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Bearden Press Enterprise. (Formerly West Side Story), 1991-1992 (Newspapers)

Identifier: NWP 0057
Scope and Contents Bearden Press Enterprise. (Formerly West Side Story), 1991-1992
Dates: 1991-1992

Bearden School

Identifier: QSPC 2004.002
Scope and Contents 1. 8x10” sepia print of [school] children and adults outside brick building. No ID. Taken by Porter A. M. Feathers, Traveling Artist, Whitesburg, Tenn. Mounted on 11x14” board. 2. 8x10” sepia print of [school] children and adults outside wooden building. No ID. Mounted on 11x14” board.
Dates: 1920s

Beauford Delaney Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0577
Scope and Contents Box 1: Correspondence, 1958-1971, 1988 + drawings & text re: numbers in French. 6 folders. + copies of scans of the material. Box 2: 23 used paintbrushes and pencils. Note from relative that they were in a French pitcher from PP? Believed to have belonged to and been used by artist Beauford Delaney.
Dates: 1956-1988

Beaumont School

Identifier: SPC 1997.027
Scope and Contents Beaumont School, Knoxville, Tenn. Ext. 8 x 10” B&W
Dates: undated

Beaver Ridge Church and Cemetery.

Identifier: Ephemera 2019.106
Scope and Contents Beaver Ridge Church and Cemetery. (color print card) of original artwork by Barbara Clinton Quinn
Dates: undated

Beck Cultural Exchange Center. Exhibit: “The Lives and Times of James & Ethel Beck” October 3, 2013.

Identifier: MM.2013.032
Scope and Contents Beck Cultural Exchange Center. Exhibit: “The Lives and Times of James & Ethel Beck” October 3, 2013 invitation and program .
Dates: 2013

Bedford County (Tenn.) petition re: selling school tract, 1843.

Identifier: MM.1985.016
Scope and Contents Bedford County (Tenn.) petition to Tennessee General Assembly re: selling school tract of land. October 27, 1843. Includes signatures. 1 pc.
Dates: 1843

Behind the Serpentine Wall: The Story of Historic Westwood, and of the family that Built it, and the Four Homes around it.

Identifier: Ephemera 2017.005
Scope and Contents Behind the Serpentine Wall: The Story of Historic Westwood, and of the family that Built it, and the Four Homes around it. (Knox Heritage publication)
Dates: 2017

Beidleman Mill

Identifier: SPC 2010.003
Scope and Contents Copy photograph of Beidleman Mill, Sullivan County, Tenn.. Burned ca. 1965.
Dates: undated

Bell House School

Identifier: SPC 1997.028
Scope and Contents Bell House School, Knoxville, Tenn. Interior and exterior, children dancing in schoolyard to phonograph. Includes 1 mounted sepia photograph of painting of the school by Lloyd Freeman , 1911 (corner of mounting broken). approx. 8 x10” B&W
Dates: 1910s

Bell Laundry Pamphlet

Identifier: Ephemera 2020.001
Scope and Contents Pamphlet advertising Bell Laundry. The laundry was in business in Knoxville 1906-1928.
Dates: 1906 - 1928

Belle Boyd Collection.

Identifier: MM.2003.007
Scope and Contents Original items removed in 2003 from the McClung Collection subject vertical file on Belle Boyd. Includes: Letter of Mrs. Sue Boyd Barton, “The Vendome,” Knoxville, to Miss Mary Nelson. March 11, 1932. TS 2 pp. Re: Belle Boyd staying with her family; ‘The Intrepid Belle Boyd’ a play by Mr. & Mrs. Reece K. Acuff. TS 23 pp.; ‘Will Erect Memorial to Belle Boyd’ carbon TS of article. 9 pp.; excerpts from The War of the Rebellion re: Belle Boyd. TS 3 pp.; typed notes, 2 pp.; The Southern...
Dates: 1862-1952

Bellview School Record of Examination, 1889-90.

Identifier: QMM.2016.001
Scope and Contents Record of Examination, Higher department, Bellview School, Knox County, Tennessee. Term of 1889-90. Lists name, age, grade, subjects and grades, remarks, etc. Signed by D. A. Shields, Teacher, February 1890.
Dates: 1889-1890

Ben Hart letter to Miss P. A. Love, no date.

Identifier: MM.nd.031
Scope and Contents Letter from Ben Hart to cousin Miss P. A. Love, Washington, D. C. No date (19th century). ALS 1 p. Re: why hasn’t she written.
Dates: nineteenth century

Benevolent Order of the State of Tennessee, Auxiliary 240, Sparta, Tenn.

Identifier: MSC 0632
Scope and Contents Benevolent Order of the State of Tennessee, Auxiliary 240, Sparta, Tenn. The collection contains meetings minutes and treasurer receipts. The purpose of the association was to provide medical assistance and burial expenses for members.
Dates: 1922-1932

Benjamin Bayless McCroskey journal, Cumberland University, 1868-1871) (Gift of Hope K. McCroskey).

Identifier: MM.2000.034
Scope and Contents Journal kept by B. B. McCroskey (identified by donor as Benjamin Bayless McCroskey) at Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn., 1868-1871. 1 vol. Contains notes on speeches, fellow students, the class of 1871, etc. Later writings and clippings added by Benjamin Barratt McCroskey, ca. 1918. Re: Spanish-American War. Also: photocopy of sergeant’s appointment to Benjamin B. McCroskey, 15th Cavalry, January 1, 1904.
Dates: 1868-1871

Benjamin Brewer correspondence, 1829, 1840.

Identifier: MM.nd.010
Scope and Contents August 17, 1829, letter from B. Brewer to brother Samuel in Greeneville. ALS 1 p. Mentions scarcity of iron and using castings as payment. January 18, 1840, letter from Benjamin Brewer, Elizabethton, to his brother Samuel in Greeneville. ALS 2 pp. Mentions hard financial times. Swatch of red & blue plaid fabric (about 2x3”) from a dress made in 1860 for Margaret Moore Garrison Rankin by her mother Frances Brewer Garrison.
Dates: 1829, 1840

Benjamin Hawkins letters, 1785-1800.

Identifier: MM.1981.204
Scope and Contents September 22, 1785, letter from Benjamin Hawkins, Charleston, to Governor Elbert. ALS 3 pp. Re: delay in holding treaties, business with the Creeks. July 18, 1800, letter from Benjamin Hawkins, Fort Wilkinson, to James Jackson, Governor of Georgia. ALS 3 pp. Re: surrender of the fort St. Marks(?) to Bowles and attempt to retake it.
Dates: 1785-1800

Benjamin McNutt - Thomas Rodgers bill of sale, 1829.

Identifier: MM.2017.012
Scope and Contents Benjamin McNutt to Thomas Rodgers, both of Knox County, Tenn., bill of sale for one negro man named Philip. April 10, 1829. ADS 1 pc.
Dates: 1829

Bent Creek Store Ledgers.

Identifier: MSC 0033
Scope and Contents Bent Creek Store day book, May 1796-Sept. 1797 + smaller pages sewn in the back dating Sept. 19, 1797-June 5, 1800, Oct. 29, 1803, July 22, 1804. Store operated by Patrick Nenney and Hugh Graham in present day Hamblen Co., Tenn. 1 vol. + (Bent Creek Store) Ledger Book D. 1818. 1 vol. (many pages missing). + typescript of reminiscences and family traditions by descendant of Bent Creek Store owners, Antoinette Miller Taylor. April 21, 1943. 71 pp. (some gaps). Photocopy.
Dates: 1796-1818

Benton McMillan, Nashville, Tenn., letter to Robert E. Burke, 1899.

Identifier: MM.2017.010
Scope and Contents December 18, 1899, typed letter from Benton, McMillan, State of Tennessee Executive Chamber, Nashville, to Robert E. Burke. Re: speaking at a banquet. TS 1 p.
Dates: 1899

Bernice Stiles material.

Identifier: MM.2016.006
Scope and Contents Bernice Stiles (May 6, 1905-April 26, 1997) material. Donated by her friend Edith L. Embrey from material found in Bernice Stiles’ apartment after her death. Ms. Stiles had no family left. MM.2016.006 a: Dec. 6, 1896, letter from S. G. Gilreath, State Superintendent, Department of Public Instruction, Nashville, Tenn., to ‘My dear Tom; (C. T. Stiles), Wilson Station, Tenn. ALS 1 p. Mentions Stiles’ good character, urges him to finish college. Also: CDV of Lillie Miller Stiles, taken by W. F.?...
Dates: 1890-1900

Berry Funeral Home Records, 1937-1948, and Weaver, Salling, Mikels Funeral Home records, 1922-1928.

Identifier: MSC 0034
Scope and Contents Records from Berry Funeral Home in Knoxville, Tenn., transcribed by Ed Berry. 1937-1948. 6 volumes with typed index for each volume. Photocopies. And records from Weaver, Salling, Mikels Funeral Home, 1922-1928, transcribed by Ed Berry. Photocopies.
Dates: 1922-1948

Berry Morticians, Knoxville, Tenn., fans. (ephemera)

Identifier: Ephemera 2005.003
Scope and Contents Three folding fans (two with floral theme, one with The Last Supper), all from Berry Morticians, Knoxville, Tenn. No date (ca. 1950s). Three-piece paper construction, owned by Mrs. John Cannon White (Edith Evelyn White, 1881-1956, who was the donor’s maternal grandmother and a neighbor of the Berry family in the Mount Olive Community)
Dates: 1950-1960

Berry Papers (Genealogy).

Identifier: MSC 0635
Scope and Contents Genealogical research of Mr. C. C. Berry, Dyer, Tenn. Includes correspondence with genealogist Mary Hoss Headman
Dates: 1930s

Bert Garner letters; biography of Bert Garner by H. C. Brinegar.

Identifier: MM.2014.017
Scope and Contents Letters are all in Bert Garner’s hand, written from Paradise, Maryville, Tenn., undated or various dates, 1952, 1963, 1967, 1969. All letters to Lloyd Shue, Walland, Tenn.
Dates: 1952-1969

Bert Thompson Collection (genealogy).

Identifier: MSC 0877
Scope and Contents Genealogical information on numerous families, collected by Bert Thompson. Sheets are arranged alphabetically by surname in a notebook. The research includes the following surnames: ALDEN, ANDREWS, BALDEWYN, BALDWIN, BARNES, BARRON, BEMIS, BISHOP, BLISS, BLOTT, BOYD, BUCKINGHAM, BURNAP, CHAPMAN, CLARK, DIMOND, EDWARDS, ELY, FORD, FRENCH, GALLOP (GALLUP), GARRITY, GIBSON, GRENELLE, GRINNELL, GRISWOLD, HANAFEE, HAVELY, HICKS, HODGES, HOSMER, JACK, KIRTLAND, LAKE, LAWRENCE, LEONARD, LIONG,...
Dates: undated

Bert Vincent “Strolling” Scrapbook.

Identifier: PAS 0032
Scope and Contents Scrapbooks of Bert Vincent’s newspaper column “Strolling,” clipped without dates. Bert Vincent (1896-1974) was a regular newspaper columnist with the Knoxville News Sentinel from 1929 until his death.
Dates: undated

Bethel Cemetery, Kingston, Tenn., Southwest Point, DAR.

Identifier: MM.2018.011
Scope and Contents Bethel Cemetery (Kingston, Tenn.) Southwest Point D.A.R. historic preservation project.
Dates: undated

Bethlehem Baptist Church Minutes. 1858-1901.

Identifier: MM.2005.007
Scope and Contents Bethlehem Baptist Church Minutes. 1858-1901. The full name of the church is given only on an interior page. It appears to be in Monroe County, Tenn.
Dates: 1858-1901