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Martin Condon

Identifier: SPC 2003.009
Scope and Contents Framed photograph of Martin Condon (1858-1940), first Catholic Mayor of Knoxville, Tenn (1888-1890). Image area 3 x 7”; framed size 6 x 10” 1 pc.
Dates: undated

May Justus Papers.

Identifier: MM.2002.010
Scope and Contents May Justus Papers. Collection includes: photographic portrait of May Justus (3x4” sepia); ‘The Author’ biographical sketch of May Justus (printed), 1 pc.; correspondence, n.d., 1940-1941; ‘Cabin On Kettle Creek’ title sheet, handwritten, 1 pc. (no accompanying story); ‘Five Miles From Far Beyant’ by May Justus. Carbon TS 9 pp.; ‘A Gift For The Pound Party’ by May Justus. Carbon TS. 6 pp.; ‘A Good Turn For Two’ by May Justus. Carbon TS. 9 pp.; ‘New-Fangled Notions’ by May Justus. Carbon TS. 8...
Dates: 1940s

McClung - Thomas Family Collection -- Gift of Frincke & Dempster. (artifacts)

Identifier: MSC 0941
Scope and Contents From the estate of Harold Carl Frincke, gift of Alexine Thomas Frincke Dempster and Harold Carl Frincke, Jr. Includes four pastel portraits possibly by Flavius Fisher, framed (Charles James McClung, Charles McClung Thomas, Charles McClung and Matthew McClung); hair pin (Hugh Lawson McClung, CSA --on loan from McClung Collection to ETHS Museum); handkerchief and lace head dress (Margaret McClung; black ‘thread lace’ shawl (Margaret Cowan McClung); flannel petticoat (Charles Thomas McClung); baby...
Dates: 1834-2002

McCrary & Branson photograph mounted on printed board

Identifier: SPC 2018.002
Scope and Contents Young boy (still dressed as a girl) on a penny farthing bicycle (McCrary & Branson photograph mounted on printed board). Sepia. 1 pc. 4.25 x 6” Wallace Early? written on the verso. Lower right corner of mounting is missing.
Dates: ca. 1890s

McMahan and Sharp deeds and legal documents, Sevier County, Tenn.

Identifier: MM.2017.009
Scope and Contents Bill of Complaint to Judge O. P. Temple, Jacob Widner, John R. Beak, J. A. Pickens, and S. W. Randles of Sevier County and W. F. Nichols of Jefferson County vs Isaac McMahan and W. Y. Henderson, administrators of the estate of Samuel McMahan decd, both citizens of Sevier County, suit against sureties for Sevier County Sheriff James M. McCroskey [1872] [4 pp., incomplete document]. Deed from Mrs. Jama Franklin (Mrs. William A.), Irene Sharp and Ruth Sharp (both unmarried) to Cleo Burchfiel,...
Dates: 1911-1925

Miniature portrait of Spencer Clack Gist

Identifier: Artifact 2013.004
Scope and Contents Miniature portrait of Spencer Clack Gist. Lt. Spencer Clack Gist 1807-1847, Vera Cruz of yellow fever during war with Mexico. First cadet appointed to Annapolis from Tennessee. Joined the Navy in 1826 and served 21 years. Picture made in Rome Italy. “Spencer C. Gist, Midshipman, 1 May, 1826; Passed Midshipman 28 April; Lieutenant, 8 March 1837; died 22 October, 1847.” “The Journals of Daniel Noble Johnson, 1822-1863, United States Navy.”
Dates: 1830 - 1840

Miniature portraits by Eleanor Wiley.

Identifier: Artifact 2011.003
Scope and Contents Five miniatures painted by Eleanor Wiley. Previously cataloged as Artifacts --.5. Artifact 2011.003.001 Miniature of William Blount. On celluloid. Badly damaged. Scanned and a restored image available on CD, Oct. 2011 by Tony Long. Restored digital image printed and placed in original frame as Artifact 2011.003.001 copy. Artifact 2011.003.002 Miniature of John Crozier. On celluloid. Badly damaged. Scanned and a restored image available on CD, Oct. 2011 by Tony Long. Restored digital image...
Dates: 1920 - 1935

Miscellaneous Knoxville Photographs

Identifier: SPC 2021.001
Scope and Contents 1) 4.5” x 2.75” black-and-white photograph of train engine and front half of first car. Car has “T. & N. C. RY.” on the side. Handwritten on back “Tennessee & North Carolina 206 2-60 Knoxville, Tenn.” Stamped “Max Miller 207 W. Seminary St. Liberty, Indiana”2) 3.5” x 2.5” black-and-white photograph of woman standing in front of sign “Volunteers of America Home for Dependent Mothers & Children” Written on back “Just ‘Baby’ Ruth” Stamped “McLean’s Fadeless Prints...
Dates: unknown

Miss Lillie Rogers

Identifier: SPC 2009.004
Scope and Contents Daguerreotype of Miss Lillie Rogers holding hat. (Little girl). Taken by S. Humphreys, Knoxville, Tenn. In case; very good condition.
Dates: ca. 1850s

“Miss Martha Brownlow; or the Heroine of Tennessee.” Etching from book ca. 1862. (Ephemera)

Identifier: Ephemera 2000.001
Scope and Contents “Miss Martha Brownlow; or the Heroine of Tennessee.” Etched portrait of Martha Brownlow (Susan Brownlow) from the cover of a ca. 1862 book published by Barclay & Co., Philadelphia. 1 pc. (fragile, brittle).
Dates: circa 1862

Mrs. Mary Faust and two children

Identifier: SPC 1996.016
Scope and Contents Mrs. Mary Faust (age 108) and two children “Coon” and “Sis.” At their log cabin home near Andersonville, Anderson County, Tenn. Sepia 4 x 6”, mounted on board with printed text on back. Copyright 1910.
Dates: 1910

Mrs. Sue Boyd Barton’s Collection of Civil War cartes-de-visites (CDVs)

Identifier: SPC 1999.001
Scope and Contents Mrs. Sue Boyd Barton’s Collection of Civil War cartes-de-visites (CDVs). Most are military officers or personnel, Union soldiers, in uniform. Includes: G.M. Bascom; Samuel Boyce; Governor D. Campbell; H.S. Chamberlain; Capt. Chapin; E.J. Cobb & woman; Mr. Devereaux; F.F. Flint; Horatio Gates Gibson & family; Dan Hoffman; Capt. Howard; J. Elliott Jacobs; Loring Lambert; Wm. R. Patterson; Mrs. Wm. R. Patterson; Capt. Schecnk & child; Capt. Deane; Gen. Schofield; Lt. Sternburg; Gen....
Dates: 1860s

New Market, Tenn.(photographs)

Identifier: SPC 1997.004
Scope and Contents New Market, Tenn.: -One photograph of small building with 3 African American men in front; -Young African American woman holding book ‘Thy Kingdom Come.’ word Brazelton written on bottom; -Young African American woman holding diploma(?), words L .D. Fagg, Knoxville, Tenn. written on bottom; -Portrait of African American man; -Outdoor photograph of white woman with two children.
Dates: undated

Nicholson Art League photograph of a dramatic presentation of “The Misdemeanors of Nancy”

Identifier: SPC 2017.008
Scope and Contents SPC 2017.008 Nicholson Art League photograph of a dramatic presentation of “The Misdemeanors of Nancy,” a first for the League, performed on April 27, 1911. An article ran in the Knoxville Journal on April 28. This is a rare early photograph of an Art League event. Artist Robert L. Mason was in the cast as was Mrs. A. L. Freeman (Susan Branson, Lloyd Branson's sister). About 5x7.75” sepia print glued to glass. 1 pc. Framed paintings on the walls.
Dates: 1911

Nikki Giovanni

Identifier: SPC 2007.005
Scope and Contents Color snapshot of Nikki Giovanni, [ca. 1970].
Dates: ca. 1970

Norris Dam panoramic photographs (Clinch River at Cove Creek), 1934 and 1935 (copies)

Identifier: SPC 2019.022
Scope and Contents Two copy panoramic B&W photographs made from copy negatives purchased by Mary Lynn Gilmore from TVA (negatives were returned to her after being printed by Thompson Photo Products in May 2006). 1. Norris Dam looking west Clinch River at Cove Creek, Tennessee. Feb. 16, 1934. 37 x 9.5”. 1 pc. 2. Carpenter crew on draft tube form, Norris Dam. April 18, 1935. 31 x 9.5” 1 pc. Both photographs taken by Rell Clements.
Dates: 1934-1935

North Knoxville School Graduation Announcement

Identifier: Ephemera 2021.004
Scope and Contents Supplement to Knoxville Tribune, May 22, 1896. Announcement of North Knoxville School graduates and commencement exercises at Staub’s Theater, May 21, 1896. Portraits of 7 graduates: Miss Bertha Hargis, Miss Helen E. Lynn, Miss Alice B. Miller, Miss Ethel A. Deming, Nathan Gammon, Miss Mary L. Murphy, and MIss Florence E. Fair.
Dates: 1896

Old Fashioned Revival Advertisement Card

Identifier: Ephemera 2019.220
Scope and Contents Advertisement card for an “Old Fashioned Revival beginning Sunday, April 17, 1938 at the Knoxville Baptist Tabernacle” Includes photograph of Reverend W. F. Gregory, Pastor and Reverend Ernest T. Crawford, Musical Director.
Dates: 1938

Olive Hannum Photographs

Identifier: SPC 2001.001
Scope and Contents May 23, 1912 photograph of young African American men wearing ‘H’ sweaters [football team], seated on steps, men in suits on either side. Hale High School? HHS on football. 5x7” sepia print, mounted. 1 pc. April 25, 1941 convention group, Parent Teachers Association. Ordered by Tennessee Congress of PTA, Colored Schools. Thompson Photograph. 8x10” b&w / sepia.
Dates: 1912; 1941

"On Cliff Top of Mount LeConte" photograph by Jim Thompson

Identifier: QSPC 2019.006
Scope and Contents October 1924 — On Cliff Top of Mt. LeConte — To discuss organization. Charley Barber, Frank Wilson, Baxter Gass, Guy Barber, Charley Kane, Charley Lester, Marshall Wilson, Louise Smith, Caesar Stair, Douglas Smith, Besse Geagley, George Barber, W. H. McCroskey, Carlos Campbell, and T. S. McKinney. Photo by Jim Thompson from pg 6 of The Golden Years of the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club: Smoky Mountains Hiking Club History 1924-1974
Dates: 1924

Outdoor view of Lt. Colonel Hannah and “Major” Hannah

Identifier: SPC 2003.001
Scope and Contents “Outdoor view of Lt. Colonel Hannah and “Major” Hannah (dog). Lt. Col. Hannah served in the 4th Tennessee Infantry during the Spanish-American War. His collar devices show “4” and “Tenn” as well as crossed rifles. Taken at Camp Poland, in Knoxville. (information supplied by seller). Printed on mounting card: Chaney Co. C, 4th T.V.I. The Soldier’s Photographer, Camp Poland, Knoxville.
Dates: 1898-1899

Park City School photographs

Identifier: SPC 2005.001
Scope and Contents Park City School photographs. Graduation group, 1911 (4 snapshots); Teacher Millie Reeves with students, Park City High School, May 14, [19]09 (snapshot); unidentified snapshot of group of children outside (1 pc.); ‘Three Queens and a Jack” 3 girls on a mule with old Park City School in background (1 pc., mounted); Group of men and women outside, one man holding U.S. flag. Women in front on left was Miss Pearl Powers (later Mrs. Lynn LeRoy Pearsall). Taken at Spring Place or Oakwood School? ca....
Dates: 1909-1911

Parson and Mrs. W. G. Brownlow material.

Identifier: MM.2006.011
Scope and Contents Handwritten history of the Brownlow home [attributed to Col. B. R. Strong]. AD 7 pp. (brittle paper); ‘Gov. Brownlow’s Home’ handwritten paper. 1 pc. (both sides); small photograph of Mrs. W. G. Brownlow, taken Sept, 25, 1912. 1 pc. May 5, 1987 newspaper clipping ‘Ex-Governor’s Capitol portrait coming down’; undated newspaper clipping; 'Brownlow portrait just won’t get out of sight’; undated small newspaper picture of Mrs. W. G. Brownlow; postcard of the residence of Gov. N. [sic.] G. Brownlow.
Dates: 1912

Parson Brownlow printed carte d visite (Prang & Co., Boston and Washington). (ephemera)

Identifier: Ephemera 2016.004
Scope and Contents Parson Brownlow (printed carte d visite, etching of Brownlow). Prang & Co., Boston and Washington. 1 pc.
Dates: 1861-1865

Pencil and charcoal(?) drawing of Charles McClung

Identifier: Artifact 1982.001
Scope and Contents Pencil and charcoal(?) drawing of Charles McClung (1761-1835). (stained). Accompanied by two pieces of wood upon which the drawing was probably placed (also in Museum Box 2). Information about Charles McClung is written on the back of the wood. 1 piece.
Dates: 1825 - 1833

Penny Picture of unidentified woman

Identifier: SPC 1995.036
Scope and Contents Penny Picture of unidentified woman. Veno Process. Biddle & Moulden, Knoxville, Tenn.
Dates: undated

Photograph album donated by Miss Gussie Tutterow. (photographs)

Identifier: PAS 0164
Scope and Contents Photograph album donated by Miss Gussie Tutterow; owner of album not known. 4 x 5 6/8” album with 20 CDVs (cartes-de-visite), 4 tintypes, and 2 index cards. Most are unidentified portraits. Two IDs: Josie Hundly (?) and toddler Annie Pearl Hayes (born 1875). One of the index cards has an untitled poem with the repeated line ‘In the Upper Garden.’
Dates: 1880s

Photograph album, Fox family, Greeneville, Tenn.

Identifier: SPC 1997.020
Scope and Contents Photograph album, Fox family, Greeneville, Tenn. Some by J. Bushong, photographer, Athens, Tenn. Album in poor condition, front cover missing: contains 4 unidentified portraits. Also: 5 unidentified cartes-de-visites; 2 unidentified tintypes; 2 identified tintypes (Thomas A. McCarty, born 1861, and M.B. McCarty, born 1866).
Dates: undated

Photograph album taken by A. B. Loy

Identifier: SPC 1998.004
Scope and Contents Photograph album with 15 photographs, 1937-1938. Taken by A.B. Loy. Subjects include: Tellico Plains log yard, poplar and other trees, head waters of Tellico River, cabin of C.A. Moles, J.P. Vestal et al., Little Tennessee River, Fort Loudon.
Dates: 1937-1938

Photograph album, unidentified African Americans, most by Knoxville photographers. (photographs)

Identifier: PAS 0154
Scope and Contents Unidentified photographic portraits of African Americans, mostly by Knoxville Studios. One album. 35 photographs. Ca. 1890. Only name in album is Miss Ida Williams.
Dates: circa 1890