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Alfred Burns Family Bible (gift of Marguerite Henry) (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0064
Scope and Contents Family Bible of Alfred Burns. One page of family entries for Burns and Bell families. 1833.
Dates: 1833

Andrew Blackburn McFarland Bible, 1816. (Gift of Robert J. Donaldson). (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0068
Scope and Contents Family Bible of Andrew Blackburn McFarland ( August 8, 1792-May 20, 1873) (born in Jefferson County, Tenn.). 1816 Bible sold by Collins & Co., NY. Bought in 1817 for $6.50.
Dates: 1816

Andrew David Ralston Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0022
Scope and Contents The Holy Bible Old and New Testaments (New York: American Bible Society, 1830) Inscriptions: “Andrew David Ralston was born August 3, 1803’ “Mary Francis Ralston was born September 20th 1835” No further family information
Dates: 1830

Archable Duggan Bible, 1885 (gift of Marion Fanelli) (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0079
Scope and Contents Bible containing family entries for Archable Duggan (married Anna C. Schults in 1843) and family. Sevier Co., Tenn. 1885 edition of Bible.
Dates: 1885

Bains and O’Fallon Bibles. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0054
Scope and Contents J. M. Bains Family Bible (1854) and O’Fallon Bible (1890). The J. M. Bains family bible was published in New York by the American Bible Society in 1852. The O’Fallon bible was published in 1890 in New York by the American BIble Society in 1890. The O’Fallon bible is missing the cover, pages prior to Exodus 6:22, and pages after 1 Peter 4:8
Dates: 1854, 1890

Bible of J. M. and Martha Bridges Bowman. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0059
Scope and Contents Bible of J. M. and Martha Bridges Bowman, Campbell County, Tenn. Bible is in poor condition. Also includes one copy photograph [J.M. and Martha Bridges Bowman] and the image on a CD.
Dates: 1898

Bible record of John and Elizabeth Brabson and family letters, 1844-1877. Photocopies.

Identifier: MM.1979.009
Scope and Contents Photocopied typescripts of: - 1859 list of slaves owned by Elizabeth Brabson - family Bible record of John and Elizabeth Brabson - family letters, 1844-1877, including three 1865 letters - Brabson Cemetery (Sevier County, Tenn.) listing
Dates: 1844-1877

Boak Bible, 1876. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0057
Scope and Contents Boak family Bible, 1876. Given to Sarah E. [Marshall] Boak by Samuel Marshall, 1876. Includes family entries for the George and Sarah Marshall Boak family. Copy of family pages + loose papers from Bible (with 2 photographs) in folder with Bible.
Dates: 1876

Bradshaw Family Bible (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0060
Scope and Contents Bible (American Bible Society, 1831) with Bradshaw and Biggs family entries. + 2 loose letters and unidentified postcard/photograph of child.
Dates: 1831

Bradshaw Rankin Bible and pages from the Christopher Houston Rankin Bible. Gift of Hazel Townsend.

Identifier: FB 0051
Scope and Contents 1805 Bradshaw Rankin Bible (Jennet Bradshaw and Thomas Rankin, md. 1789). 1805 Bible, eighth Philadelphia Edition, printed from the last Oxford Edition, Philadelphia. Printed by Matthew Cary, No. 122m Market Street, M.DCCC.V. (1805). Information from New Testament Title page; Bible is missing front cover and front title page; back cover is not attached. Three pages from the Christopher Houston Rankin Bible were also donated. They were damaged in a fire in 1978.
Dates: 1805

Braille Bible (Book of Psalms) (1872) and Kneass’ Philadelphia Magazine For The Blind, 1883, 1886. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0061
Scope and Contents Braille Bible (Book of Psalms)(American Bible Society of New York, 1872) and Kneass’ Philadelphia Magazine For The Blind, 1883, 1886.
Dates: 1872

Brown and Wheeler Bible. Gift of Mrs. Jo Jones. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0062
Scope and Contents Family Bible of the Brown-Wheeler-Lahn families, 1818. + loose papers from Bible and newspaper (The Rockingham Messenger, Portsmouth, N.H., Jan. 7, 1851).
Dates: 1818

Buffat Family Bible, 1841. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0063
Scope and Contents Buffat Family Bible, 1841 (in French). Family entries copied and placed in Buffat Genealogy VF. + copy photographs of the Charles A. Buffat family and the Alfred Buffat family. + wedding dress of Elise Buffat Tillery, 1909.
Dates: 1841

Caldwell Bible and Neptune Coffin Bible (Gift of Ronald R. Allen) (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0065
Scope and Contents The Caldwell Bible was published in Philadelphia by Kimber & Sharpless (n,d,) The Neptune Coffin Bible is missing the bottom portion of the title page--therefore there is no publication information. Inscriptions in both bibles suggest publicationin the 1850s.
Dates: 1850s

Calloway - Leinart Bible?????????????????

Identifier: FB 0053
Scope and Contents Calloway - Leinart Bible. 1 volume; poor condition. One folder of loose items found in Bible, including tintype of unidentified young man.
Dates: ca. 1890

Campbell Family Bible (James E. Campbell, 1882). Gift of Carolyn Berry. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0067
Scope and Contents Campbell Family Bible (James E. Campbell, 1882). Devotional and Practical Polyglot Family Bible, 1879. Contains some family records. Includes Knoxville records.
Dates: 1879

Caroline Buckner Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0339
Scope and Contents Includes correspondence, photographs, deeds (Sam E. Young’s papers), printed material, calling cards, dentist’s records; 1 folder with house plans. Diploma from Vanderbilt University for Henry Thomas Boyd, Doctor of Dental Surgery, April 27, 1900. Diploma is attached to a heavy paper advertisement for a backing. 1 pc. Class photograph, Vanderbilt University Dental Department, 1900. H. T. Boyd and all members are identified (along with their home states). Photograph is on mat board. [Class...
Dates: 1900-1962

Chandler and Porter Family Bible (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0069
Scope and Contents Chandler Family Bible and Porter Family Bible. The Chandler Bible is The Holy BIble Old and New Testaments (New York: American Bible Society, 1854. The Porter Bible is The Holy Bible Old and New Testaments (Hartford, Conn.: A. C. Goodman Co. 1850)
Dates: 1850,1854

Charles McClung Family Bible, 1816. Gift of Mrs. C. J. McClung. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0110
Scope and Contents Family Bible of Charles McClung. Published by M. Carey, Philadelphia, 1816. 1 vol. + 2 loose papers, one a 1930 handwritten statement from C. J. McClung about leaving the Bible to the McClung Collection after his death.
Dates: 1816

Clabough Family Bible (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0071
Scope and Contents Ca. 1890s Bible containing Clabough family entries (Sevier Co., Tenn). Poor condition.
Dates: circa 1890

Clapp Bible (Bibles).

Identifier: FB 0020
Scope and Contents “The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments” published in New York in 1858 by the American Bible Society. Contains one page of family records
Dates: 1858

Clark Family Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0073
Scope and Contents Family Bible of the Clark Family, including James Clark and Nancy Sharp Clark, Published by H. C. Carey and I. Lea, Philadelphia. 1823. 1 vol. Has two loose newer family entry pages and one clipping. Loose horse hair cover at time of receipt.
Dates: 1823

Cooper Family Bible. (The Holy Bible (missing title page, 1698))

Identifier: FB 0001
Scope and Contents Cooper family Bible printed in London in 1698 by Charles Bill, 1698. The bible has an original binding covered on the exterior with cloth. The title page is missing but the interior title page at the New Testament gives the printer and date. Three pages of family record entries dated 1780-1810. Family tradition says the bible was carried by a family member serving as a soldier in the Civil War. The Cooper family was from Hawkins County, Tenn.
Dates: 1780-1810

Cormick- Sydnor Family Bible (Gift of J. P. Roddy III) (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0074
Scope and Contents Cormick-Sydnor Family Bible, gift of J. P. Roddy III. Bible contains marriage, birth, and death records (1816-1900) for Cormick, Sydnor, Crews, Dorsey, Scott, Bourland, and Williams families. Bible is dated 1849 and its pages are loose from the covers. An 1872, hand-drawn certificate of college studies for Laura Sydnor was found in the Bible.
Dates: 1849

Cowan and Humes Bible, 1791 (Bibles).

Identifier: FB 0016
Scope and Contents Bible (Edinburgh: MDCCXCI) (1791). Name of Thomas L. Humes written (upside down) near the front. One page of family entries for James Cowan and family, includes John Humes.
Dates: 1791

D. E. Garrison Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0015
Scope and Contents The Pictorial Family BIble (Jones Bros,, 1881) Inscribed Byington, Tenn.
Dates: 1881

Daniel and Betsy Meek Family Bible (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0096
Scope and Contents Family Bible of Daniel (1791-1860) and Betsy Meek (1791-1871), Strawberry Plains, Tenn. Bible printed in 1840.
Dates: 1840

Darby McCarty Bible (Also Hamblen entries.) (Gift of Sharlie Cope Hill and Sturm L. Cope) (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0033
Scope and Contents The bible was published in Edinburgh by Alexander Kincaid in 1792. The bible of Darby McCarty containing entries for McCarty and Hamblen families. Two pages containing family entries were loose from the Bible and have been placed in an acid-free folder in the box with the Bible.
Dates: 1792

David Jeffres Family Bible.

Identifier: FB 0108
Scope and Contents Welsh Bible owned by David Jeffres. Missing front board and title pages. Entire Bible is present , but appears to have been rebound at some point out of order. One page of family information (1812-1849)
Dates: 1770

Deatherage and Durham Family Bible and David Carson Sparks Family Bible. (Bibles)

Identifier: FB 0076
Scope and Contents Deatherage and Durham Family Bible, 1873. Family entries have been copied and added to Deatherage and Durham Genealogy VF. + Family Bible of David Carson Sparks and wife Arminta Angeline Wilson Sparks, [1870]. Includes handwritten copy of the birth and death dates of the Robert and Mary Allen family of Blount Co., Tenn, written by David Carson Sparks.
Dates: 1873