The Tavern.’ Dec. 31, 1959 written in ink on the cover. Front cover has color photograph of the mountains, back cover has 8 color photographs of the hotel int. Menu printed inside (1 c.) with two loose inserts: dinner menu for December 31, 1959 and smaller listing.
Dates: 1959

Andrew Johnson Papers -- Joseph Baccus Gift.

Identifier: MSC 0257
Scope and Contents The Andrew Johnson Papers-Baccus Gift was donated to the McClung Historical Collection in the summer of 1953 by Joseph Baccus. Dr. Baccus' dissertation was The Oratory of Andrew Johnson. The bulk of the collection consists of typed transcriptions of the speeches of Andrew Johnson and other related Andrew Johnson articles and notes. There are several original Andrew Johnson documents dating from 1845-1872; printed speeches and articles; six presidential military appointments, all 1866 (Henry...
Dates: 1845-1875

Andrew Johnson political cartoon ‘Johnson’s Love For the Soldier’ ca. 1866. (ephemera)

Identifier: Ephemera 2000.010
Scope and Contents Printed political cartoon re: Andrew Johnson entitled ‘Johnson’s Love For the Soldier.’ Ca. 1866. Portrays favoritism of African American solders over white soldiers. Back of card is printed with information about paying Black soldiers $300.00 and not having money to pay White soldiers $100.00. Anti-Johnson. 3 x 4.25.” 7 copies.
Dates: circa 1866

Andrew Johnson Portrait. Currier & Ives Lithograph.

Identifier: Ephemera 2014.014
Scope and Contents “Andrew Johnson: Seventeenth President of the United States” Currier & Ives Lithograph (no date)
Dates: 1865-1875

Andrew McClung bond to Samuel McClung, 1811.

Identifier: MM.1996.010
Scope and Contents Bond of Andre McClung, Greenbrier County, Va., to Samuel McClung. October 1, 1811. ADS 1 pc.
Dates: 1811

Andrew McMillan Bank of the State of Tennessee, bond, 1833.

Identifier: MM.1981.035
Scope and Contents January 5, 1833 bond between Andrew McMillan, Hugh A.M. White, Calvin Morgan, William Park and William S. Howell, all of Knox County, Tenn., and the Bank of the State of Tennessee. $100,000 bond for Andrew McMillan as cashier of the Knoxville Branch of the Bank.
Dates: 1833

Andy Hurst; Files on Knoxville area Artists.

Identifier: MSC 0524
Scope and Contents Andy Hurst; Files on Knoxville area Artists. Compiled while he was working on art and frame restoration projects for works by these artists. Also includes some information on works that he did conservation work on.
Dates: 1980-1015

Ann Redmon Collection

Identifier: Artifact 2019.019
Scope and Contents Small artifacts; Charlie Daniels original cartoons of UT football; political ephemera.
Dates: 2000s

Anna Catherine Wiley application to the National Academy of Design, 1925.

Identifier: MM.1987.032
Scope and Contents Anna Catherine Wiley’s application to the National Academy of Design, New York. 7 handwritten sheets. Re: her career as an artist. + transcription of application and 1987 letter of acknowledgment.
Dates: 1925

Anna Gay McClung Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0182
Scope and Contents Collection includes: transcription of a diary of Mary A. Dickinson, kept during a summer trip from Louisiana to Canada, 1859. TS 49 pp.; [Anna Gay McClung] diary. Dec. 10, 1884-June 30, 1886. TS 61 pp.; Anna Gay McClung reminiscences, ca. 1950s. Topics include Ridgefield Plantation, Belair, Live Oaks, Two Old Wedding Dresses, and St. Louis Plantation. Carbon TS + St. Louis Plantation (TS blue copy 5 pp.) + photocopied family chart. Four papers: “Notes on the Desobry Family dictated to Anna Gay...
Dates: 1859-1950