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County Home Demonstration Agents of Tennessee. 6th annual meeting. Knoxville, Tenn. 1919. (photographs)

Identifier: SPC 2019.071
Scope and Contents County Home Demonstration Agents of Tennessee. 6th annual meeting. Knoxville, Tenn. 1919. Oversize framed photograph.
Dates: 1919

Craig/Candoro Marble Company Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0359
Scope and Contents John J. Craig & Company, quarriers and dealers in marble, began operation in Knoxville in 1878. John J. Craig, Jr. (1860-1904) joined his father John J. Craig, Sr. (1820-1892) in 1886 and built their business into one of the largest of its kind in the South. The John J. Craig Company was reorganized in 1896 after separating from the Tennessee Marble Producers Company. (Heart of the Valley, p. 511) Craig/Candoro Marble Company material: Deeds, contracts, records, and other business papers of...
Dates: 1883-1984

Craighead Cave Marble Quarry

Identifier: QSPC 2019.005
Scope and Contents 3 oversized B&W photographs (16” x 13 1/4”) of Craighead Cave Marble Quarry (Sweetwater, Tenn.) mounted on board. Faded writing on each board to the right below the photograph “Tomlinson Fort, Chattanooga, Tenn.” On one board to the left below the photograph is written “A. W. Judd Photo”
Dates: undated

Crawford Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0664
Scope and Contents Collection includes school bookkeeping workbooks, penmanship instruction, cashbook (1890-1895), 1850 hymn book, two Bible study lesson books, one photograph.
Dates: 1890s; 1850

Creed F. Casteel Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0046
Scope and Contents Papers of Creed F. Casteel, no date, 1865-1947. Includes his teaching certificates, contracts, and related papers re: his teaching in Knox Co., Tenn. and Alpharetta, Ga.; constitution and by-laws of the Teacher’s Institute No. 2, Knox Co. + minutes, 1873-1874; June 24, 1888 report on First Baptist Church Sunday School, 1 p.; 1894 photograph of school children at Alpharetta, Ga.; 1901 charges against Casteel for his remarks about McKinley’s assassination; 1912 executor’s letter to C. F. Casteel,...
Dates: 1865-1947

Crowder and Bacon family correspondence, photographs. Kingston, Tenn. + small artifacts

Identifier: MSC 0469
Scope and Contents Crowder and Bacon family correspondence, photographs. Kingston, Tenn. + small artifacts (mostly men’s wallets with business names printed inside)
Dates: 1870-1950

D. C. Chapman and Sue Johnston Chapman framed documents and photographs

Identifier: SPC 2019.008
Scope and Contents Photographs of floats for the Knoxville Flower parade, 1895-1920 Framed documents: 1898 Document appointing David Chapman 2nd lieutenant, 3rd Vol. Infantry by Gov. Robert L. Taylor 1915 Document D. C. Chapman as Inspector General (Tenn. Act 1909) Gov. Tom C. Rye 1918 Document appointing David C. Chapman Lieutenant Col. of the Infantry Gove. Tom C. Rye 1918 Document appointing David C. Chapman Col. of Infantry Tom C. Rye (a single photograph of the seated wives of dignitaries at the dedication...
Dates: 1895-1918, 1940

D. M. Rose and Company lumber company employees

Identifier: SPC 1996.014
Scope and Contents D.M. Rose and Company lumber company employees. 1887. B&W 8x10” copy photograph. Copy neg. available 11/85.
Dates: 1887

D. M. Rose Lumber Company

Identifier: SPC 1997.013
Scope and Contents D.M. Rose Lumber Company. 5 x 7” B&W copy photograph.
Dates: undated

David Thomas Kirk.

Identifier: MSC 0730
Scope and Contents David Thomas Kirk: personal journals, family photograph album, newspaper clippings etc. 1899-1959. Kirk was a Methodist minister, farmer and house builder. Details of life in Bybee, Cocke County, Tenn. 2 boxes.
Dates: 1899-1959

David Witherspoon’s used car lot

Identifier: SPC 2011.014
Scope and Contents One 8x10” B&W glossy photograph of David Witherspoon’s used car lot, 1400 N. Central, Knoxville, Tenn. Photograph was used in advertisement in the 1952 Johnson Bible College yearbook.
Dates: 1950s

Day Family Portraits (Hancock County)

Identifier: SPC 2003.005
Scope and Contents Four pictures of Hancock County, Tenn, family members. 1. Alice Cantwell Day. Daughter of William Barnett Cantwell and Elizabeth Mills Cantwell. Dec. 10, 1835-Sept, 21, 1930. Descendant of “Old John” Cantwell, early Hancock County resident. Shows her in wheelchair. 2. Jesse C. Day, son of Elbert T. Day and Jane Cantwell Day. Dec. 30, 1868-Jan. 1937. Taken by Knaffl & Bro., Knoxville. Descendant of John Day, Sr. 3. John Day, son of Elbert T. Day and Jane Cantwell Day. June 13, 1879-March 1,...
Dates: 1930s

Deaderick Avenue Baptist Sunday School, 1915. (panoramic photographs) Gift of James. A. Brennan and Ruth E. Brennan.

Identifier: SPC 2019.072
Scope and Contents Deaderick Avenue Baptist Sunday School, 1915. Panoramic photograph. Thompson Photograph. Gift of James. A. Brennan and Ruth E. Brennan from Two Centuries Photograph Project 200-085-001.
Dates: 1915

Dent/Mitchell Family Collection

Identifier: MSC 0955
Scope and Contents Photographs (many unidentified) and ephemera of the Dent Mitchell Family. Includes items related to Henry Minor Dent, Sr., Henry Minor Dent, Jr., Dorothy Mitchell Hale, Fannie Hale, and others. Yearbooks (1937, 1938, 1940) from Dobyns-Bennett High School (Kingsport Tenn.) Photographs and ephemera from University of Tennessee and Delta Tau Delta fraternity (1940s). Handwritten 1902 recipe book by Fannie Hale.
Dates: 1880 - 1949

Dick Papers.

Identifier: MM.1979.076 a&b
Scope and Contents MM-1979 076 a: Blagg Family Bible records, 1 p.; Wm. Dick, New Market, Tenn., correspondence, 1838, 1849; Calvin M. Dyer Civil War papers and correspondence; January 3, 1852 Christian Observer; 1855 American Presbyterian Almanac; Thornburgh and O’Conner clippings. MM.1979.076 b: photographs of New Market, Tenn., and Yellow Store in New Market, ca. 1890s-1910s; old mill in upper East Tenn.; Market Square, 1899; Dyer House, Grainger County, Tenn., ca. 1870s; Sarah Dick, C. M. Dyer, and Andrew...
Dates: 1838-1920

Dickinson Papers (receipts, notes, Rhea correspondence, deeds and other papers re: Perez Dickinson and James Cowan).

Identifier: MM.1979.021 a-c
Scope and Contents MM.1979.021a includes: 1866 cashier bond for Rufus M. McClung; 1871 account of Cowan, Dickinson with Charles Seymour; 1872 receipts to James D. Cowan and Perez Dickinson, executors, of James H. Cowan; 1880 promissory note from Perez Dickinson to Rev. P.D. Cowan; S. T. Atkin Co. letterhead (1883); + misc. receipts & envelopes. MM.1979.021b includes: 1866-1867 letters from M. Davenport, Lynchburg, to John L. Rhea re: bank matters; letters re: book about Rev. Samuel Rhea + photograph of...
Dates: 1865-1883

Digby Gordon Seymour Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0179
Scope and Contents Collection includes: photograph album of UDC members; Harper’s Weekly (January 24, 1864 and December 28, 1867); Civil War materials, including research and correspondence for Seymour’s book Divided Loyalties; M.C. Sanfly letter to daughter, 1906; newspaper clippings. + photograph of Knoxville High School class, ca. 1940 and account of events in Memphis at the time of the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination, 1968. Written by Digby Seymour’s brother-in-law Robert C. Harnden.
Dates: 1864-1968

Dogwood Arts Festival Scrapbooks + photographs and slides.

Identifier: PAS 0062
Scope and Contents Dogwood Arts Festival Scrapbooks. Collection not processed but placed in archival boxes. Inventory is available. Photographs start in 1992. Scrapbooks 1962-1979.
Dates: 1992-2002

Don Dudenbostel Collection (photographs)

Identifier: PC 0029
Scope and Contents Over 200 b&w photographs taken by Don Dudenbostel. Most are 11"x14” or 8"x10” b&w photographs. Selected images were used in East Tennessee Historical Society feature exhibit “Vanishing Appalachia,” March 1-June 20, 2010 (and later for a traveling exhibit). Don Dudenbostel’s photographs made in East Tennessee and Southern Appalachia include portraits as well as images dealing with roadside culture, moonshining, cock fighting, the Ku Klux Klan, serpent handling as a religious practice....
Dates: 2009

Doug Branch Photographs

Identifier: SPC 2014.007
Scope and Contents SPC 2014.007.001 Tintype with two portraits of W. L. Babb (1845-1927), Greeneville, Greene County, Tenn. 5x7” 1 pc. SPC 2014.007.002 Three unidentified men outdoors. Taken by W .M. Hope, Harriman, Tenn. 4x5.75” on backing. 1 pc.
Dates: undated

Downtown Knoxville

Identifier: SPC 2006.008
Scope and Contents Photograph looking towards downtown Knoxville from the south end of the Gay Street Bridge, from over the river. 0164 01 ‘County Bridge over Tennessee River, Knoxville, Tenn.” Copyright 1903 by Detroit Photographic Co. One 8x10” B&W copy photograph.
Dates: 1903

Downtown Knoxville Construction

Identifier: SPC 2003.007
Scope and Contents Slides taken in the spring & summer of 2003 by Brenda Hampton, McClung Collection darkroom technician. Subjects include construction at Krutch Park and Market Square, Union Avenue, Market Street, Gay Street.
Dates: 2003

Downtown Knoxville Photographs (black-and-white, 8 x 10 inches)

Identifier: SPC 2011.019
Scope and Contents Downtown Knoxville photographs: view of downtown Knoxville from the Knoxville Police Dept.; Knoxville Police Dept. Headquarters; the Civic Coliseum; the Coliseum Parking Garage; Hyatt Regency Hotel
Dates: 2000

Dr. Douglas Caulkins and wife (8x10) (photograph)

Identifier: SPC 2010.009
Scope and Contents Dr. Douglas Caulkins and wife. (8x10) in front of their house at 503 W. Vine Ave. on Summit Hill. Immaculate Conception Church in the distance.
Dates: undated

Dr. Herbert Acuff Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0029
Scope and Contents Papers of Dr. Herbert Acuff, operator of the Acuff Clinic, Knoxville. Papers from ca. 1940s-early 1950s. Includes photographs of 1948 dinner honoring Dr. Acuff, medical articles by Dr. Acuff, and papers presented by Dr. Acuff.
Dates: 1940-1960

Dulin House photographs

Identifier: PC 0094
Scope and Contents Interior and exterior b&w photographs of the H. L. Dulin House, Knoxville, Tenn. (images 8"x19“ on album sheets 11"x17”)
Dates: 1920s

E. O. Lane house

Identifier: SPC 1995.008
Scope and Contents E.O. Lane house, Whitesburg, Hamblen County, Tenn. 3 interior shots showing decorative painting on walls and ceiling. Taken by Citizen-Tribune staff photographer Mary Barron. The house was sold at auction on July 18, 1981. 8 x 10” B&W
Dates: 1981

E. T. McNew & Co. Photograph (ca. 1920)

Identifier: SPC 2018.020
Scope and Contents E. T. McNew & Co. Photograph (ca. 1920)
Dates: 1920

Earl D. Reed Collection. World War II photograph albums, U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Marine Corps material.

Identifier: MSC 0347
Scope and Contents The Earl D. Reed Collection contains Mr. Reed's two photograph albums and related printed material. The two photograph albums, which document his career with the U. S. military in the 1930s and 1940s, are particularly interesting, since these include photographs of the fighting between the Japanese and Chinese forces in China in the years before World War II. The collection, housed in two boxes, was a gift of Judy Cowden in December 2005. The collection includes: U.S. Naval Academy, two...
Dates: 1930-1945

Earl W. Fox photographs of Cades Cove, 1973 (Gift of Mrs. Earl W. Fox)

Identifier: SPC 2019.074
Scope and Contents 5 framed color photographs of Cades Cove taken by Earl. W. Fox in 1973.
Dates: 1973

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