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Ellen Renshaw House Fletcher Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0574
Scope and Contents Ellen Renshaw House Fletcher (1843-1907) kept the Civil War diary in Knoxville which was published as “A Very Violent Rebel.” After the war Ellen married James William Fletcher, and the family remained in Knoxville, Tennessee. She and her family are buried in Old Gray Cemetery. The collection includes photographs, small artifacts, and a few documents mostly from the postwar years.
Dates: 1850-1923

Ellen Renshaw House Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0504
Scope and Contents Civil War diaries of Ellen Renshaw House (1843-1907), documenting life in Knoxville after Union occupation of the city. The diaries begin in 1863 with sporadic entries until the Union army under General Burnside arrived in September and continue regularly until Ellen was ordered to leave Knoxville Sept. 1, 1864. The diary resumes in 1865 and runs through the end of the year. 5 volumes. 1864 pocket diary (limited entries) Knoxville Guards 1859, Minutes Oct. 1860- April , 1861 -- in folder 5 with...
Dates: 1859-1866

Ellen W. White diary, 1860-1865.

Identifier: MM.1994.007
Scope and Contents MM.1994.007 a: Diary of Ellen W. White (Eleanor Wilson White, 1842-1889), 1860-1865. (original bound volume). MM.1994.007 b: Diary of Ellen W. White (Eleanor Wilson White, 1842-1889), 1860-1865. (photocopy). Diary of Ellen W. White (Eleanor Wilson White) (1842-1889), Knoxville, Tenn. Mentions family matters; birth of niece May Lawson McGhee (p. 7); McGhee plantation ‘Tuskeegee’; Second Presbyterian Church (p. 16); Uncle Thomas Humes (pp. 44-45 and other); Civil War (p. 42 and after). The first...
Dates: 1860-1865

“Ex Confederate Reunion” Decatur Tenn.

Identifier: QSPC 2000.001
Scope and Contents “Ex Confederate Reunion” Decatur Tennessee Sept. 27, 1893. Group photograph with men holding flags in background, seated men with musical instruments in foreground. Taken by A.M. Tomlinson, Photographer. Athens, Tenn. 9.5x7.25” image on matte board. Damaged: stained, faded. Also, identified by seller as from same day (background building is the same): group picture with men, some women and children, U.S. flag and 26th Tennessee flag. 8x5” on backing. Faded.
Dates: 1893

Fannie E. Strong correspondence, ca. 1860s; Bank of East Tennessee currency.

Identifier: MM.1979.040
Scope and Contents Original letter by Mrs. Benjamin Rush Strong (Frances E. Danner) written from Knoxville, ca. 1861-1865. + transcription. April 5, 1864 note to Mrs. Strong from Lt. Gratz, Knoxville, re: departure into Rebel lines. Obituary of Joseph Churchill Strong, M.D. Transcribed from Knoxville Register, November 5, 1844 (tape on back). Bank of East Tennessee, Knoxville. $3.00 bill for 1852, 1854, 1855. 3 pcs. (some torn; tape damage).
Dates: 1840s-1860s

Father Abram Ryan’s original manuscript of the poem “The Conquered Banner.” Gift of Mrs. Samuel H. Keener.

Identifier: MM.1976.010
Scope and Contents Original manuscript of the Civil War poem “The Conquered Banner” by Father Abram Ryan + 1867 letter from Ryan to Mrs. Ricardi. ALS 2 pp. Also, photocopies 1960s letters from Edward A. Egan to Mrs. J.C. Burke re: biography of Father Ryan.
Dates: 1866-1867

Fifth annual reunion of the Knox County Union Soldiers’ Association

Identifier: SPC 2014.019
Scope and Contents Original photographic print (sepia) (about 6.75” x 4.5”) on cardboard backing (9” x 7”). 1 pc. ID from a copy of this photograph (200-134-012) identifies the picture as Eighty-five Union veterans of the Civil War at the fifth annual reunion of the Knox County Union Soldiers’ Association, Fountain City Park, September 9, 1909.
Dates: 1909

First Presbyterian Church of Knoxville. Correspondence, 1864-1866.

Identifier: MM.1981.107
Scope and Contents First Presbyterian Church of Knoxville. Correspondence, 1864-1866. 1864-1866 copies of correspondence between leaders of the First Presbyterian Church of Knoxville (including George M. White, D. A. Deaderick, W. S. Kennedy and J. S. King) and Federal Military officers. Re: damage to and possession of the church building and graveyard, building being used as a colored school.
Dates: 1864-1866

Fleming and Taylor Family Collection.( Robert Cofer gift)

Identifier: MSC 0417
Scope and Contents The Fleming and Taylor papers include the personal papers of three generations of both families. The bulk of the collection consists of items related to the medical practices of Robert N. Fleming (1811- 1900) of North Carolina and Henry F. Taylor (born in 1880 in Polk County, Tenn; died in 1953 in Calhoun, Tenn). Other items of interest in this collection are from J. F. Taylor’s (1841-1917, Benton, Tenn.) service in the 4th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry Volunteers during the Civil War, and the...
Dates: 1849-1973

Fort Pickering.

Identifier: MM.2018.006
Scope and Contents Extract from the Report on Inspection of Fort Pickering, Memphis, Tennessee. Dec. 7, 1864. Col. H. Lieb, 5th U.S. Heavy Artillery Col’d. ADS 5 pp. (2 pcs.)
Dates: 1864

Fort Sanders, Knoxville. Civil War Stereograph, War for the Union. (photographs, stereographs) (incorrectly identified as Fort Saners)

Identifier: SV 2003.001
Scope and Contents SV 2003.001.001: The War for the Union series, 1861-1865. Fort Sanders, Knoxville, exterior view, s6006. Stereograph. 1 pc. John C. Taylor, Hartford, Conn. ca 1890. This stereograph is actually of a fort on the coast of South Carolina. There were photos in the National Archives that identified this fort with Fort Sanders. The photographer who took the photo was the same fellow who photographed Fort Sanders, possibly explaining the mix-up.
Dates: 1860s

Frank A. Moses Civil War pardon. November 1865.

Identifier: MM.nd.047
Scope and Contents November 1865 pardon granted to Frank A. Moses, Knox County, Tenn. Signed by William Seward. DS 2 pp. (oversize printed form).
Dates: 1865

Frank Walter Taylor Collection (1800-1868).

Identifier: MSC 0186
Scope and Contents Miscellaneous Jefferson County, Tenn., deeds, letters, documents, etc. 1800-1868. Collection includes two items re: sale of slaves (Sept. 9, 1820 and Jan. 1834); letter from Elijah Embree (Jan. 30, 1843(?)); Civil War claim of Nancy Rayl for horse taken by Captain Armstrong, 9th Tennessee Cavalry; letter from D. A. Deaderick (July 26, 1868) ; among the names and subjects found in the collection are: Martha Inman, Shadrack Inman, Ezekiel Inman, Joseph Hamilton, John Roper, Joseph Roper, Francis...
Dates: 1800-1868

Fred Collins letters, 1861-1864.

Identifier: MM.1994.013 a&b
Scope and Contents MM.1994.013 a: Letters of Fred Collins, written from various places, to Lettie. 1861-1864. Re: relief for East Tennessee. 9 letters. ALS MM.1994.013 b: transcriptions of letters supplied by seller, plus misc. photocopies supplied by seller.
Dates: 1861-1864

G. A. R. reunion speech, Jones Cove, Sevier County, Tenn. Ca. 1900.

Identifier: MM.2002.003
Scope and Contents G. A. R. reunion speech at Jones Coves, Sevier County, Tenn. Ca. 1900. Unsigned. AD 4 pp. (1 pc.). Mentions the Highlands of Sevier County have always been loyal to the Union, mentions number of Civil War soldiers and battles in Tenn.
Dates: ca, 1900

G. A. Sperry letter to Joseph Mabry, 1864.

Identifier: MM.1996.023
Scope and Contents Letter from J. A. Sperry, Military Prison, to Gen. Joseph Mabry, Knoxville. Dec. 30, 1864. ALS 2 pp. (pencil). Mentions his arrest; the burning of his office, clothes, and books; not being able to change the clothes he was arrested in; asks Mabry and C. Powell for money for clothing and “such comfort as the officers of the prison will permit.” Sperry was the editor of the Knoxville Register.
Dates: 1864

G[anum] Vineyard letter to wife. January 4, 1863 (Gift of Elaine Davis and Joe Urso). (Civil War).

Identifier: MM.2000.004
Scope and Contents Letter from G. [Ganum] Vineyard , postmarked Shelbyville, Tenn., to his wife Nancy Vineyard, Tampico P. B., Grainger County, Tenn. January 4, 1863. ALS 1 pc. (3 pp.). Re: Battle of Murfreesboro on Stone River; details of battle conditions; heard the Yanks destroyed the salt works and burned Loudon bridge; not getting letters from her; names people who should write to him, etc.
Dates: 1863

General J. G. Foster letter to Lt. General James Longstreet, January 7, 1864; and to Mrs. Amos Brinney, February 24, 1864. (Civil War)

Identifier: MM.1998.001
Scope and Contents Letter from Maj. Gen. Cmdg. J. G. Foster, Headquarters, Department of the Ohio, Knoxville, E.T., to Lieut. James Longstreet, Comdg. Confederate Forces in East Tennessee. January 7, 1864. ALS 2 pp. (1 pc.) Re: Lincoln’s broadside re: amnesty to Confederate soldiers who desert to the Union. Rare letter from a Union general to a Confederate General. + J.G. Foster, Balt., Md., to Mrs. Amos Brinney. February 24, 1864. ALS 1 p. Re: complying with her request for a copy of his January 7 letter to...
Dates: 1864

George F. Moore letter, 1863.

Identifier: MM.1993.019
Scope and Contents Letter from George F. Moore, Knoxville, Tenn., to his mother. December 6, 1863. Describes what he saw as a Union soldier (from Pennsylvania) in Knoxville. Describes Battle of Knoxville, conditions. 4 pp. Typed transcription.
Dates: 1863

George Lewis Janney Civil War letters (Gift of Edward W. Wolford).

Identifier: MM.2011.017
Scope and Contents George Lewis Janney (August 16, 1841-June 18, 1915) Civil War letters. August 23, 1861-June 16, 1865. Written by George Lewis Janney, Indiana 36th Regiment, to friends and family. He was from Wheeling, Delaware County, Indiana. Written from Richmond; Camp Wayne; Camp Wickliff; University Hospital, Nashville, Tenn.; Camp 36th Ind. Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Camp 36th Ind., Georgia; Hospital No. 5, Nashville, Tenn.; Camp 36th Ind. near Atlanta, Ga.; Camp Cripple Creek, Tenn. December 18, 1864, has...
Dates: 1861-1864

George Lewis Welcker Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0013
Scope and Contents Papers of George Lewis Welcker (1892-1965), son of James Henry and Dixie Welcker, and grandson of Charles Freeling and Caroline Mitchell Welcker. Papers include: correspondence between Welcker family members; business correspondence; Capt. J. H. Welcker, Kingston, Tenn., correspondence with Tennessee River Iron Ore and Railway Company of Chattanooga and the East Tennessee Mining Company of Harriman, Tenn., 1887-1892; genealogical correspondence and material, 1912-1930, which belonged to Dixie...
Dates: 1836-1963

George W. and John J. Graham Papers, 1864-1949.

Identifier: MSC 0300
Scope and Contents The collection includes Civil War discharge papers and related pension claims of George W. Graham of Campbell County, Tenn., and papers of his son John J. Graham and his career with the United States Post Office. The papers range in date from 1864 to 1949. Included in the collection: 1864 discharge document of George Graham, 1st Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Infantry; 1890 letter from Chancellor Henry R. Gibson to John J. Graham; correspondence, appointments and promotions of John J. Graham with...
Dates: 1864-1949

George W. Diggs Civil War discharge and pension papers) (Gift of Clarence Wells).

Identifier: MM.nd.017
Scope and Contents Civil War papers of George W. Diggs (born near Wheat, Tenn.). Includes: September 17, 1864 discharge papers; May 3, 1884 invalid pension certificate; October 3, 1908 widow with minors certificate; March 7, 1904 log contract.
Dates: 1860s-1900s

George Washington Cook Civil War letters to wife Sarah Mills Cook, 1862-1865. Co. F, 1st Tennessee Cavalry, U. S. Army. (Gift of Timothy K. Humpal).

Identifier: MM.2002.011
Scope and Contents MM.2002.011a George Washington Cook Civil War letters to wife Sarah Mills Cook, 1862-1865. Co. F, 1st Tennessee Cavalry, U. S. Army. Letters written from Camp Cumberland, Chattanooga, Graysville, Ga., Camp Smith, Nashville, near Franklin, Edgefield, Tenn., and Waterloo, Ala. Written to Mrs. Sarah Cook at New Market or Knoxville, Tenn. 10 letters (one on stationery printed with words to the Star-Spangled Banner) + 9 envelopes (no stamps). Also includes one sheets of Mills family information...
Dates: 1862-1865

Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Dept. of Tennessee. Roster.

Identifier: MSC 0250
Scope and Contents Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Dept. of Tennessee. Roster Records consist of two extremely oversize volumes listing the members of the posts in Tennessee
Dates: 1883-1897

Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.), Ed Maynard Post No. 14, Department of Tennessee, Memorial Sabbath Service Program, May 24, 1891. (ephemera)

Identifier: Ephemera 2010.012
Scope and Contents Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.), Ed Maynard Post No. 14, Department of Tennessee, Memorial Sabbath Service Program, May 24, 1891. First M.E. Church, Knoxville, Tenn. Color images on front and back. Front cover has soldier in Union uniform holding a U.S. flag and ‘1861’. 1 pc. Ephemera. (1 piece of tape on inside of program).
Dates: 1891

Greene County, Tennessee Civil War Documents.

Identifier: MM.1850.001
Scope and Contents Greene Co. Tenn. Civil War Documents East Tennessee relating to Greene County during the Civil War. 1st grouping – includes a 1866 listing of Union soldiers applying for a certificate of disability in East Tennessee. Included in the description is the type of wound or malady, where they were discharged, and occasionally the battle where the injury occurred. An example entry, "May 7th 1866 – Capt. David Fry – Co. F 2nd Tenn. Regt Mounted Inft – Discharged Annapolis Md 27th March 1865 – disease...
Dates: 1851-1878

Hall and Stakely Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0017
Scope and Contents Papers of the Hall and Stakely families. William Maulsby Stakely (1804-1898), born in Hawkins County, Tenn, married Sarah Smith (1811-1857) in 1828. They lived in Madisonville, Monroe County, Tenn. He was a postmaster and merchant. Moved to Union Springs, Ala, in 1863. Two of the Stakely daughter married two Hall cousins. Martha Stakely married Judge Elijah T. Hall of Knoxville in 1860. Caroline Stakely married James Spears Hall in 1874. James Hall ran a general store in Knoxville, which became...
Dates: 1825-1952

Hall family genealogy by Caroline S. Hall.

Identifier: MM.1993.005
Scope and Contents Hall family genealogy by Caroline S. Hall, 1906. 69 pp. TS Photocopy. Handwritten account of men from Knox County, Tenn., going to Kentucky to join the Union Army in 1862. 1937 handwritten copy by Fannie Hall Beam. 2 pp. Photocopy. August 1863 letter from T. J. Larue (?), Stanford, Ky., to parents. ALS 1 p. Photocopy. 8x10” B&W copy photographs-- ca. 1878 view of Knoxville.
Dates: 1862-1906

Hamilton (John F. Hamilton letters, 1862).

Identifier: MM.1990.002
Scope and Contents Photocopies of letters written by John F. Hamilton, Hillard’s Legion, CSA, to wife E. R. Hamilton. Includes some transcriptions of the letters. Letters written from Montgomery, Ala.; Atlanta, Ga.; Clinton & Knoxville, Tenn. Ten letters dating from June 3 - October 5, 1862. Hamilton died in Knoxville and is buried in Bethel (Confederate) Cemetery.
Dates: 1862