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Martha ________ letter, 1864.

Identifier: MM.1980.004
Scope and Contents November 6, 1864 letter from Martha _______, Nashville, to Bettie. ALS. 4 pp. Mentions high prices North has charged, etc.
Dates: 1864

Maryville College notecards

Identifier: Ephemera 2019.127
Scope and Contents 1) Inside message cut out. Front: black & white drawing of Willard House Back: “THE BUILDINGS OF MARYVILLE COLLEGE #2; Maryville, Tennessee; Willard House, built 1890 to be the home of the president of the College, currently houses the alumni and development offices. G. David Campbell, Artist”2) Inside message “May you experience peace & joy this Christmas” signed Gerald & Rachel Gibson Front: black & white drawing of Fayerweather Hall Inside: “Built in 1898...
Dates: unknown

Matthew McClung documents, 1754-1835.

Identifier: MM.2017.016
Scope and Contents November 19, 1754, promissory note to James Caldwell from [Matthew McClung]. Witnessed by Hugh Cunningham. AN )signature torn off; partial document,) 1 pc. February 26, 1820, letter from Matthew McClung, Knoxville, to his brother Col. James W. McClung, Huntsville, Ala. 3 pp. ((1 pc.; letter encased in fabric film; tape on back) + envelope with the history of the letter. Re: business and family news. December 13, 1821, letter from Mat [Matthew] McClung, Knoxville, to Henry Purris (Purvis?),...
Dates: 1754-1835

McMahan Papers,1829-1923, Sevier County, Tenn.

Identifier: MSC 0534
Scope and Contents The McMahan Papers,1829-1923, contain documents of T. W. McMahan in Sevier County, Tenn. The collection contains original manuscripts, documents, two poems by Louisa Walker, and one issue of the Republican Semi-Weekly, Sevierville, Tenn., newspaper (August 22, 1885). Also: August 1862 Volunteer Descriptive List and Account of Pay and Clothing for Private Joseph F. McClurg
Dates: 1829-1923

Mrs. John M. Armistead correspondence, 1976.

Identifier: MM.1982.004
Scope and Contents Correspondence re: Mrs. John M. Armistead’s involvement with the National Citizens Emergency Committee to Save Our Public Libraries. 1976. Includes letters from Whitney North Smith, Jr., N. Y. + copies of articles on libraries. + November 10, 1976, letter from Knoxville Mayor Randy Tyree re: support for the Custom House.
Dates: 1976

Note from Ivah Wilds Coburn to Miss Laura Thornburgh. July 24, 1914.

Identifier: MM.2007.001
Scope and Contents Note from Ivah Wilds Coburn, University of Virginia, to Miss Laura Thornburgh, Knoxville, Tenn. July 24, 1914 ANS 1 pc. + envelope with stamp. Thanks her for a lovely time at her house. Note penciled in at bottom of note, under signature: ‘Leading Lady of the Coburn Players.’
Dates: 1914

O. W. LeVert letter to “General” [Beauregard]. December 9, 1863.

Identifier: MM.1999.038
Scope and Contents Letter from O. W. LeVert, Mobile, Ala., to “Dear General.” [General Beauregard]. December 9, 1863 “the 152 of the Siege of Charleston.” ALS 4 pp. (1 pc.) Re: sending letter via Lt. Lance(?); Dr. LeVert paralyzed; mentions Davis, Bragg, Battle of Chickamauga; Davis’ appointing either General Johnston or recipient of letter, but Davis did not want to add to the laurel leaves on wreath circling your (“General”) brow; Octavia; send photograph.
Dates: 1863

Orin Beaman letter, 1875.

Identifier: MM.1987.020
Scope and Contents August 14, 1875, letter from Orin Beaman, McMillans Station, to Maryann Pratt. ALS 1 pc. Re: hiring her to keep house.
Dates: 1875

Rhoda Campbell Morgan Williams letters, 1864-1865.

Identifier: MM.2018.002
Scope and Contents Rhoda Campbell Morgan Williams Letters to her sons, 1864-1865. 1. Letter from Rhoda Williams, Knoxville, April 13, 1864, to son Jimmie in New Jersey. ALS 4 pp. (2 pcs., tape damage) 2. Letter from Rhoda Williams, Knoxville, June 28, 1864, to son Jimmie in New Jersey. ALS 4 pp. (2 pcs.) 3. Letter from Col John Williams, Knoxville, June 28, 1864, to son Jimmie in New Jersey. ALS 2 pp. (2 pcs.) 4. Letter from Rhoda Williams, Knoxville, March 27, 1865, to son Jimmie in New Jersey. ALS 4 pp. (1 pc.)...
Dates: 1864-1865

Richard Henry Lee letter to Nicholas Biddle. March 17, 1838.

Identifier: MM.1999.035
Scope and Contents Letter from Richard Henry Lee, Washington, Penn., to Nicholas Biddle, President of the B. U. S. (Bank of the United States), Philadelphia, Penn. March 17, 1838. ALS 3 pp. (1 pc.). Re: requests advance of money on copyright of two books by Lee.
Dates: 1838

Richard Lee letters to Robert Carter. 1785, 1786, 1790.

Identifier: MM.1999.034
Scope and Contents Letter from Richard Lee, Richmond, to Robert Carter, Westmoreland. December 15, 1785. Re: liquidating Continental or State Loan Office certificates; Religious Bill, Jefferson and Wythe. ALS 1 p. Letter from Richard Lee, Westmoreland, to Robert Carter, Westmoreland. November 2, 1786. Re: no Senate yet; nominations for governor; petitions for and against paper money. ALS 1 pc. Letter from Richard Lee, Lee Hall, to Robert Carter, Nomony. July 6, 1790. Re: attend a survey. ALS 1 p.
Dates: 1785-1790

R[obert] E. Lee letters. December 16, 1855; June 29, 1869.

Identifier: MM.1999.036
Scope and Contents Letter from R[obert] E. Lee, Arlington, to daughter Agnes. December 16, 1855. ALS 3 pp. (1 pc.). Re: arrangements for her to come home for Christmas and sending money to her. Letter to Wm. W. Carson from R[obert] E. Lee, Lexington, Va. June 29, 1869. ALS 1 p. Re: Lee recommending him for professor of mathematics job at West Tennessee College in Jackson, Tenn. + typed transcription of letter.
Dates: 1855, 1869

Roberts Family Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0214
Scope and Contents Papers of the Roberts Family (William and Elizabeth, Henry, James, John and David Roberts and others) of Knox County, Tenn. (also Indiana and Texas). Collection includes family correspondence, N.D., 1837-1891. Business papers, ephemera, and land records, N.D., 1792-1837 are in separate folders. Undated petition to remove James E. Carter from office of Col. Commandant of 22nd Regt. of Tennessee Militia is located in the Business Papers folder. 9 folders in one box. Correspondents include Samuel...
Dates: 1837-1891

Rockwood, Tenn. Letter from Stark Mills to Miss Florence Mills of New York City.

Identifier: MM.2019.007
Scope and Contents Rockwood, Tenn. Letter from Stark Mills August 16, 1933, to Miss Florence Mills of New York City, describing effects of Great Depression.
Dates: 1933

Sam B. Palmer letters to mother, July 2 & 23, 1862. (Gift of Mrs. M. D. Phillips.)

Identifier: MM.1998.021
Scope and Contents July 2, 1862, letter to Mother from Sam B. Palmer, Loudon, Tenn. ALS 1 p. Mentions cooking and baking bread at the camp. July 23, 1862, letter to Mother from Sam B. Palmer, Camp Bill Parker, Loudon, Tenn. ALS 2 pp. (1 pc.). Mentions cooking at camp, shelter, firing shells on the anniversary of the Battle of Manassas, friends killed. Includes a sketch labeled ‘Our parlor, bedroom, dining room & kitchen.’
Dates: 1862

Smith Family Collection (Whitesburg, Tenn.).

Identifier: MSC 0102
Scope and Contents (Folders 26, 43, 49, & 75 tell of the location of Smith Family artifacts, portraits, and papers located in libraries and museums other than the McClung Collection.) Includes Tomlinson family material & Tate Springs material. Folder 13 contains postcards showing views and bldgs. of the Tate Springs Hotel. Many other postcards are in this collection, most are 19th century. Tate Springs Hotel (Inn), Knoxville Farmers Convention, agriculture, Appalachian Exposition award ribbons and cards,...
Dates: 1794 - 1930

Smith Family Papers (Charles H. Smith and family)

Identifier: MSC 0939
Scope and Contents Charles H. Smith of Corryton and later Fountain City.Folder 1: Letters re: Charles H. Smith Civil War Record Folder 2a: Correspondence re: Charles H. Smith debt (1917) Folder 2b: Correspondence re: Charles H. Smith death + obituary (1916) Folder 3: Deeds (1894 and 1918) Folder 4: Black River Oil & Gas Company Stock Certificate (1919) Folder 5: Obituary for Mrs. Martha M. Floyd Smith (1941) Folder 6: Photo of Anna Louise Smith Folder 7: Central High School (Anna Smith)...
Dates: 1860s-1930s

Tennessee General Building drawings, sketches, notes, 1927-28 correspondence. Barber & McMurry

Identifier: APD 0042
Scope and Contents Tennessee General Building drawings, sketches, notes ca. 1924-25, 1927-28 correspondence. Barber & McMurry, (architectural plans). Includes one charcoal(?) rendering of the building (damaged at edges).
Dates: 1924 - 1928

Thomas F. Gailor letters, 1899, 1934.

Identifier: MM.1981.180
Scope and Contents October 10, 1899, letter from Thomas F. Gailor, Bishop of Tennessee, Sewanee, Tenn., to Right Rev. W. C. Doane, Albany, N. Y. LS 1 p. Gives canonical consent to the consecration of Rev. William Loyall as Bishop Coadjutor of the diocese of West Virginia. March 4, 1934, letter from Thomas F. Gailor, Bishop’s House, Diocese of Tennessee, to Mary U. Rothrock, Knoxville, Tenn. ALS 1 p. Gives up membership in the East Tennessee Historical Society.
Dates: 1899; 1934

Thomas Ludwell Lee letter to George Carter. September 28, 1805.

Identifier: MM.1999.037
Scope and Contents Letter from Thos. Lud. Lee (Thomas Ludwell Lee) to George Carter, Oatlands. September 28, 1805. ALS 1 pc. (2 holes in document). Re: corn, wheat.
Dates: 1805

Transcriptions of Eliza Mills McClung’s letters to her son Calvin Morgan McClung.

Identifier: MSC 0022b
Scope and Contents (Folder 1 of 2): Transcriptions of Eliza Mills McClung’s original letters (1874-1879) to her son, Calvin Morgan McClung. Letters are in covers. Folder includes typed “Notes” with added notations which identify and describe people and places in Mrs. McClung’s letters. Transcriptions and “Notes” were probably done by Barbara McClung or Mary Rothrock. (Folder 2 of 2): Unidentified index found with the transcriptions. Not an index of the transcriptions. Index was probably prepared by Mary Rothrock...
Dates: 1874-1879

Trotter Family Collection

Identifier: MSC 0969
Scope and Contents The Trotter Family Collection contains materials descended through the prominent Sevier County, Tenn. Family. The Collection includes photograph albums of family members and travels, correspondence and other materials collected by Jess Wynn Trotter during her travels, scrapbooks containing historical clippings, and other ephemera related to the Trotter family.

Finding Aid available.
Dates: 1867 - 1942

W. G. Blount letter to W. C. Mynatt. November 26, 1818.

Identifier: MM.1997.031
Scope and Contents Letter from W. G. [William Grainger] Blount (son of Governor William Blount), Washington, to W. C. Mynatt, Knoxville, Tenn. ALS 1 p. Re: thanks Mynatt for letter; sad about death of John Gamble; health not good, contracted fever while in New York.
Dates: 1818

W. G. Brownlow letter

Identifier: MM.2019.067
Scope and Contents Letter on lined note paper from W. G. Brownlow to L. P. Chapin. ALS.

“Knoxville, Tennessee, Nov. 17, 1864. L. P. Chapin: I have your letter in regard to John Hide [Hiele?], wounded and left in the Court House in Sevierville. He was taken to the House of a Mr. Rawlings, and died of his wounds, and was charity buried. I have no other particulars. W. G. Brownlow”
Dates: 1864

W. G. McAdoo, Jr., letter to Col. Moses White. October 20, 1894.

Identifier: MM.1999.044
Scope and Contents Letter from W. G. McAdoo, Jr., New York, to Col. Moses White. October 20, 1894. ALS 1 pc. Re: thanks White for remarks made to the Bar Association in memory of McAdoo’s father.
Dates: 1894

W. Meade letter to Philip Williams, [17?]61.

Identifier: MM.2018.003
Scope and Contents Letter from W. Meade ([Bishop William Meade}, Millwood, to Philip Williams, Winchester, Va. September 9, [17?]61. ALS 2 pp. (1 pc.). Re: Diocesan Conference on Columbia, S. C., etc.
Dates: 1761

Watts letter, 1813 (photocopy).

Identifier: MM.1990.008
Scope and Contents Photocopy of October 26, 1813, letter from Ch. Watts, Knoxville, Tenn., to Mother & Sister (M. H. Watts, Beachtree, N. Y.). ALS 3 pp. + printed cover. Mentions his travels, brief description of Knoxville, business in Charleston, Creek Indians, etc.
Dates: 1813

William Carroll letter, 1831.

Identifier: MM.1981.089
Scope and Contents March 8, 1831, letter from William Carroll, Nashville, Tenn., to Mrs. Holley, near New Orleans. Letter of introduction for Rev. Dr. (Charles) Coffin, President of East Tennessee College, who is in Louisiana to solicit donations for the college library. ALS 1 p.
Dates: 1831

William Park Baker Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0285
Scope and Contents Personal, business and financial papers of William Park Baker of Knoxville, Tenn., and Laurel, Ky. Papers date from 1860-1904. His business in Knoxville was Baker & Stephenson; in Ky he served as postmaster of London, Ky. He married Anna (Anne) Brown of Lancaster, Ky. Correspondence is primarily between Baker, Brown, and Moses family members. Business papers include Baker & Stephenson, postmaster forms; and M. E. Church records for London, Ky.
Dates: 1860-1904

William S. McEwen correspondence, 1830-1875.

Identifier: MM.2017.019
Scope and Contents Correspondence to and from William S. McEwen, Kingston, Tenn. June 24, 1830; June 6, 1840 (in pieces); June 15, 1842; Dec. 6, 1842; Dec. 6, 1842 (partial); March 4, 1844; March 18, 1844; April 24, 1844; July 12, 1955; Oct. 29, 1856 (partial); May 28, 1860; Jan. 9, 1862 (Rachel and her children); July 31, 1862; to Jno. F. McEwen, Sept. 8, `875, from Henry Wiley? Coal Creek M& M Co. 14 items.
Dates: 1830-1875