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Peter Culver and John Root Bible (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0036
Scope and Contents The bible was published by Alden Beardsley & Co. in 1851. The founders of the families were Peter Culver (Mendon? N.Y.) and John Root and Ann Culver Root (1864)
Dates: 1851

Pictorial Family Bible (no family entries). (Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bins). (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0007
Scope and Contents Pictorial Family Bible (Chicago: J.P. Tangney & Co., 1892). Contains no family entries. Front cover off at time of receipt.
Dates: 1892

Reynolds Family Bible (Gift of Mrs. Margaretta R. Neumann) (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0028
Scope and Contents Reynolds Family Bible contains entries on the Reynolds, Isbell, and Hughes families. “The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments” published in New York in 1851 by the American Bible Society. Ramily records of the William B. Reynolds family/
Dates: 1851

Rippy Family Bibles (three Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0006
Scope and Contents Three family Bibles of the Rippy family: one of the S. L. Rippy family, Pondville, Tenn.; one belonging to Mrs. J. M. Rippy, Union City, Tenn., 1903; one belonging to James Rippy, 1921.
Dates: 1903; 1921

Russell Courtney Bible (Bibles).

Identifier: FB 0023
Scope and Contents Front and back boards of the binding are missing as well as the first and last pages of the book The bible includes internally “A List of the children born to Andrew Debusk and Polly his wife” and “A list of the children born to Russell Courtney and Elizabeth his wife”
Dates: ca, 1830

Ryan Family Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0040
Scope and Contents The bible was published in New York by Robert McDermot in 1806. It is an elephant folio volume. The front cover has a bookplate “Property of D. L. Ryan 1814.”
Dates: 1806

S. L. Jenkins Bible. Ca. 1870. Also Buckner entries. Gift of Anne Goddard Jones. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0092
Scope and Contents Family Bible of S.L. Jenkins (1828-1908). The name Etta R. Jenkins is written in the front of the Bible. Also contains Buckner family entries. The Illustrated Polyglot Household Bible. Ziegler, McCurdy & Co. Philadelphia, 1870. + Loose papers from the Bible in a separate folder including S.L. Jenkins mourning card, several photographs.
Dates: circa 1870

Samuel H. Love Bible, 1847. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0017
Scope and Contents Bible of Samuel Hannibal Love, 1847.
Dates: 1847

Sawyer Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0018
Scope and Contents “The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments” published in New York in 1847 by the American Bible Society.
Dates: 1847

Seilaz Family Bible. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Durham. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0048
Scope and Contents Seilaz Family Bible. Philadelphia: Henry Altemus. 1888. Given to Lydia Buffat Seilaz by her aunt Felicie Tauxe in December 1888. Family entries for Buffat and Seilaz families.
Dates: 1888

Sevier Bible (Joseph H. Sevier Family Bible. Gift of John S. Gibson). Part of the Sevier Family Collection, Sevier Family Association. (Bibles)

Identifier: MSC 0406b
Scope and Contents Family Bible of Joseph H. Sevier (born 1820) and Sarah R. Hudson Sevier (married 1838). Also includes record of 1882 marriage of Will S. Sevier to Sarah Bartlett, Missouri. The Holy Bible... Philadelphia: A.J. Holman & Co., 1882. This Bible was given to John Sevier (Jack) Gibson by the widow of Joseph D. Sevier of Colorado. Mr. Gibson placed the Bible in the McClung Historical Collection.
Dates: 1838-1890

Sevier Bible (Sevier Family Bible. Gift of Marilyn Landrum Read). Part of the Sevier Family Collection, Sevier Family Association. (Bibles)

Identifier: MSC 0406a
Scope and Contents Family Bible of James Sevier (born 1777) and Susannah Warren (married 1798). In addition to Sevier entries, the Bible includes records for McDaniels and Gibson . The New Testament... New York: The American Bible Society, 1869.
Dates: 1869

Shields Family Bible. Via Eddie R. Walker. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0049
Scope and Contents Shields Family Bible. Stereotyped for the American Bible Society by D. & G. Bruce, Printed by D. Fanshaw. New York: 1820. 1 vol. Back cover missing. Family entries torn and faded. Includes a typed transcription (transcriber not named). Entries include Richard, Susanny Shields, James Shields, Jessey Shields, Sary Shields, Jonathan Parry Shields, John T. Shields.
Dates: 1820

Smith Family Collection (Whitesburg, Tenn.).

Identifier: MSC 0102
Scope and Contents (Folders 26, 43, 49, & 75 tell of the location of Smith Family artifacts, portraits, and papers located in libraries and museums other than the McClung Collection.) Includes Tomlinson family material & Tate Springs material. Folder 13 contains postcards showing views and bldgs. of the Tate Springs Hotel. Many other postcards are in this collection, most are 19th century. Tate Springs Hotel (Inn), Knoxville Farmers Convention, agriculture, Appalachian Exposition award ribbons and cards,...
Dates: 1794 - 1930

Stallings Family Bible, 1976. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0101
Scope and Contents Delmar Carl Stallings Family Bible, 1976. (He was born in Knox County, Tenn). + 1 B&W snapshot of unidentified child.
Dates: 1976

Steiner Family Bible (also includes Jones, Cleaver, and Hamilton families). Gift of Mrs. Charles E. Rader. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0102
Scope and Contents Family Bible of the Steiner Family (donor’s note: one of the original Swiss families that settled in the are more than 200 years ago). Also includes Jones, Cleaver, and Hamilton families. “The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testament” was published by J. B. Burr Publishing Company, Hartford, Conn. No date on the title page.
Dates: 1869

Tarrant and Doyel (Doyle) Family Bible Record.

Identifier: MM.nd.068
Scope and Contents Family Bible record for the Tarrant and Doyel (Doyle) families. 4 pp. This file contains only the original family record removed from the bible.
Dates: Undated

Thelma Miller Overholtzer Family Bible (Gift of Peggy Beal) (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0098
Scope and Contents Thelma Miller Overholtzer Family Bible. Bible belonged to Thelma Miller Overholtzer (Mrs. Albert G.) and contains entries for Hughs, Cason, Bush, Miller, Overholtzer, McIntyre, McKenzie, Bullock, Ivey, and Deason families. Bible is dated 1907. Bible is in extremely fragile condition and its spine is damaged. “Bible from First Presbyterian Church.”
Dates: 1907

Thomas Frost Family Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0005
Scope and Contents Thomas Frost Family Bible The Bible contains NO FAMILY RECORDS. Box contains one Bible with the front and back boards and pages missing. An original letter from Snyder Roberts documents the original family records pages with photocopies of some family records pages, and related photocopies.
Dates: ca. 1900

Thomas N. Clark Bibles and Murphey, Murphy Bible (gift of Jean G. Burns)

Identifier: FB 0072
Scope and Contents Thomas N. Clark Bible, 1802; Thomas N. Clark Bible, 1847; Murphey, Murphy Bible.
Dates: 1800s

Three family bibles (Will. C. Peck 1891) (P M. Senter 1815) (Reuben Grove 1830) (John and Martha Peck gift)

Identifier: FB 0044
Scope and Contents Three family bibles (Will. C. Peck 1891) (P M. Senter 1815) (Reuben Grove 1830) George H. Grove group portrait photograph and hand-tinted ambrotype in frame. Old tablecloth and 3 blocks of wood from Adam Peck’s mill at Mossy Creek.
Dates: 1815-1891

Trotter Family Bibles

Identifier: FB 0118
Scope and Contents BOX 1: John Trotter Bible 1829 Bible published by J. Emory and B. Waugh for the Methodist Episcopal Church at the Conference Office, 14 Crosby Street, New YorkBook of Romans 1821 Book of Romans with Commentary and Critical Notes by Adam Clarke, LLDFAS published by Joseph Mitchel, Cincinnati inscribed “Ashley Wynne” multiple times no family entriesA. W. Trotter Bible (name embossed inside front cover) no date published by John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia PA no family...
Dates: 1821 - 1866

Van Deventer Collection

Identifier: MSC 0809
Scope and Contents This collection documents the Van Deventer, Rhea, Campbell, Cowan, Lynn, and Russell families. The major donors were Martha Rhea Van Deventer and her children: Robert, Laetitia, and Isabella. The collection includes many small artifacts, textiles, manuscripts, photographs, and artwork. Robert Van Deventer’s art is an important part of the collection. 1877 photographs of Island Home in boxes 52-53. A finding aid is available.
Dates: 1820s-1970s

Vangilder [Van Gilder] Family BIble

Identifier: FB 0116
Scope and Contents H. & E. Phinney’s Stereotype Edition. Cooperstown, New York. 1827. Contains family entries for Vangilder and Ireland families.
Dates: 1827

W. H. and J. T. Moffett Papers. New Market, Tenn. 1830s-1880s (Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John Armistead) (Account books).

Identifier: MSC 0789
Scope and Contents W. H. and J. T. Moffett Papers include store accounts, papers, and books , ca. 1830s-1880s, from New Market, Tenn. Most are from W. H. Moffett’s mercantile business, including partnerships with J. S. Moffett, General William Brazelton, and his son J. T. Moffett. Several other subjects include East Tennessee & Virginia Railroad; New Market area; account books; coal kiln; Panther Springs; tax receipts; health and medicine; Moffett & Shields Iron Founders; Andrew McMillan; Wilson &...
Dates: 1860s-1880s

Welsh Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0013
Scope and Contents Bible printed in Welsh “Presented by W. W. Williams of Gomer, Ohio to the Welsh Congregational Church, Knoxville, Tenn., 1876” There is no family information in the bible.
Dates: 1876

William Cassaday Family Bible (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0032
Scope and Contents The bible was published by Matthew Carey in Philadelphia in 1813. Front board of the binding, title page and some of the first pages missing.
Dates: 1813

William Claiborne Chumlea Family Bible (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0070
Scope and Contents Family Bible of William Claiborne Chumlea (born 1845 in Knox Co., Tenn). New York: American Bible Society, 1871.
Dates: 1871

William F. Park Family Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0029
Scope and Contents Family Bible of William F. Park. 1867 edition.
Dates: 1867

Williams Bible, 1868 American Bible Society. (Gift of Kathleen Weigel) (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0103
Scope and Contents Family Bible of the Williams Family, including Mary Williams, Floid (Floyd?) C. Williams, Flora B. Williams and others. Many of the entries are faint and difficult to read. Bible has 1868 copyright, American Bible Society.
Dates: 1868