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Mission Home / Home for the Friendless in Knoxville (photographs, ephemera)

Identifier: MM.2007.002
Scope and Contents 1. Photograph of Mrs. N. Rabe, Knoxville. (woman seated in chair with pillow behind head). Taken by Stewart, Knoxville, Tenn. On card 4.25x6.5”. 2. Photograph, ‘Knoxville Home for the Friendless.’ Group of men, women and children in front of wood and brick building. Handwritten ‘Mama’ by one woman. No date. Approx. 7x5 x 8.5” mounted on larger board. 3. Composition book with ‘Act. of the Home of the Friendless.’ 1895-1896 handwritten records. Includes: names, age, date come, discharged. Also...
Dates: 1894-1896

Mount Rest Home Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0225
Scope and Contents Collection contains the papers of the Mount Rest Home in Knoxville, Tenn, which began in 1893. The collection includes a history of the home, a memorial address to Mrs. Margaret Cowan McClung (1883), secretary’s books (1919-1971), treasurer’s books (1913-1948, 1961-1970), newspaper clippings (1941-1993), legal papers, wills and bank books of inmates, lists of donations and events (1951-1968), and miscellaneous papers. There are 3 oversized ledgers of financial accounts (1924-1948, 1952-1976)...
Dates: 1913-1976

Naveh Cottage Collection -- Home for Friendless Babies (Knoxville, Tenn.).

Identifier: MSC 0160
Scope and Contents Seven account books, 1926-1945, from Naveh Cottage (also known as the Home for Friendless Babies), 2236 Woodbine Ave., Knoxville. Includes: receipts and expenses, non-cash donations, laundries, some notes on girls at Naveh Cottage, and teachers. Also: Purpose of the Naveh Cottage Board, n.d. (1 p.) + Octavia B. Phillips’ poem, “The Broken String,” 1938 (1 p.).
Dates: 1926-1945

New Market Store Ledger, 1856-1857.

Identifier: MM.2010.021
Scope and Contents New Market Store Ledger, May 6, 1856-October 31, .1857. Possibly from the store Gen. William Brazelton (1792-1877) and his partner William Moffett operated in New Market
Dates: 1856-1857

Noe Family Papers.

Identifier: MSC 0188
Scope and Contents 1817-1899 papers of the Noe family, Grainger County, Tenn, + the Howell and Carmichael families. Mostly land transactions, Grainger County, Tenn.; papers from the Howell estate, ca. 1845; 1872 building bond to construct Macedonia Baptist Church; Jonathan Noe’s account book, 1827-1877; Carmichael, Howell, and Purkey genealogy Five land grants, 1795-1827. To Elijah Danthin, William Maclin, Abraham Spoon, Joseph Noe, and Charles Brooks. (Some are damaged)
Dates: 1817-1899

Passenger and Stage Travel Register, 1850-1851.

Identifier: MSC 0269
Scope and Contents Handwritten volume with entries for travelers, most from East Tennessee, 1850-1851. Categories include: names (appear to have been signed by the travelers); residence; destination; bill of fare; time of leaving; and a running total of the number of passengers (802+). One note of ‘bill of fair’ says ‘By S. C. H.’ Notes under bill of fare/fair indicate Number of diets, horses, notes re: stage passenger, etc. Believed to be the ledger of a tavern in East Tennessee (Grainger County?), which catered...
Dates: 1850-1851

Paul Fink Collection--Washington County, Tenn., ca. 1781-1931. [PHOTOCOPIES].

Identifier: MSC 0062
Scope and Contents The Paul Fink Collection contains primarily Washington Co., Tenn., manuscripts and legal records, ca. 1781-1931. Papers are arranged in two sections: chronologically, 1871-1931 (13 boxes); or by “Separate Files” for legal cases too large to be interfiled by date. There are also some subject files and account books. Many folders have detailed contents lists (handwritten) at the front of the folder. The detailed card index (4 boxes) should be consulted. (Photocopies) Paul M. Fink (1892-1980) was...
Dates: 1781-1931

Prentiss Price Papers. Hawkins County, Tenn., Court Cases. (1788 -1897).

Identifier: MSC 0111
Scope and Contents Court cases, most from Rogersville, Hawkins County, Tenn., ca. 1788 to ca. 1897. Arranged alphabetically by first person listed on case. Detailed finding aid lists additional names involved. Collection also includes: account book, Wm. Alexander, 1834-1852; Battle of Tohopeka casualty report, 1814; Hawkins County election returns, 1869; Hawkins County jurors and tax collectors, 1834; Hawkins County militia roll, 1824; 1833 petition re: route of River Road near Hawkins & Grainger County line;...
Dates: 1788-1897

Record of special taxes assessed in the Second District, State of Tennessee. 1866-1868.

Identifier: MM.1997.121
Scope and Contents Record of special taxes assessed in the Second District, State of Tennessee. 1866-1868. 1 volume. Lists taxes places on businesses, with date, name, business name, location, and rate and amount of tax. (Pages half torn out at back of volume).
Dates: 1866-1868

Red Cedar Marble Company account book, 1884. Concord, Knox County, Tenn. (account books)

Identifier: MM.2012.008
Scope and Contents Red Cedar Marble Company account book, 1884. Concord, Knox County, Tenn. 1 vol. Pp. 3-4 notes about company, October 22 & November 18, 1884. Remainder of volume is blank.
Dates: 1884

Red Food No. 2k Knoxville, Tenn.  Receipts and Account Book (1944-1947).

Identifier: MM.2018.010
Scope and Contents Red Food No. 2k Knoxville, Tenn., Receipts and Account Book (1944-1947)
Dates: 1940-1950

Robert L. and Willie K. Gaut Collection--Cockreham Manuscripts.

Identifier: MSC 0067
Scope and Contents Hawkins Co., Tenn. papers of the Cockreham and Horner families. Includes account books, ledgers receipts, estate settlement documents, etc. Ca. 1820s-1870s, 1903. Also included: Cheek’s X Roads (Cross Roads) day book, 1826-1827; stallion license, 1841; Hawkins Co., Tenn. warrants, bills of cost, 1841-1845; five leather cases (wallets).
Dates: 1820-1880; 1903

Samuel Molsbee diary, ledger, photograph (photographs).

Identifier: MSC 0110
Scope and Contents Includes an account book from a store near the Devil’s Nose, Hawkins County, Tenn., 1855-1859 and also a journal of preaching at various places in the are beginning 1861. Two unidentified large photographs (16 x 20) of elderly men.
Dates: 1855-1863

Samuel Shields Store Ledger, Shield’s Station, Blaine, Tenn., 1834.

Identifier: MM.2004.014
Scope and Contents Samuel Shields store ledger, Shields Station, Blaine Tennessee, 1834. It covers the period January 1, 1834-May 13, 1834. It is one unlined and handwritten ledger with a listing of items purchased by individuals during that period. It is a dry goods store ledger and items recorded include coffee, cloth, liquor and other goods. It includes the buyers' names and the goods purchased. One volume.
Dates: 1834

Smith Drugstore account book [Rutledge, Tenn.] , ca. 1911-14, and copy photograph of Clyde E. Smith , ca. 1930s, 8" x 10" black & white.

Identifier: MSC 0324
Scope and Contents Account book for the Smith drugstore [Rutledge, Tenn.], ca. 1911-1914. 1 vol. (poor condition, loose pages, index at front is damaged). + copy photograph of Clyde E. Smith standing in drugstore, ca. 1930s, 8" x 10" black & white. 1 pc.
Dates: 1911-1914

Southern Railroad Workmen’s Time Books kept by James Alexander “Tobe” Cansler, 1902-1949. (Gift of Janice L. Parton).

Identifier: MSC 0831
Scope and Contents Small ledgers containing Southern Railroad Workmen’s Time Books kept by James Alexander “Tobe” Cansler (of Midway, Greene County, Tenn), 1902-1920 + transcription by Janice L. Parton.
Dates: 1902-1949

Southwest Point garrison accounts, 1798-1805, with 1807 inventory of Major William Peters' estate.

Identifier: MM.2014.014
Scope and Contents Southwest Point garrison accounts, 1798-1805, with 1807 inventory of Major William Peters' estate. Typescript made in 1936 by Mrs. William J. Smith from original manuscript. In account with Saml. C. Hall. Hall & Smith (Kingston, Tenn.). TS 27 pp.
Dates: 1798-1807

Store ledger from S. E. Thompson Store

Identifier: MSC 0961
Scope and Contents Nile's Ferry, 1889-1904 Store Ledger from the S. E. Thompson Store. A time capsule of the Trigonia community at the McGhee-Humes-Niles property on the Little Tennessee river; over 450 pages with additional notes, receipts and ledger pages disattached from another ledger. In the mid section are several pages of contracts and leases for pasture land, timber, hauling, milling of grain, breeding of stock, etc., all carefully worded and handwritten in S.E. Thompson's hand. Some of these leases and...
Dates: 1889 - 1904

Strong Kennedy Farm and Dora Kennedy School records, 1901-1940. Gift of Diana Watkins. (account books).

Identifier: MSC 0726
Scope and Contents Records of the Dora Kennedy School and farm account books of the Strong Kennedy farm, 1901-1940. Knox County, Tenn.
Dates: 1901-1940

Tate Collection (Gift of Allen Tate).

Identifier: MSC 0457
Scope and Contents 1. Signed photograph of Theo Tate. (Henry Theodore Tate, Dec. 28, 1875-July 14, 1952). (corners taped & damaged). 2. Signed photograph of Hugh M. Tate. Knaffl & Brakebill, Knoxville, Tenn. (Donor says he was a judge involved in the Scopes Trial). Brittle backing, upper left corner missing. 3. Photocopy about signers of U.S. currency, including Secretary of the Treasury Harold Theodore Tate who served from May 31, 1928 to January 17, 1929 +2-sided color photocopy of $1.00 bill signed by...
Dates: 1882-1889; 1920-1929

Tazewell Day Book fragment, 1852-1853 (account books).

Identifier: MM.1996.01
Scope and Contents Fragment of a day book from Tazewell, December 23, 1852-January 14, 1853. Pp. 1071-1086. May have been kept by Hugh Graham (and may go with a ledger already in possession of the McClung Collection). AD 16 pp.
Dates: 1852-1853

Thomas A. R. Nelson account book, 1848-1853, 1854, 1855. (account books)

Identifier: MM.2000.002
Scope and Contents Account book of Thomas A. R. Nelson (1812-1873), 1848-1853, 1854, 1855. Jonesboro, Tenn. Includes money owed, money paid, articles of agreement with various individuals, accounts. 1 vol.
Dates: 1848-1855

Thomas Edward Roach Collection - Shields Papers (Shields and Lea family manuscripts, account books). Gift of Gracie Beatrice Jarnagin.

Identifier: MSC 0808
Scope and Contents Thomas Edward Roach (1937-1985) was a member of the East Tennessee Historical Society and an avid genealogist. He restored two structures on the National Register of Historic Places and donated a Shields family papers to the library. He wrote a number of local history articles published in the Grainger County News and the Jefferson Standard. These pieces and other writings were collected in “Gleanings from a Scrapbook” (1983). Tom started a periodical “East Tennessee Roots” and published a...
Dates: 1791-1916

Unaka Springs Account Books.

Identifier: MSC 0197
Scope and Contents Unaka Springs Hotel Account Book The hotel was a mineral springs hotel in Blount County, Tenn. There are 4 account books covering the years 1893-1898, 1899-1909, 1909-1911, 1912-1924. The hotel records were kept by Arthur V. Deaderick, grandfather of the donor. Gift of Mary Deaderick (Mrs. Tom Rankin) Duncan.
Dates: 1893-1924

Union County Ledger, 1891-1892.

Identifier: MSC 0519
Scope and Contents Union County, Tenn, Ledger, 1891-1892. Contains entries for expenses for Union County Schools, some by district.
Dates: 1891-1892

V. C. Allen (Allin?) legal account book, 1869-1871. [Rhea County, Tenn.]) (account books).

Identifier: MM.2000.030
Scope and Contents V. C. Allen (Allin?) legal account book, 1869-1871, 1873, 1877. [Rhea County, Tenn.]. 1 volume. Lists money owed and legal services performed. Includes several newspaper clippings glued onto pages.
Dates: 1869-1877

Vestal Lumber and Manufacturing Company Collection.

Identifier: MSC 0241
Scope and Contents Business papers of the Vestal Lumber and Manufacturing Company, ca. 1930s-1970 (some papers from ca. 1900-1920s). Includes financial records, sales and production records, deeds and right of way records, correspondence, etc. Includes business records of the Atlantic Lumber Company in Boston; Sardis, Ga., plant information; Fitzgerald Lumber Company in Buena Vista, Va.; and a number of other business interests. Collection also includes photographs. Some of the very large account books were...
Dates: 1900-1970

W. H. and J. T. Moffett Papers. New Market, Tenn. 1830s-1880s (Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John Armistead) (Account books).

Identifier: MSC 0789
Scope and Contents W. H. and J. T. Moffett Papers include store accounts, papers, and books , ca. 1830s-1880s, from New Market, Tenn. Most are from W. H. Moffett’s mercantile business, including partnerships with J. S. Moffett, General William Brazelton, and his son J. T. Moffett. Several other subjects include East Tennessee & Virginia Railroad; New Market area; account books; coal kiln; Panther Springs; tax receipts; health and medicine; Moffett & Shields Iron Founders; Andrew McMillan; Wilson &...
Dates: 1860s-1880s

W. R. Furr Palace Bar, Newport, Tenn., account book (1894-1895).

Identifier: MSC 0570
Scope and Contents W. R. Furr Palace Bar, Newport, Tenn., account book (1894-1895) Advertising flyer in front of volume “W. R. Furr Palace Bar, Domestic and Imported Wines, Fine Whiskies, Brandies, and Cigars, Newport, Tenn.”
Dates: 1894-1895

W. W. Woodruff Hardware Company Collection. (Gift of Wallace Baumann) (account books).

Identifier: MSC 0891
Scope and Contents Framed items from W.W. Woodruff Hardware Company and account books (“Receivable”, 1905-1943) (Payable, 1907-1935), and Weekly Time Books, 1907-1935.
Dates: 1905-1943