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William Fleming letter, 1785.

Identifier: MM.1981.168
Scope and Contents February 17, 1783, letter from William Fleming, T. Marshall, and Caleb Wallace, Jefferson County (Va. --later in Ky.), to Benjamin Harrison, Governor of Virginia. ALS 2 pp. mounted +typed transcription (4 pp.). Re: business matters, accounts.
Dates: 1785

William G. Brownlow and Andrew Johnson carte de visite photographs

Identifier: PC 0096
Scope and Contents Cartes de visite (CDVs) of William G. Brownlow. 23 pcs. Cartes de visite (CDVs) of Andrew Johnson. 14 pcs.
Dates: 1850-1870

William G. Brownlow and family photographs

Identifier: SPC 2019.076
Scope and Contents Photographs of William G. Brownlow (copy neg. was made 7/2001), Brownlow’s granddaughter and grandson, and family wedding pictures from 1899 (Clarence Benscoter and Lucille Boynton). 3 folders. Photograph of seated Wm. G. Brownlow with right hand in coat was made from a Matthew Brady negative (Brady’s National Portrait Gallery).
Dates: 1899

William G. Brownlow image and quote printed on envelope / cover.

Identifier: MM.2002.020
Scope and Contents One envelope with image of William G. Brownlow and quote from him re: never deserting the Stars & Stripes. Printed in blue ink. Letters at far left edge of quote are missing. 3 cent stamp. Addressed to G. H. Skade(?) in Ohio with another handwritten note across the address dated May 27, 1862, ‘nothing worthy of note except Daniel Kurtz swindling the soldiers out of their money.’
Dates: 1862

William G. Brownlow Inaugural Address, April 1865, and two books.

Identifier: MSC 0396
Scope and Contents Inaugural Address of William G. Brownlow, Governor of Tennessee to the General Assembly, April 1865. Handwritten, leather-bound volume. 1 vol., some water & mold damage. ON DEPOSIT (possible future donation). + 2 books given to McClung Collection (not a deposit): Sketches of the Rise, Progress and Decline of Secession... by W.G. Brownlow, 1862 (duplicate) and Life of Andrew Johnson... by James S. Jones, 1901. Inscribed in front to Jno B. Brownlow from Walter P. Brownlow. (McClung Collection...
Dates: 1862-1865; 1901

William George Taylor Diary, 1864-1865.

Identifier: MM.1994.014
Scope and Contents Civil War diary of William George Taylor (1844-1922), written while a prisoner of war, June 21, 1864 - February 24, 1865, and after his release through May 1865. Copied by Catherine Taylor Miller in 1923. The original belonged to Mrs. Louise K. Taylor Forgey. Photocopy. W. G. Taylor was from Russellville, East Tenn. He served in Co. I, Second Tennessee Cavalry, C. S. A.
Dates: 1864-1865

William H. Crawford letters, 1816.

Identifier: MM.1981.131 a&b
Scope and Contents MM.1981.131 a contains the seven original letters. January 27, May 20, May 24, June 4, June 19 and July 5, 1816, letters from William H. Crawford, Department of War, Washington, D. C., to Major General Andrew Jackson, Nashville, Tenn. ALS 6 letters. April 16, 1816 letter from Wm. H. Crawford, Dept. of War, to General William Cocke, Agent of the Chickasaw Nation. ALS 1 p. MM.1981.131 b contains two sets of transcriptions of the letters. Re: removal of intruders on Indian lands; boundary...
Dates: 1816

William Hawkins certification, 1812.

Identifier: MM.1981.205
Scope and Contents February 28, 1812, certification by William Hawkins, Governor of North Carolina, that William Hill was Secretary of State and authorized to grant certificates. DS/ printed form filled in by hand (PFA). 1 pc.
Dates: 1812

William Hawn (1834-1888) Papers., ca. 1847-ca. 1953. (Gift of Burrell Hawn).

Identifier: MSC 0699
Scope and Contents Correspondence of William Hawn (1834-1888) family, Knox County, Tenn. Papers cover the years ca. 1847-ca. 1953. Includes parents of William Hawn, Jacob and Elizabeth Hawn; and brothers Michael, John, Andrew (A.L. ) , and Joseph Hawn. Subjects include Civil War era papers with William, John and Michael fighting with the Union Army (Co. E, 13th Indiana Cavalry) and A.L. in the Confederate Army (Co. B, 3rd Tennessee Cavalry). Includes letters to and from home, paperwork, receipts, books,...
Dates: circa 1847-1953

William Hunt vs. William H. Tibbs et al. Bradley County, Tenn. 1865.

Identifier: MM.1997.059
Scope and Contents William Hunt vs. William H. Tibbs, Elija F. Johnston (Elijah F. Johnson), and James W. Gillespie. 1865. Bradley County, Tenn. Exhibit A. Transcript of Record. AD 24 pp.
Dates: 1865

William Hurst Dunn (1849-1920) and Dorothea Catherine Snider Dunn (1850-1927) (framed crayon art portraits) (Gift of Durwood C. Dunn).

Identifier: Artifact 2014.008
Scope and Contents William Hurst Dunn (1849-1920) and Dorothea Catherine Snider Dunn (1850-1927) Framed crayon art portraits.
Dates: ca. 1900

William J. McCoy, photographer (glass plate negatives)

Identifier: PC 0081
Scope and Contents In envelopes labeled with date and subject, if known; McCoy Photography glass plate negatives
Dates: 1910s-1920s

William J. Oliver Collection. (scrapbooks)

Identifier: PAS 0037
Scope and Contents Materials on the William J. Oliver family and business, especially re: William J. Oliver. Scrapbooks of newspapers clippings include: Oliver family; Panama Canal contracts; Appalachian Exposition; Theodore Roosevelt signature (on March 1, 1912 ‘The Lookout’ letterhead); Oliver business activities. The scrapbooks about the Panama Canal contracts were compiled by Dr. J. R. L. Hardesty and presented to William J. Oliver in 1907.
Dates: 1907-1912

William. J. Oliver, President Appalachian Exposition

Identifier: QSPC 2002.002
Scope and Contents Wm. J. Oliver, President Appalachian Exposition. Oval portrait, B&W. 6x8”, matted and mounted. By Knaffl & Bro. Knoxville, Tenn.
Dates: 1910

William John Clark deed, Knox County, Tenn., 1831.

Identifier: MM.1981.109
Scope and Contents October 5, 1831 deed between William John Clark and James Clark, both of Knox County, Tenn., for land in Knox County. ADS 3 pp.
Dates: 1831

[William King] letter to Margaret King. November 4, 1842.

Identifier: MM.2000.037
Scope and Contents Letter from “Chi Delta” or “Will” (identified by seller as William King), Knoxville, Tenn., to “Cousin Marg (Margaret King, Sapling Grove, Va.(?)). November 4, 1842. ALS 3 pp. (1 pc.). Re: dinner at the Castle; death of Mrs. Preston; seeing the Bishop in Abingdon; Lynn’s beau; good preaching at Synod; his Society at college; Knoxville; Academy girls
Dates: 1842

William M. Churchwell correspondence, 1860-1862.

Identifier: MM.2012.001
Scope and Contents William Montgomery Churchwell (1826-1862), Washington, D.C. and New York, correspondence to J. F. Deaderick, Jonesboro, Tenn. March 10, 1860-January 24, 1862. Re: sale of property in Sullivan County, Tenn. ALS 16 letters + 4 envelopes (no stamps) + 2 balance sheets re: lands. October 26, 1860, letter mentions “Lincoln is sure to be elected” and “his Administration will be eminently conservative, but the more dangerous for the south, as it will lull them to sleep before the next Republican...
Dates: 1860-1862

William Murphy land grant, Washington County, Tenn., 1782, and Greene County, Tenn. deeds. Gift of Geraldine H. Murphy.

Identifier: Ephemera 2019.017
Scope and Contents William Murphy land grant, Washington County, Tenn. 1782 (with seal of North Carolina) + Greene County, Tenn., deeds, 19th & 20th century + land grants from Greene and Hawkins Counties, Tenn.
Dates: 1782, 19th & 20th century

William N. Swift Civil War diary, May 1862-February 1863. Co. G, 34th Regt., Georgia Vol. Inf., C. S. A. (Photocopy of typescript).

Identifier: MM.1976.001
Scope and Contents William N. Swift Civil War diary, May 1862-February 1863. Co. G, 34th Regt., Ga Vol. Inf., CSA. Photocopy of typescript 25 pp.
Dates: 1862-1863

William P. Carter and John Roper family papers. Jefferson County, Tenn. 1830s.

Identifier: MM.1972.002
Scope and Contents Papers of the William P. Carter and John Roper families, Jefferson County, Tenn., 1830s. 10 pcs. Includes deeds and letters.
Dates: 1830-1840

William Park Baker Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0285
Scope and Contents Personal, business and financial papers of William Park Baker of Knoxville, Tenn., and Laurel, Ky. Papers date from 1860-1904. His business in Knoxville was Baker & Stephenson; in Ky he served as postmaster of London, Ky. He married Anna (Anne) Brown of Lancaster, Ky. Correspondence is primarily between Baker, Brown, and Moses family members. Business papers include Baker & Stephenson, postmaster forms; and M. E. Church records for London, Ky.
Dates: 1860-1904

William Read land grant, Green County Tenn., 1787.

Identifier: MM.1981.096
Scope and Contents September 20, 1787, North Carolina land grant No. 349 to William Read for 400 acres in Green County. AD / pfa 1 pc. Signed on the back by Governor R. C. Caswell.
Dates: 1787

William Richard Caswell Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0018
Scope and Contents Papers of William Richard Caswell (1809-1862), a lawyer, military officer, and director of the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad. He was the son of Richard William and Sarah Lytle Caswell of North Carolina, and was the great-grandson of the first governor of North Carolina, Richard Caswell. He married Elizabeth Carter Gillespie, a descendant of Landon Carter and Col. John Carter. William Richard Caswell lived in Knox County, Tenn, and was politically active, served as an officer of the...
Dates: 1805-1900

William Rufus (Bud) Bowman farm, business & personal journals, 1932-34, 1938-40. Roane County, Tenn.

Identifier: MSC 0308
Scope and Contents William Rufus (Bud) Bowman farm, business & personal journals, 1932-34, 1938-40. Roane County, Tenn. Photocopies. Two spiral bound volumes.
Dates: 1932-1940

William Rule letter to James Tarwater, November 1863.

Identifier: MM.2016.009
Scope and Contents Letter from William Rule, Camp Blythes Ferry, to his uncle James Tarwater, Nov. 1863. Discusses at length the future government of Tennessee when it re-entered the Union and how to deal with the former rebels. William Rule (1839-1928) of Knox County served in Co. A, 6th Tenn. Cavalry (USA), His rank on mustering out was 1st Lt. Adj. Rule was the long-time editor of the Knoxville Journal (1885-1928). ALS, 6 pages. Mentions the importance of the Chattanooga area, Gen. Burnside, the railroad...
Dates: 1863

William Rule military commission signed by Andrew Johnson, Military Governor of T Tenn.

Identifier: Artifact 2019.020
Scope and Contents William Rule military commission signed by Andrew Johnson, Military Governor of Tenn. November 28, 1863. Framed, ca. 20 x 17.5” framed.
Dates: 1863

William Rule Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0008
Scope and Contents Papers of William Rule(1839-1928), a newspaper editor, mayor of Knoxville (1873, 1898), and postmaster (1873, 1877) in Knoxville, Tenn. Born in Knox County, Tenn. Married Lucy Anne Maxey in 1858. Worked with William G. Brownlow on Knoxville Whig. Served in Sixth Tennessee Volunteer Regiment, Union Army, 1862-1865. Published Republican newspaper, the Knoxville Chronicle. Founded the Knoxville Journal in 1885, which merged with the Tribune in 1888 to become the Journal and Tribune. Rule was...
Dates: 1860-1927

William S. Brown Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0336
Scope and Contents 15 folders in one box. Includes 4 original U.S. Patents: William S. Brown, K. W. Dennis, O. B. Keister. Letters Patent. Injectors. May 29, 1928. #1671851. In cover with seal.; William S. Brown, E. L. Keister, K. W. Dennis. Letters Patent. Power Reverse Mechanism for Locomotives. November 12, 1929. #1735727. In cover with seal.; William Sherman Brown, K. W. Dennis, O. B. Keister. Letters Patent. Valve Gears. July 8, 1930. # 1770296. In cover with seal.; William S. Brown. Letters Patent. Power...
Dates: 1927-1944

William S. McEwen correspondence, 1830-1875.

Identifier: MM.2017.019
Scope and Contents Correspondence to and from William S. McEwen, Kingston, Tenn. June 24, 1830; June 6, 1840 (in pieces); June 15, 1842; Dec. 6, 1842; Dec. 6, 1842 (partial); March 4, 1844; March 18, 1844; April 24, 1844; July 12, 1955; Oct. 29, 1856 (partial); May 28, 1860; Jan. 9, 1862 (Rachel and her children); July 31, 1862; to Jno. F. McEwen, Sept. 8, `875, from Henry Wiley? Coal Creek M& M Co. 14 items.
Dates: 1830-1875

William Stanhope Foster Papers, 1803, 1818-1839.

Identifier: MSC 0686
Scope and Contents The papers of William Stanhope Foster include: personal and military correspondence, 1818, 1820-21, 1825-26, 1831-1839; letter books of the United State Army, 4th Infantry Regiment, 1828-1838; military operations journals of the 4th Infantry Regiment, 1837-1838; Army and Navy Chronicle , 1837 (complete), 1838-1839 (sporadic); maps related to the Florida Campaign (Seminole War, second) and Cherokee Removal; survey notice, 1803; slave manifest, 1836; miscellaneous military documents, 1825,...
Dates: 1803, 1818-1839