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Identifier: FB 0077
Scope and Contents Two Bibles that may be used for display. Notes: The 1769 Bible, published by Aberdeen, contains no family records. The 1909 Indexed Teacher's Bible has soft leather covers.
Dates: 1769, 1909

Drake, Stephens, Travis Families Bible (Bibles).

Identifier: FB 0078
Scope and Contents Bible with family entries for Drake, Stephens, and Travis families. Bible dated 1807. Poor condition.
Dates: 1807

Dunn - Coppage Families Bible (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0080
Scope and Contents Dunn - Coppage Families Bible (Bible Collection) Bible with family entries for Coppage, Dunn, and Douglas families, 1809- 1900. Also a few entries for Kemper and Purdy families. Bible was published in 1859. Back cover is loose from the Bible.
Dates: 1859

Eliza R. Moore Fain Bible, 1870 (Gift of Kathleen Franklin Todd)

Identifier: FB 0047
Scope and Contents Family Bible given to Eliza R. Fain by her mother M.A. Moore, 1870. Eliza Ruth Moore married George Alexander Fain on July 21, 1854. Eliza R. Fain left the Bible to her daughter Kittie Rice Fain in November 1900. Eleven CDVs of Fain family members were found with the Bible. They were photocopied and the originals are in the box with the Bible. Subjects in CDVs include: Mrs. Eliza R. Fain and Mattie, Minnie Fain, Mrs. M.A. Moore, Belle Fain, and E.R. Fain.
Dates: 1870

Elizabeth and Elbert Willson Collection. Includes Isaac Lane Bible and Minutes of Big Spring Church of United Baptists) (Bibles).

Identifier: MSC 0399
Scope and Contents Minutes of Big Spring Church of United Baptists (1822-1870), McMinn County, Tenn (Isaac and Sarah Lane were initial members). Roster of members transcribed 10.2010. Three bibles: Isaac Lane Bible (1803), Frankie Sherman Rasnake Bible (1874) (no family entries), and the Tola Sherman Bible (no date)(no family entries). Land entry no. 2573 for Thomas Shearman/Sherman, McMinn County, Tennessee, March 5, 1826. Blueprint copy of “Timberlake’s Map of Overhill Indian Towns, May 3, 1906. Letter to Eliza...
Dates: 1803-1930

Engell and Planck Bible (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0082
Scope and Contents Bible with entries for Engell and Planck family members. Engell family possibly from Cherry Valley, Otswego County, New York (see 1850 census).
Dates: ca. 1850

Ettie V. Phipps Bible (Mrs. James G. Bare) (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0099
Scope and Contents Ettie V. Phipps Bible. Belonged to Ettie V. Phipps of Fox, Virginia, and contains 1 entry: the marriage of Ettie to James Gordon Bare in 1911. The Bible is approximately 4 x 6 x 2" and was published in 1901.
Dates: 1901

Flournoy Family Bible, 1872. Gift of Robert Van Deventer. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0083
Scope and Contents Bible with family entries of the Thomas Flournoy family. Bible dated 1872.
Dates: 1872

George D. Hale Family Bible

Identifier: FB 0119
Scope and Contents The Holy Bible Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues (New York: American Bible Society, 1890)
Dates: 1890

George Franklin Campbell and Mattie Alice Ross Campbell Family Bible. Ca. 1888. Gift of Anne Goddard Jones. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0066
Scope and Contents Family Bible of George Franklin Campbell (1861-1914) and Mattie Alice Ross Campbell (1862-1933). Holy Bible printed by A. J. Holman & Co., Philadelphia, 1888. + folder of loose items from the Bible including one mourning card, several photographs, and clippings. From the estate of Jimmy Hardin, Greeneville.
Dates: 1888

George Grove diary, ca. 1830s and family Bible of George Grove and Sarah Willett Grove. Gift of Betty Anne Grove. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0088
Scope and Contents George Grove diary, ca. 1830s (Flat Creek area of Knox County, Tenn). Mostly family and farm entries. Also, family Bible of George Grove (1779-1860) and Sarah (Sally) Willett Grove (1783-1854).
Dates: circa 1830

German Bible, 1870. (Gift of Mrs. Martha Slatery Erickson) (Bibles) (No family entries).

Identifier: FB 0085
Scope and Contents German language Bible (no family entries). 1870. Identified as a German Bible written for German-Americans and presumed to have belonged to a German P.O.W. near Crossville in WWII.
Dates: 1870

Giffin Family Bible

Identifier: FB 0052
Scope and Contents Family Bible of the Giffin Family (G. W. L. Giffin). Also includes Martha Frances McFall McDonald (Mrs. William McDonald). Family entries copied and put in Giffin Genealogy Vertical File. The Holy Bible...Philadelphia: A.J. Holman & Co. ca. 1890. Also, folder with copies of Bible entries, copies of census records, William McDonald’s transcribed obituary (Knoxville News-Sentinel, April 2, 2003), and newspaper clippings.
Dates: 1890

Gorley Family Bible record.

Identifier: MM.1994.011
Scope and Contents Family record of the Gorley family, removed from Bible.
Dates: ca. 1870

Graham, Jeffries, Swann Bible. Gift of Caroline Graham Swann.

Identifier: FB 0086
Scope and Contents Graham, Jeffries, Swann Bible. Printed by Mathew Carey, Philadelphia, 1807. Hand-bound with cloth cover. The Bible came down in the family through Victoria Graham Swann (descended from William Graham of King’s Mountain Fame and her maternal grandfather was Nathaniel Jeffries, a Revolutionary soldier from Gaffney S.C.). Victoria Graham married James Preston Swann of Dandridge, Tenn, in 1858. Their residence , named Squirewood, was in Dandridge.
Dates: 1807

H. James Gass Bible (Gift of Mary N. Fain). (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0009
Scope and Contents The bible is missing the front and back boards and last pages. The book was published in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1784. There is no family information in the bible, which measures approximately 3 x 5 inches. Inscribed on the fly leaf “H. James Gass”
Dates: 1784

Hall Family Bible (Bibles) (M. L. Hall, Helen Hall).

Identifier: FB 0014
Scope and Contents Also contains several clippings, a copy of New-Church Messenger (volume 85; No 6; 12 August 1903; Rev. S. C. Eby, editor). The Latest Illustrated Polyglot Family Bible (Old and New Testaments with Apochrypha) published by C. F. Vent. Family entries 1891-1920 (only deaths)
Dates: 1871

Hartness Family Bible (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0089
Scope and Contents The New Testament Red Letter Edition ... World Publishing Company. Contains entries (many faded and hard to read) of the Hartness family. Clate Hartness family.
Dates: 1910

Hays Family Bible. Also Larrance, Green, and Greene entries. Gift of Thelma Toomey Bishop. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0090
Scope and Contents Family Bible (published 1874) of Hays, Green, Greene, Larrance families. Includes marriage record of William L. Hays and Sarah Larrance, New Market, Tenn. Poor condition.
Dates: 1874

Henderson Bible (James P. and Annie E. Burchfiel Henderson Bible) Gift of F. Robert Henderson. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0045
Scope and Contents James P. and Annie E. Burchfiel Henderson Bible. Sevier County, Tenn. Copyright 1890. Gift of F. Robert Henderson. Bible cover and spine damaged and have masking tape.
Dates: 1890

Howell, McNare, and Price Bible (Bibles).

Identifier: FB 0025
Scope and Contents Title page missing and bottom of the bible singed by fire. The bible was published by Matthew Carey in Philadelphia in 1802.
Dates: 1802

Hugh Lawson White Family Bible and Scott’s Commentary (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0004
Scope and Contents Family Bible of Hugh Lawson White (labeled Scott’s Commentary on the spine). Family entries are in volume one (have been photocopied and added to White Genealogy VF). Volumes 2-4 contains no family entries. 1825 publishing date in Bible.
Dates: 1825

Isaac Lewis Bible, 1873 (Welsh Bible) (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0039
Scope and Contents The Life of Our Blessed Lord & Savior Jesus Christ by Rev. John Fleetwood. Printed in Welsh. Inscription in front of volume: “Presented by his Parents, to their son Isaac Lewis, Now Residing at Knoxville, Tennessee, South America.” May 24, 1873. No family entries. Cover loose and some loose pages.
Dates: 1873

Isbell Family Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0091
Scope and Contents Isbell Family Bible and its contents. “The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments” (Philadelphia:: C, Alexander & Co., 1834)
Dates: 1834

Jacob L. Thomas Bible, 1869. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0041
Scope and Contents Family Bible of Jacob L. Thomas, 1869. Five loose items found in the Bible were placed in one 5x7” envelope and are in the box with the Bible. Also, one 1876 photograph of the C. J. McClung residence is in a folder in the box with the Bible. The photograph was broken in two pieces when received.
Dates: 1869

James Alexander Lindsey McColloch Family Bible and First Families of Tennessee application. Gift of Lacy Porter McColloch. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0109
Scope and Contents James Alexander Lindsey McColloch Family Bible. First Families of Tennessee application of Lacy Porter McColloch, a direct descendant of Thomas McCulloch (photocopy); James Alexander Lindsey McColloch and wife Mary Louana Dyer McColloch (1910 copy of 1860 photograph); ribbon printed “ Boonsboro [Ark.] Y.P.S.C.E. 1890.”
Dates: 1890

James Anderson Bible. Isaac Anderson Family. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0111
Scope and Contents Bible of James Anderson (family of Isaac Anderson, founder and first president of Maryville College). 1809 Bible published by Thomas Scott, Philadelphia. Includes list of Subscriber’s names (many from East Tennessee).
Dates: 1809

James O’Brien Family Bible, [1817]. (Gift of Alice Howell)

Identifier: FB 0107
Scope and Contents Family Bible of James O’Brien (1786-1842) and wife Susanna (or Susan) D. Everett O”Brien (1802-1853). Their daughter Eliza O’Brien married William G. Brownlow. No title page--photocopy of a title page came with the Bible.
Dates: 1817

James Park Family Bible and five volumes of Scott’s Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0008
Scope and Contents Family Bible of James Park, Knoxville. 5 volumes of Scott’s Bible, 1811. Vol. IV supposed to contain ‘loose leaves’ with family entries. These sheets could not be located in searches in 1980 and 1982.
Dates: 1811

James S. Hall Family Bible (Gift of Finbarr Saunders)

Identifier: FB 0112
Scope and Contents The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments together with the Apocrypha. Published by Wanzer, Foote, & Co.
Dates: 1851